Mercedes A Class reviews

Negative reviews


I use and relay on the car for meetings and long to and from work drive. I need a car for both summer and winter. The car is used daily and not due its first service. Clearly not tested for our harsh summers. You don't expect this from a new car.


Bought a new MB A200 CDI November 2014. The car was delivered with no spare wheel or jack and no tyre pump or tuber of tyre sealer. Nothing! I didn't notice it had cheap Korean or Chinese tyres on it until we got a flat tyre at 23,000km and I noticed the tyres were all completely worn out. I normally get around 45000km from a set of tyres. . Bought new Bridgestone "run flat" tyres. Got another flat tyre after 10,000km and as instructed in the car's handbook, drove 30km to the nearest tyre service. Tyre manager said that run flat tyres can't be driven on, despite what it says in the handbook. Discovered that drive had destroyed the tyre walls. This happened 3 more times, last time to my wife and she nearly ran off the road. Each time the tyre was destroyed. Had to buy 2 new tyres ($600) as they couldn't match the old ones, either Bridgestone or Pirelli. My wife had it towed to the MB dealer and the service manager also said that you can't drive on these tyres. He said the car should have a pump and a tube of sealant but it was no-where in the car. He said that Mercedes know these tyres are unsuitable for Australian roads but sell them here anyway. By 90,000km we had been through so many tyres and thrown away partly worn tyres, got sick of it and sold the car. After having 3 Mercedes cars, I will not get another. MB Australia denied any responsibility but it took 6 emails and about 5 phone calls to get any reply from them at all. MB just sell cars on their reputation,. We are very happy with our 2 week old VW Alltrack.

Neutral reviews


Mercedes are for girls who wants glam. In my job I see tons of girls owning a fancy mercedes car. Meanwhile Audi is more popular for men.


The Mercedes A-Class offers a slick interior complete with sophisticated large-screen media system – provided you specify several expensive options – a raft of standard safety kit and a genuinely useful voice control system.

While refinement levels have been improved and it drives better than before, the A-Class is neither the most comfortable nor the sharpest driving car in the class, though it now provides stiffer competition to the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

However, with the launch of their replacements just around the corner, it remains to be seen just how competitive the A-Class will be in the long run. For now, however, it’s an attractive proposition, though you’ll have to be willing to pay a steep price to put one on the drive.


It’s not just a pretty face, though – the Mercedes B-Class’ cabin is very easy to live with. There’s absolutely loads of room for you to stretch out in the front if you’re tall – even if the seats are a little flat and unsupportive – and there’s still space left over in the back for a couple of six-footers to get comfy.

The boot’s a decent size too, and you’ll soon be able to get the Mercedes B-Class with some clever sliding rear seats that’ll let you trade some passenger knee room for a bit of extra boot space.

Also helping make the B-Class easy to live with is the standard automatic gearbox that’ll take heavy traffic in its stride. It’s also reasonably comfortable to drive around town and dead easy to see out of. Sure, it isn’t as nimble as the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer but it’s more relaxing to drive and the diesel engine in B200 d models is a real gem – it’s quiet, punchy and still pretty cheap to run so there isn’t any need to pay extra for the more powerful B220 d model.

A couple of options are worth considering, though. These include some advanced driver assistance systems that’ll change lanes for you automatically and even adjust the cruise control settings to slow you down as you approach junctions and tight corners.

Of course, these options don’t come cheap. You can always save yourself some money by comparing offers on our Mercedes B-Class deals page, though. If you want more in-depth info, read our following interior, practicality, driving and specifications review sections.


Love it.

And love the fact that Mercedes seems to be the only manufacturer actually justifying the platform sharing compared to say VW who hates on about mqb but won’t make anything cool on it. The B class probably cost next to nothing to develop and yet captures a niche part of the market.


"what the B-Class offers is a high-riding (the front seats sit 90mm higher than in the A-Class) hatch-like experience"

In this 3rd generation or the 2nd generation?

"the more mature set-up will be available as an option."

Tiguan probably offers reclining seats in the rear and that is probably good for back pain sufferers. I doubt the B Class offers reclining seats in the rear.


This year’s Mercedes A-Class with the all-new MBUX interface is a game changer for small, luxury cars. It brings big-car tech to the most affordable Mercedes in the range and, in one fell swoop, pushes the A-Class ahead of its rivals in the luxury hatchback space.

I particularly like how Mercedes has implemented the interface to span across the dashboard and cockpit. With the inclusion of AR, MBUX system is among the most technologically advanced infotainment-cockpit combos I’ve ever seen.

However, it’s not all rosy, with the rather lacklustre sound system and the unavoidable road noise undermining this somewhat. These two elements take away from the enjoyment and pleasure of driving the car and, for a hatchback that starts at £25,800 (£31,710 for the car I drove), I’d expect a lot more.


Fun to drive, comfortable, efficient: If Mercedes brings a well-equipped car in at less than $40,000, the A220 will offer exceptional value in an entry-level compact luxury sedan.


I had NO idea they were 32. I figured they were 25ish, handsome boi’s.

I really like this A-Class. The only thing I don’t like is the camels mouth, snapping turtles mouth air vents. And I doubt air suspension is an option. Otherwise, it looks pretty neat.

Positive reviews

Onkar Indurkar

Best car reviewer on the planet.

Breaking vids

I bought it yesterday... amazing car


The Mercedes S-Class is the best luxury car on sale today. It’s quieter, classier and more comfortable than rivals, and comes bristling with technology, plus the diesel version does all this while using remarkably little fuel.


Great design, spacious interior, small exterior, loaded with tech, practical efficient packaging, aspirational badge, is this the perfect car? Kinda makes the C-class redundant.


After recently moving to the inner city, this little car is awesome, being both economical and looking great. It drives super well on the highway!! Service during and after sales also excellent. I am definitely a Mercedes convert. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a small car that's really roomy.

Mi Sanders

Love this car! Absolutely great drive, it’s gutsy when I need it to be and super economical when I feel like it. Another great feature is its cute noise when the turbo is activated! I also love the vision package with the sunroof and the sporty look that it adds to the car. So fun to drive!


Recently changed over from a Subaru Impreza to a new Mercedes A180 which was purchased through Mercedes Benz Sydney. They had the car we wanted, in the colour we wanted and their level of service was excellent. The car itself is everything we wished for so we are looking forward to many years of driving. The interior is classy, the exterior looks great and it handles as you would expect a Mercedes to.


I really like the A Class. I hope they make an AMG model of it. It is definitely on my list of cars to check out but I think I want a little more power and better exhaust sounding.