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Sukanya Ramanujan

There are always good and bad sides to a place and I am sure you will find nice things about Bari!


Bari is a traditionally trade and university city that attracts many expatriates every year. As a major economic hub, located in the South of the country, it provides several professional opportunities.

Bari is known to be at the cultural crossroads between Eastern Europe and the Middle East. By choosing to move there, you will be surprised by its interesting and lively atmosphere amidst bars and restaurants.

Michele di Lascio

 You will see how people there can be friendly and highly interested to foreigners. They will insist to introduce you to all the local customs and traditions, beside giving you tons of suggestions about places to visit in the region and more generally in Italy. Therefore, try to get the very best from the people you will face. Stay curious about the city and the region, and I am quite confident that your stay will reserve more positive surprises than negative ones.


Bari is located in the south of Italy and is on the Adriatic Coast. It is known for its University of Bari and also its large Sea Port. The population of Bari is 320,475. Places to visit when moving to Bari include the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, Bari Cathedral, Petruzzelli Theatre and Swabian Castle.

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Bari has a good transportation system that includes a park and ride special ticket if you want to easily reach the city center; the surroundings are best explored by rental car.


I lived in Bari for a few years and, though it has its bad neighborhoods, it's not that dangerous overall. The old town is pretty safe where there's nightlife (or "movida", like the "baresi" like to call it), but I would be careful in the many narrow, dark alleys. Nothing exceptional, just be careful.

It's also a good idea not to go alone at night, specially if you're a girl. If you do, probably you won't get raped, but you could easily receive insisting and unwanted attentions.

If unfortunately you get mugged (sadly, it can happen, even in central zones, like around the train station) stay calm and DO NOT REACT: they have no interest in harming you. Just give them money and walk away quickly, then call the police or ask someone to call the police (it won't do you much good, but do it anyway).

Be careful when you cross the road: drivers don't give a fuck, even if you're on the white stripes, even if you have the green light. Just never assume that they saw you or that they'll stop.

Lastly, if you're gay try not to "show it off" in public places, unless you're in a "young and hip" kind of crowd (Bari is a city filled with university students, so there are heaps of this kind of places). I know this sounds horrible, but unfortunately some people in Bari (and in the South in general) are pretty narrow minded. The good news is that the gay community in Bari is pretty active, one of my best friends is deeply involved with the local lesbian association ("arcilesbica", look it up), and if you want I can give you her facebook contact in private (she speaks little to no English, though...)

I believe it's a very nice city overall, and if you can don't miss out on exploring the surrounding area as well. I hope what I wrote didn't scare you (I believe there's not much to be scared of, but it's just better to be aware), feel free to write to me in private if you have questions.

Be sure to get a panzerotto (fried calzone) from Di Cosimo, for a real non-touristic experience.


I don't live in Bari, but near Napoli. My advice is just to be careful at night. Every city has its bad zones, but I'm sure that you'll be ok if you just follow the normal rules of common sense! If you're a girl walking alone at night, chances are nothing will happen, but I understand your worry! If you don't want to get scared, just don't walk alone at night in bad parts of the city... That's it, I think this is true for every city in the world...


Im studying Law in Bari,nice city,rent is about 230€,no tax,five minutes away from the university ,usually i spend 40€/week for food or other thing. Hope it helps


Bari’s old port is a traditional southern Italian fisherman’s playground and offers stark contrasts to the modern ports where cruise ships and ferries dominate the scene. A walk along the old port is thereby an excellent opportunity to have a look at the small barges that are still the local fishermen’s favourite mode of transport.


Bari is a sizeable city, not a resort. Italians don't go to the beach in late October.


The trip to Matera from Bari by train was very slow when I took it last year because it stops at every single station! Some stations are less than ten minutes apart! Not sure about busses. If you are taking the train get the earliest possible to make the most of the day.

Matera really deserves more than a day trip though. It is stunning and the atmosphere at night is really special. I only had a day and night there but I definitely will return.


If you're not going to have a car to get around I would start by looking at towns along the train line, heading north and south from Bari, until you find something that feels right and allows you to access whatever else you want to see/do while in the area.

Positive reviews


After six months in Sicily, I have come to love this island, which surprised me with its diversity, fascinating landscapes, beautiful cities, interesting islands, great food and genuinely friendly and humorous people. It became home immediately.

Denise Davis

I was in Bari for a week last September. Beautiful…


My family and I spent one night in Bari last spring and found it to be a wonderful town. Like any larger town there are good and bad areas, just use common sense. We live in the Veneto and when we got of the train in Bari we were struck by how friendly and happy everyone is out on the streets. Most folks in the north are more serious and dour, so the change in attitude was noticeable and refreshing. Enjoy your time there and mingle with the locals. Also, they have fantastic pizza. Ciao.


The “old town” of Bari, is a must-se! A very charming town with lots of hidden lane ways and paths and amazing architecture. You will see old cute Italian men on the streets playing cards and you will see grandmothers sit outside their homes and roll, shape and sell fresh pasta, orecchiette (or “little ears” pasta are traditionally found and made in Puglia). Lovely to walk trough and stroll Day and Night.