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Jef Pauwels

Go to the Graslei with some beer, make new friends. We love meeting strangers, especially if they bring beer.

Always lock your bike (preferably to a fixed object). Your bike can be stolen in minutes if it’s not property locked.

Don’t go into the Citadel park after dark. Just don’t. Any other part of Ghent is pretty safe.

Get some fries in frituur “De Gouden Saté”. Order a “kapoentje” if you like spicy food.


Gent is the largest and capital city of the East Flanders province, located in the Flemish region in the northern part of Belgium. It has a population of nearly 247,147 people living in a total territory of 156.18 square kilometers. Gent is the second largest municipality in Belgium.

Although the majority of the population is Belgian, the region’s close proximity to the Netherlands and its adoption of Dutch as its official language means that there is also a significant Dutch population living in the city. The language is sometimes referred to as Flemish, and has a number of different dialects. Although Gent is located in East Flanders, it does not use the traditional East Flemish dialect, but has developed its own called the Gent dialect that has some of the characteristics of French, particularly in pronunciation. As Gent is an international city, many people also speak English.


Make your expat project in Ghent successful

Located in the Flanders region, Ghent hosts a big Dutch-speaking community. As a real architectural treasure, it attracts expatriates who are looking forward to discover the culture and history with some 20 museums.

Ghent is an ambitious city, ideal for designers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking forward to work, study or retire here, it will also be an opportunity to learn Dutch.



I am working at Arcelor Sidmar.

I think you better stay in Gent Sidmar is about 15 Km from centrum Gent.

At the station off Gent you can take a bus to Sidmar ( about 35 to 40 minutes).

Small single bedroom flat about 300€ to 350€ without gas, heating or water .I don’t know about sharing

No problem to get internet connection.

You can live here on 1000€ month (if you are no party animal) this includes your bedroom rent.

No need for a car in Gent

You can eat cheep at Sidmar

Good luck


Nothing needs to be avoided in Ghent imo (edit: although Dobbelsteentje brings up some good points). But are you saying you haven't looked at housing at all yet? Because you might run into some problems if that's so


I actually prefer Ghent to Bruges. Less touristic and more authentic. Sometime we just go there to have a beer near the canal


In Gent, Gravensteen is worth seeing. Afterwards, Hot Club du Gand is a great place to get a drink and relax

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fair warning: since you'll be in Gent in august, take into account some restaurants may be closed.


My wife is currently in Gent and she sh be able to speak in Dutch within the next three months for a job related interview. She found it very hard to speak in Dutch and has no confidence in doing so.

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I was in Ghent a few weeks ago. It was amazing! The town is very beautiful and the people very nice. It has a laid back feel, with students everywhere relaxing in the many parks, bars and cafés. We stayed in the Hotel Carlton which we highly recommend. It is near the train station but still an easy walk or trolley ride into the main part of the town. The hotel staff was helpful and friendly, pointing out the sights and recommending places for us to go. We did a lot of wandering around looking at the historic buildings and trying to drink all of the Belgian beer we could. I highly recommend going.


You will love Ghent, featuring the largest low-traffic pedestrian zone in Europe. Experiencing Ghent on a bike is a really good idea: the city loves cyclists and cyclists love the city. Ghent is a manageable size and the sights are easy to find.

Brochures showing cycling routes in and around the city can be obtained from the Visit Ghent information bureau. You are warmly welcome to come and get more information. Our Ghent city experts can’t wait to meet you.

If you don’t have a bike, you can hire one from either of Ghent’s two railway stations (Dampoort and Gent-Sint-Pieters) or in the city centre. With the CityCard Ghent, you can even get a bike for one day for free!


Impressive video and Ghent looks amazing, buildings are so majestic.

Kobe Dhondt

Ghent is beautiful 😍