Moving to Amadora discussion

Negative reviews


The only two areas of Lisbon I have ever been told to avoid are Amadora and Benfica, which are residential suburbs a few km out of the city centre.

The city centre covers quite a big area. I often stay in the Saldanha district, which is 4km from the old city centre but a busy area of office blocks, shops and apartment blocks. The metro station and numerous bus routes make it easy to get anywhere.


the guy is troling dont go to amadora...move to estoril or cascais

Positive reviews

Fábio Vitório

Well…if you’re not Cajó you’ll have to stay fit in order to avoid Cajó. There’s plenty of gyms around to practice martial arts or run on a threadmill if you wanna improve your cardio. Running in the streets will have a nice adrenaline boost if you shout some racist quotes like the one below


you should try to find houses, in places like Amadora near the train line gets you in Lisbon in 10min or in the south side of the river Tejo, places also near the train station.

If you are going to make noise maybe the south side of the river is the best option.

edit: I lived in Aroeira, charneca de caparica. You probably can get a cheap villa there. Its close to the beach and pretty quiet place. Its also close to Lisbon too. I recommend that neighborhood.