Mazda CX-5 reviews

Negative reviews


After receiving my brand new Mazda CX-5 GT only 2 months ago i'm now being asked to pay an additional $500 to retrofit android auto/ apple carplay unit which now comes standard on the CX-5. You'd think for people that have recently purchased a CX-5 (ie, in the last 6 months) that they would as a courtesy offer to upgrade the entertainment unit for free or at the very least a subsided price.

Very disappointing as i was expecting more from Mazda.

Will I buy a Mazda again? Hmmm, not so sure now.


Beware! When driving in rainy conditions you can’t bloody see out the windscreen. The angle of the windscreen holds the water even when you have the highest speed working. It’s a new car with new windscreen wipers.

After owning lots of cars this is far the worst.

Absolute nightmare to drive in the wet. Death trap

Love to hear from other owners if they experienced the same problem

Neutral reviews


The Mazda CX-5 isn’t offered with a V-6 or a high-powered turbo-four engine-upgrade option. Some of the CX-5’s rivals also have infotainment systems that are more advanced and have features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration.


I really want this vehicle. Sadly, the Direct Injection engine is a deal breaker for me. Toyota is the only car company that has dual injection (port and direct) on all their cars now.

With solely DI, you are guaranteed to get carbon buildup in the valves sooner or later, which causes all sorts of problems and requires an expensive cleaning process. I'm shocked at how few people are aware of this fatal engineering flaw.

Never again will I buy a DI engine. I wish someone had alerted me.


Good Points+

Comfortable driving position, heads-up instrument display, more practical position for the SATNAV and media centre, electronic opening/closing of boot compartment, vehicle safety pack.

Bad Points−

Yet again the location of the aircon system too low so driver must take eyes off the road to adjust whilst in transit; no side bin storage anymore in the boot compared to previous model; lack of spare wheel; legroom in rear footwells not great.


Good Points+

Very significant improvement on first version of CX5. 184PS engine is peppy and automatic gearbox superbly smooth. This is the top of the range car: the quality of materials in the interior is high and equipment levels very good. Love the head-up display, which is surprisingly useful.

Bad Points−

Windscreen demist not as effective as previous model. And Mazda seems to have retained the odd system for dealing with back pressure in the engine if diesel particulate filter gets clogged; not all the fuel is burned and the surplus is sent to the oil sump, thus contaminating the engine oil. Should not happen if the DPF is cleaned regularly, but you will need to ask for this to be done.


Good Points+

Excellent drive and such quality

Bad Points−

Struggles up hills due to weight of car and is hard on fuel until you learn to drive it and car learns your driving but once car and you driving together its fantastic

Positive reviews


I love this car. I bought the 2019 signature edition in Machine Gray. I looked at some of the competing compact luxury SUVs and I really couldn't find much that those had that this car doesn't have. On top of that, I liked the feel and size of the CX-5 more. Thus, I couldn't justify paying $8-10 more just for a luxury brand. I love the way the car handles and accelerates, as well as the luxury features--heads up driving display, heated/vented front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, etc. Only negative is that I feel that the infotainment system is a bit sluggish when loading at the start and when toggling back and forth. Otherwise, I couldn't be happier!


Drove Mazda CX-5 GT Reserve and Audi Q5 Premium Plus back to back. Was already planning on purchasing the Audi but my son who has a 2018 CX-5 convinced me to give it a try. Mazda is quieter, corners flatter, slightly slower but quick enough. Interiors are of equal high quality. Audi has more features but I found them a distraction from the driving experience and Mazda is head and shoulders above Audi in ease of use. My first drive was from 100 miles north of Sacramento to Palm Desert, a trip of over 600 miles. Weather was a mix of heavy rain and sunshine. No driver fatigue, no sore spots from driving nonstop. Heads up display was a plus driving in traffic on I5. All in all no complaints and arrived ready to go out for the evening. It has all the features and quality I would expect in a much more expensive car with a more prestigious decoration on the grill. Second trip was to Santa Cruz, Ca on Christmas Eve and home Christmas Day for a total of 550 miles. Highway 17 through the Santa Cruz mountains was exceptionally wet with multiple spin outs and accidents. The CHP provided a controlled speed escort for a portion of the trip. CX5 performed flawlessly. I was unable to detect the all wheel drive system engaging and it handled the wet corners with no drama. For comparison my son with his 2018 CX5 with FWD was in front of me and noticed his traction getting lose on his drive wheels. One final comment on the handling. Going into a corner mild understeer can be detected, a little more throttle and the back end gets pushed a bit and the steering becomes neutral. It is a very easy car to drive on a windy road.


