Lake Louise traveller reviews

Neutral reviews


Lake louise is pretty good even without the trails. Just a walk around it takes one to another world. The above seated glacier adds to the beauty. Boats an be rented to have a feel in the turquoise water of the lake.It would not go over-the- board to mention that Fairmont chateau Hotel adds to this very lake's royal feel, especially it is worth seating yourself in their cafetaria with windows giving a wholesome view of the lake. Other than theirs, there is no other cafe/restaurant, so please carry your own food.

I recommend it to people of all ages, trails being only for people who are fit.


If it weren’t such a cliché, we’d say Lake Louise is like a postcard you can step right into. OK, we'll say it anyway. In winter, the frozen lake is packed with Canadians ice skating in their natural habitat. The hamlet of Lake Louise has provisions for whatever your adventure. ● Viewpoint: In summer, hike to the famous tea house, about a two-hour trip upwards. Lake Louise will look like a big turquoise cocktail. Expect to get approximately one billion photo ops and a fierce appetite en route. ● Sleep tight: Go full-mountain by staying in a nearby historic lodge and eating local game meats and seasonal Alberta vegetables paired with Canadian wines.


There are no buses or taxis to Lake Louise, (3) there are slow or infrequent buses / trains available, (5) getting to the resort is easy with frequent bus / train connections.

Kirk T.

It's a further drive than Sunshine but it has it's charms. There is a lot of terrain to attend to at Lake Louise. It runs a late season (usually start of May) and it's on the way to Kicking Horse Resort. Lift tickets aren't cheap (but where are they cheap?). The gondola is a nice option for families and newer riders. There is a lot of good out of the way terrain in the trees too. It's definitely busy on weekends, being as close to Calgary as it is.

Michael R.

Lake Louise is an absolute gem- great mix of terrain from trees to wide open groomers to mogul filled bowl to simple cruising lines -framed by some of the best mountain views in the world! Lovely log mountain base lodge and fun beer patio for apres. It's all about the skiing and the layout though!

Positive reviews


This is truly an amazing spot to visit. The turquoise coloured water is simply perfect. This picturesque location is worth a visit. There are trails all around the area. Make sure you bring some water is you are going to go for a hike on one of the many trails. If you forget, you can visit the cafe inside the Fairmont Chateau however be prepared for higher prices. Bring your camera, you won't be able to stop taking photos. Some of my best photos were from the trail walking up the mountain.

Ann Marie M

Love love loved it. It has spectacular scenery and the colour of the water is unbelievable. You have to go here.


I have waited many years to make the trip to Lake Louise, and even though I had seen hundreds of pictures, none could fully show the true beauty of this place. The color of the water is simply unbelievable, and the change of light constantly creates a different atmosphere. I only hope I can made a selection from the hundreds of pictures I took. The hike by the lake is delightful, although busy with everything from retirees such as us, to avid hikers and mountaineers. There are plenty of benches along the way to help the more restricted walkers enjoy the trail along this truly beautiful place. My only regret is that our time was so limited.


One of the most beautiful ski resorts on the planet. Stunning scenery. They have a lot of great terrain, really varied and lots that is off the beaten path if you choose to look for it. The food is really good and the staff are really friendly. Overall a fantastic place to ski. Great snow when we went.


Lake Louise is incredible! I was blown away by the scenery and the variety of terrain that rivals anywhere in North America. Lake Louise and Banff Sunshine have a sense of wilderness that you don't get in most large ski resorts with highly developed villages. They are remote feeling, but actually pretty easy to get to as it's a quite easy drive from Calgary to both Banff and Lake Louise. The snow at Lake Louise was really good when we visited. I wonder if the review of it being icy was from someone who didn't explore a lot of the mountain as I did find that a couple of the runs on the front side were busier runs and did get a bit slick later in the day, but why would you ski those when there is so much else. There is a ton of terrain here, it would take days and days to ski it all. I will be back. We did 2 days at Sunshine and 3 days at Lake Louise. Next time I would probably ski Lake Louise only as it was far and away the better resort overall, but if it is your first time to the area you definitely need to check out Sunshine too as it has its own charm.

Rodrigo T.

It's the winter season. The lake is frozen solid. There's people skating around on one end. But the view is still as spectacular as ever.

This joint is instagram famous. Trust me, I bet as the weather that's out the ice and snow. Lake Louise will be packed with tourists. Although that's not all this view has to offer. There is hiking as well,, my husband was checking out the trail markers and such and would love to plan a return trip during the warmer season.

The walk from the parking lot to the lake isn't very far. So it's definitely easy to get to. Even at super cold temperatures, people flock to this lake. Next time we'll do the hike to the aerial view of the lake so there isn't so much tourists around.

Thank you so much for reading my review. I hope this helps with your decision making experience. Enjoy your awesome yelptastic day!!

Charles Y.

How do you rate nature any less than 5 stars? Pictures don't do lake louise justice. Do yourself a favour and go, hike to the tea houses and let nature give you ear and eye gasms.

When I did the hike around lake louise it was pouring rain and it was still an amazing experience.

David G.

Actually most of Banff is a great place to visit!

The area around the lake is pure magic: Plenty of trails to hike.

The Fairmont Chateau is smack dab on the lake and is a beautiful hotel (albeit crazy busy with day tourists)

If you have time hike the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House trail (…)

If you are planning a day visit get here early as parking and the crowds become unbearable after 10-11am.

Gavin Taylor

We skied Lake Louise for two weeks at the start of January 2017. The temp was never above -18c during the day which was very chilly but the snow condition was great. It is a big mountain with great vertical and long runs. The back side has some excellent Double Black runs and if you like that then there is plenty to keep you interested. If you are and advanced skier there are plenty of runs and terrain to keep you adrenaline pumping. We found the mountain to be very uncrowded; ski down and straight up, no lines. Good time of the year to get here. Great place. We will be back.

Adam J.

Lake Louise is by far the most family friend resort I have ever skied, but the real gem of the Rockies came alive when we met some of the local staff and residents who showed us the truly magical spots!