Kia Picanto reviews

Neutral reviews


"If you want a small, fun, affordable car the Picanto is probably the next best thing after a Volkswagen Up. But, if that having that German badge on the front of your car doesn’t bother you, then you’ll find the Picanto is fun to drive, affordably priced, cheap to run and does everything you’d hope a small car should do."


There are plenty of rivals for the Picanto in the city car class, but the Kia stands tall as one of the better choices on offer. Our current favourite is the Volkswagen up!, but we gave a commendation to the Picanto for the second year running in the best city car class in our New Car Awards. As well as the Up, the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii are also both worth considering, as are the Toyota Aygo/Peugeot 108/Citroen C1 trio, while the Hyundai i10 shares its running gear with the Picanto, but has a more grown-up look about it.


Since going on sale in 2011, the outgoing Kia Picanto found more than 1.4 million homes during its life-cycle, with more than 300,000 of these in Europe.

Kia’s smallest model in the line-up is important – it’s the fourth best-selling model in the UK range. The new one aims to continue that success by following the Korean company’s philosophy of a great ownership prospect for customers with a combination of sporty styling, a generous equipment tally and practicality.

The new Picanto’s wheelbase has grown 15mm over the old model and the wheels are closer to the edges of the car, aiming to improve interior space and provide a more grown-up, refined driving experience.

With competition from the Hyundai i10, the Volkswagen Up/Skoda Citigo/SEAT Mii triumvirate, Vauxhall Viva, Renault Twingo and Peugeot 108/Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo, the new Kia Picanto has a job on its hands if it wants to dominate the city car class.


If you really do want a Picanto, there's a lower-spec automatic version that retails for Php 100,000 less at Php 698,000. You won't get the sporty GT kit, the LED lights, the neat-looking alloy wheels and the blue leather and cloth combination seats. The Picanto gets the basics right so maybe, the entry-level automatic version is the way to go.


That is a sharp car!


AFAIK the older generations of the Picanto are not very safe. If budget allows you should look for a newer one or try the Rio


I find the Picanto to be very cheap and flimsy, no matter the generation. The Rio is definitely the better model to go for. As far as reliability goes, in my experience, Picantos and Rios are quite reliable.

Positive reviews


Awesome little car and awesome little review. I bought one last week in white.

You cant find value this good on any other car in the market right now

Although, I would’ve explained about the AEB as one if it’s main safety features as it is a big deal


I LOve this car,specially GT Line


"It's good looking, well made, offers plenty of kit and space. Combine this with Kia's famous seven-year warranty, and it's hard not to recommend this car on rational grounds."


"The Picanto is Kia's smallest model, but it offers a grown-up drive and isn't wanting for kit or quality."


Great car ! Cheap on file a full tank last a week with this little thing and my wife travels a lot. The shape and design of this car looks cool, it stands out compaird to other cars in its class.

Its decivingly spacious, I’m 6”1 and fit in and out of it without feeling andlooking like a clown.parking is so easy power steering works well with built in reverse cameras as standard along with a really nice media centre!!!

Value for money is superb I love this little car


I bought my picanto brand new in 2017 to replace my barina spark.well 2 completly different cars.i love the fact for $14000 drive away i get cruise/reverse camera and all the other extras the others want extra for.went to appolo bay last week and used the radio to put google maps on.very good.i travel 200ks a day for work.average speed is the moment with around 50ks around im using 4.3 now has 65000ks on it with no problems so far.we like the picanto so much we just bought the wife the picanto even better yourselves afavour if your thinking of a small car test drive the picanto


Just bought a Kia Picanto GT line. What a little ripper. Did i sat little. Its actually quite spacious inside. Got it for the wife but i dont mind driving it myself. Around town and to work its great on petrol and it makes peoples head turn. Very sporty and looks great.


Really happy with the value for money, safety features and fuel economy.

I'm a tall man but comfortable driving.

Roomy boot - fits lots of shopping, or all the kids back packs after school pickup, or a couple of cricket bags - but not all at once!

When we have our kid's friends in the car too they do complain there's not enough room for three, but we're a 3-person family so don't always have a full car.

First time I've bought a brand new car.


A micro city car with the lot that is functional, easy to drive, comfortable, and most importantly packed with a lot of safety features.

And what a delight to park!!

And unlike another micro car that I tested, the Kia interior doesn’t feel like cheap plastic at all !!

No fault so far after 5 months of daily use!


If you’re after a small (micro) car that’s easy to throw around and park in the city the Picanto should be on top of your list. It’s inexpensive, fun to drive, easy on fuel (5.8L/100km). Unfortunately the small 35-litre fuel tank makes that you still have to go to the pump quite often, but filling it up won’t hurt as much. With create comforts as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard in the comfortable interior its also a nice place to be in, especially the upgraded GT-Line. Add to this equation the exclusivity of a limited 800 vehicle run of the special AO edition and you know you’ve got your hands on something special. And with the body kit and improved suspension if doesn’t only look, but also drives better then ever before.