Okay I have had a number of Mazda vehicles and currently own a 2018 CX5 Grand Touring and a New 2019 CX5 Signature. I got the new CX5 to replace a Mazda 6 I have been driving for 3 years as I have a back issue that makes bending down to get in a car right now an issue. Getting in and out of the CX5 is easy and the space in the cabin is good with a good seating position easily achievable. My commute is 37 miles each way on a mix of roads and I have been impressed with the road holding of the CX5 and its economy, neither of which I expected to be as good as the Mazda 6 but they are close! The interior of the Signature trim I would put up against a lot of more expensive vehicles in the class, excellent comfort, easily used technology, clear instruments and plenty of bells and whistles.

Robert Harris

The 2019 CX-5 is a driver's car. If you want to haul kids and sports equipment to the playing field, get a Honda CR-V. It has a larger cargo space and better gas mileage. It's a transporter. But if you want to enjoy the experience of driving, the CX-5 delivers, really delivers. I test drove another brand at one dealer, and the car was fine. It insulated the driver from the road with soft suspension, the way many American cars do. Then I got into the driver's seat of a CX-5. Within a quarter of a mile, I knew this was the car for me. Other reviewers have had the same response. The twin anti sway bars, the wheel alignment, the suspension design, even the feel of the steering wheel, all contribute to that solid, driver-in-charge experience. I've told friends that the car has a "Teutonic road feel" like some of the German cars (BMW, for example). Altogether, this car provides the most satisfying driving experience I've had, better than all my previous cars (Mustang, Nova, Buick Regal, Celica, Accord, Camry, Tacoma). Things I don't like: The engine sound as the car accelerates is whiney; the brakes seem a bit squishy at times--I'm still getting used to them.

Jason Wang

Mazda is the best

Andres Guzman

This car looks awesome


The CX-5 is already Mazda’s most popular model, so for 2019 the company expands its appeal even further with a more luxurious and fun-to-drive model in the CX-5 Signature. The Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are eternally popular choices in this segment, while the Ford Escape and Volkswagen Tiguan are other tempting alternatives. The CX-5 is arguably the best looking of the bunch, and it should be one of the first compact crossovers to consider.


have purchased a December 2018 GT 2.5 petrol... only had for a short period... truly a superb car.. all the upgraded safety tech.. apple car play..radar cruise...head up display works a treat absolute pleasure to drive.. have had Mazda’s before and ran without any trouble.. will do another review down track...


I was looking for a second vehicle for the three drivers at home. After searching online various options I was attracted to comments on Mazda Maxx CX-5 on this web site. They are genuine feedback from vehicle owners and answered most of my queries about the car I was looking for. It became no brainer to choose this car as our second car. After convincing my missus we went to look for a good deal in the market and got one from a local dealer. Having owned the vehicle for just a week we're quite happy with its performance and fuel efficiency. The only aspect I'm not fully satisfied is that CarPlay support costs extra $495 for 2018 model while 2019 model has it included (brochure for Mazda CX-5 presented to us in dealership is for 2019, as I found out later). This web site makes my life much easier to get useful feedback about product and help make informed and wise decision for small or big purchase.

Hyatt Simons

I absolutely love my new CX-5 (Grand Touring, AWD)! I have just over 4,000 miles on it now and have enjoyed every moment of it. I work in the automotive industry in the luxury segment and can honestly say this CX-5 handles just as good as new BMWs, Mercedes, etc. vehicles. My favorite features: how quiet the car is at all speeds, how upscale the interior and exterior design is, the exterior LED headlights and taillights (standard on Grand Touring trims), the AWD handling in the snow, the safety features, -- I could go on forever but honestly - this is the best value and experience on the market. Go test drive one and experience it for yourself.


Previous owner of 2 BMWs and switched when getting a third meant that I was going to have to sell my kids, 2 dogs, and a cat to pay for it. The Mazda CS-5 AWD Grand Touring has many and/or all of the "Bells and whistles" of a $70k BMW X3... at half the price. I only wish that it had remote start and proximity/parking sensors. But those are overshadowed by all the others (HUD, Power everything, Auto headlights/high beam, Lane assist/adaptive cruise, and on... and on... ) Love it.