Mini reviews

Negative reviews

Robert of Kissimmee

I bought 2 Mini Coopers. I bought a red 2005 Mini Cooper automatic for the wife and a silver 2008 Mini Cooper S 5 Speed for myself. I don't know which one of the 2 was the worst, they both spent more time at the repair shop than on the road. For such a good looking car they turn out to be one of the worst cars on the road. Even my dad's old Ford Pinto was a far better car than the Mini Cooper. Why do people keep buying them is beyond my expectations, we spent almost what we paid for them in repairs, when it wasn't one thing it was another overheating problems, brake problems, electrical problems, sunroof problems, but the worst was when we needed to get the oil change, we was charged $110. per car.

Rina of Spring Hill

We purchased a used Mini Cooper S for 6500 while trading in a car. This was going to be a car for a teen. The check engine light came on and we were back and forth to the dealer in Texas- Mini of Arlington multiple times and they kept resetting it doing no work. We gave up. We then found about the tailpipes recall and contacted Mini of Arlington again who said the recall had been done even though the pipes are clearly sticking out past the bumper. Then we have had intermittent issues with the turbo and there was a lawsuit regarding transmissions and now ours is slipping in 3 gear. We again took it back after owning it a year to mini of Arlington who again rejected any claims of recall work.

Neutral reviews


To many, Mini is as quintessentially British as Sir Michael Caine wearing a trilby and monocle, sipping a cup of tea.

But the brand’s more recent success has been down to Germany’s BMW, which masterminded a rebirth in 2000 that has seen the small car become one of the best sellers in Britain.

BMW proved with the ‘new’ Mini that buyers are willing to pay for classy small cars with a prestige badge, and this latest Mini 3dr hatchback sticks to the same template.

This facelifted third generation’s styling harks back to the original car, but it’s now much bigger than its miniature ancestor, so now competes against cars such as the Audi A1, Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza.


The two-door Mini Hardtop Classic starts at $21,900. Standard equipment includes sport leatherette seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, alloy wheels, a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, and a 6.5-inch display screen with Bluetooth, a USB port, and a six-speaker stereo. An automatic transmission is available for $1,250.

The two-door Mini Cooper S Hardtop Classic starts at $25,900, and the John Cooper Works Classic starts at $31,900. Other than the powertrain changes, they have the same features listed above.

Heated front seats are available for $500, and satellite radio will cost you $300.


Few cars are as instantly recognizable as the Mini. Loved for its diminutive dimensions and cheerful good looks, the British-born car has inspired passionate devotion both in the U.S. and abroad. The brand was briefly discontinued, but was revived in 2002 with help from BMW. Successfully paying homage to the original...


MINI, it could be said, was the first brand that committed to building a completely modern car with the design cues of a classic vehicle, something we’re now seeing from numerous competitors. The British manufacturer now offers a selection of nine cars across a broad range of vehicle segments.

MINI can offer a car to suit the needs of most drivers, from the traditional three door hatchback to the more radical Coupe, Countryman and Paceman. It has developed a range of frugal petrol and diesel engines to reduce running costs, but the driving involvement that made MINIs so popular still forms a key part of their appeal.

A number of different models are available in Cooper S and JCW trim for those who are after a more potent MINI.


"Fashionable supermini retains its sense of fun, with improved practicality and economy."

Michael of Phoenix

My wife purchased a Countryman S in 2014. 60K miles and 4 years later it was still running fine and other than regular maintenance, no issues. We recently traded both our cars, her Mini and my Honda for a 2016 Countryman S and a 2013 Roadster S. The Countryman was like new, 16K miles on it, the Roadster was well used with 85K. Both cars run well. Seem clean and solid. As a normal precaution I immediately changed the oil/filter and transmission fluid. Old fluids looked fine. Purchased new brakes all around, waiting to have them installed. Our experience with Minis are that they have been reliable vehicles. But I will say that unless something is covered under warranty you can expect to pay a lot for parts/repairs. Regular maintenance is expensive as well... For example my transmission fluid came from Germany and was > $30.00 per quart. The cars are a lot of fun to drive, though. :D

Positive reviews

Cameron S

I totally disagree I think this is the best looking Mini ever


I’m gonna buy this car for sure. MINI’s are epic. And I agree that it’s small for passengers, but you buy a car for YOURSELF!


It's a brilliant car. I have a Petrol Mini One January 2017 (so UK 66 reg).

It's the absolute cheapest as it has zero options on it and is Moonwalk Grey which is the only colour that isn't available 'at extra cost' BUT my new car is packed with stuff. DAB+ radio with Bluetooth to link your mobile phone upto, Hill start assist, Air con a fabulous trip computer giving range left ,mpg, digital mph read out, outside temperature, tyre warning and lots more stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

Mine is a 1.2 3 cyl petrol and I average about 42 mpg which I'm impressed with.

It's also got bags of OOMPH. It's 100bhp and goes like you know what off a stick, yet is heavier and has a smaller engine than the previous generations ad also losing a cylinder.

True the boot isn't big BUT put your stuff on the back seat fcol.

I'm dead pleased with my Mini's interior. It has zero options as I've said but looks very good even so

I actually honestly don't think I can find one little niggle with my car. It's the best £14000 and odd I've ever spent.

Great on motorways and around town. 11/10.

Deb of Austin

I have now owned 3 Mini Coopers. A 2004 Cooper 2dr hardtop with a 5 speed manual purchased in 2018 with 151k miles, a 2013 Cooper S 6 speed manual bought in 2016 with 21k miles, and a 2016 4dr hardtop Cooper S 6 speed manual purchased new. I have loved each of these cars! My 2016 I was in an accident with that totalled the car and the car kept me totally safe. I had no problems with this car, in fact I put 64k miles on it in under 2 yrs with no issues.

Maureen of San Juan

After reading the bad reviews I felt I had to say I bought my 2006 Cooper new from Mini Irvine. It has 115000 miles on the clock and has been trouble free. I recently had to replace the AC pump, but apart from that it had been only tires and brakes. An excellent car. WE have however serviced it regularly and I'm sure that helps.