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It's not worth moving here unless you live and work in the city of Dallas or inner ring suburbs. As others have mentioned, Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts, Lower Greenville, etc. are great options for you. The suburbs are the antithesis of your lifestyle. You will hate your life if you have to commute from soulful/colorful Deep Ellum to BLAND, SUBURBAN HELL known as Frisco everyday. And it's on a toll road to boot. Really pick your job location wisely. There's more to life than just your job. You will not experience the pros of Dallas if you have to commute to soul sucking places like Frisco.

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So you're thinking of moving to Dallas. You're in good company—in 2017, Dallas was the fastest growing city in the US, with approximately 300,000 US citizens packing up their bags and heading to the Big D. In 2017, Dallas also had the second highest rate of job growth just after Atlanta. The city is booming in all sorts of ways right now, with an active downtown revitalization and an explosion of all types of cultural activities—microbreweries, film festivals, and more.


Though Dallas and Fort Worth (and Arlington) are part of the same metro area they’re not the same city. Some Dallas residents even feel a sense of rivalry with Fort Worth so you may not want to talk up Dallas’ neighbors too enthusiastically after moving to Dallas. Dallasites also live in a broad swathe of suburbs, so check how long it will take you to get anywhere if you don’t want to find yourself arriving late. Don’t assume that anyone else who lives in Dallas is within a half-hour drive.


Dallas’ restaurant (and bar and club) scene is huge. There’s a lot of disposable income and diversity in the city, and those factors combine to support impressive culinary offerings. If dining out is in your budget we’re guessing you’ll be pleased with what’s available to you after moving to Dallas. Just be sure you’re not spending all your money on eating out. It’s a good idea to think about saving for retirement and there are many options for those who want help navigating the world of investing in Dallas.


Dallas has a lot to attract families. There are museums, art galleries, shows, parks which have many activities going on every day, theme parks, aerial adventures and horse riding through hard wood forests.

New parents (or parents to be): Check out Natural Beginnings and Medical City for advice, courses and ways to meet other parents or parents to be.

Live in a family friendly area: North Dallas has lots of family friendly areas, with parks, good schools and great local amenities. Have a look at Preston Hollow, Oak Lawn and Bluffview in particular.

Find things to do with the kids: There is so much for children to enjoy in Dallas Have a look at 10Best, Huffington Post, Guide Live, Family Days Out and DFW Child.


Moving for work is one of the most common reasons people choose to move. While it is possible to move without a job, it makes sense to ensure there are jobs in your field before you make the move.

Dallas has a lot to offer on the job front. If you are looking for employment in banking, energy, commerce, IT, healthcare, medical research, telecommunications, transport and logistics, then Dallas probably has a job for you.

Christine Vasily

 I live in the Dallas area for a majority of my life. I lived in California growing up and due to the healthy economic market in Dallas we moved here and have been ever since. As a recent college grad from SMU in Dallas, highlighting all the fun activities and culture is one of my favorite things about Dallas. Dallas has a different feel than any other major city I have visited in Texas. I am also a realtor in the N. Texas market and pride myself on being the local expert. If anyone is needing a preferred vendor that is new to the area or just looking to make a change, I am always happy to share and help! 😊


The cost of living in Dallas is below the national average. Because of higher sales taxes, a grocery trip may you cost more than average. Utility prices are also slightly higher than the average US city, thanks to the extreme Texas heat. Our home prices, though, are more competitive than other areas with a median price of $188,000.


The job market in Dallas is thriving thanks to so many corporate headquarters that call Dallas home. Some of our biggest employers include Bank of America, Bayor Health Care System, and AT&T. Plus, there are even more corporations throughout the DFW Metroplex. If you haven’t already found a position, you should have no trouble finding one in the DFW area.


Are you planning to move to Dallas soon? One of the possible questions that you might be asking yourself is: “Is it worth it?” What you may see at this point is a booming economy, lower unemployment rate, and other infographic data. However, are all these indicators enough for you to make a decision when it comes to moving to Dallas?

There are some reasons why you may want to move to Dallas. For one, there is no need to worry about state income tax. This means more money for savings when you work and stay in the Dallas area. This is made possible by the fact that there is no state income tax to be expected at the end of the pay month. This is commendable compared to that in the other states, which further results to the increase of popularity for selecting jobs within the area.


I lived in uptown for a year and I really liked it. Uptown is fun and convenient but then I bought a house because I’m getting older, I’m too busy to party and I wanted more living space.

Keep in mind that Texas is an open carry state, you won’t see people open carrying in Dallas but if you venture to other parts of Texas you probably will.

If you are not familiar with guns and would like to learn let me know. My wife and I go shooting occasionally.


Austin and Dallas are incredibly different and there's an infinite amount more to do in Austin than Dallas. Granted, the city is still nice. As others have said, pick your apartment based on your work because traffic can destroy your free time. Distance commutes are the norm in Texas. Greenville, Bishop Arts and Deep Ellum are going to be the artistic crowd. Victory Park if you're a constant event-goer. Uptown if you want to barhop with ease and live close enough to happenings in Victory Park, but don't want to deal with event traffic every day something is going on.


Welcome to Dallas!

First of all, I’d say our city similar in a lot of ways to most cities this size. It’s safe if you keep your head about you and don’t stumble home drunk. We have a homeless problem, but not as bad as some other cities. In my experience the police have been friendly and don’t really care much about speeding/ basic traffic violations (results may vary). There are very safe wealthy areas, and areas you don’t want to be in after dark. General stuff.

How we differ! Dallas is what some call a superficial city. We are very concerned with appearances and there’s a lot of places to spend your money and schmooze with people who make more than you. Men and women are very beautiful here and there’s dating scenes a plenty if you’re not a total weirdo. Based on your post history, I assume you’re looking for places to meet women and my suggestion would be to join the DMA or Dallas symphony groups if you’re interested in the arts. If not, we’ve got a lot of great sports teams that girls buy tickets to, a lot of fitness studios to join, and Katy Trail to run on. (Just please don’t interrupt a workout to try to pick up a girl. We hate that) (I also hope you didn’t move here in pursuit of the one girl from Dallas you posted about, because that’s weird)

Neighborhoods! Luckily your rent window is right on the money for both Uptown and Downtown which are both great in their own ways. I have lived in both of these neighborhoods so I consider myself educated on the manner.

Uptown is a bit younger and a bit more... bougie. There’s a lot of bars and good places to eat, and west village is always fun to shop in. You’ll see pretty people walking pretty dogs and a few families. I’d suggest renting anywhere near Katy trail in this neighborhood since it’s going to be a bit quieter and a little more scenic. Cedar spring a hell of a good time if you’re into the gay scene. Actually even if you aren’t it’s still a good time. S4 at 11pm on weekends is always my suggestion.

Downtown is much louder, but in my opinion way more fun. It reminds me almost of New York (haven’t lived there but visit yearly) in terms of how many people are out throughout the night and all the tall buildings. There’s a whole lot more homeless downtown but even as a small woman I rarely get bothered so I still consider it safe. The demographics are a little closer to your age but it’s still mainly young professionals. I’d recommend the Mayflower or LTV tower to live in. The Kirby and Davis buildings are great too but much older and historical.

Uhhh other things, most of us hate the city council for a whole lot of reasons. Check out R/Dallas if you want to be up to speed on it. White rock lake is great unless you want to eat the fish. Richardson has a great Chinatown. Deep Ellum is a little over rated in my opinion, Bishop Arts is better (I’ve been yelled at for this so np if you disagree). Don’t ever go to the lizard lounge. Please don’t insult the cowboys, we’re sad enough as it is.

Good luck and have fun!

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In Dallas, we like to do things our own way. We are a city that celebrates southern hospitality, art, music, theater, food, and progress. And we aren’t afraid to try something new. Whether that means building an urban park on top of a highway or taking in films created by emerging artists at the Dallas International Film Festival.


Locals in Dallas, Texas know for a fact that they are blessed with a city that is thriving, in all aspects. In terms of accommodation and living facilities, Dallas offers several affordable amenities. This holds true to the presence of educational facilities, and other business entities. With the influx of people gathering in the area, there is an evident increase in other business opportunities, which also translates to the possibility of more employment, not just for the currently existing residents in the city, but also for those who are planning to move and transfer in Dallas. Overall, Dallas is a very welcoming city.


If you’re from Dallas, chances are you’ve noticed the population boom going on. Nearly 300 people move here every single day - and for good reason. With great year-round weather, a downtown full of culture, and of course America’s team the Dallas Cowboys, it’s no wonder everyone wants to live here. This infographic explores why that these days, it seems everyone is moving to Dallas.


We just relocated to North Dallas fron New Orleans. We live in Flower Mound and I highly recommend the area! There are people from everywhere in the worl living in this area. VERY WELCOMING and schools are great!


I would suggest Rockwall or Heath which is located on Lake Ray Hubbard. It is a suburb of Dallas and is a wonderful place to raise a family. Definitely check it out!