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Wrong Time to Visit the Park

I went to the Kanha Nation Park in mid January 2019, I believe this wrong time to visit the park as I did not had any Tiger sighting. The Park is very green and clear not much dense. I hope if visited during March-April-May, I could see Tiger from far, other wise it was a nice experience.



If you are a wildlife lover then this place should be on top of your list. The forest here is amazing, its very dense and beautiful you can really feel the freshness here. You can get varied spices here but the best you can get is the Royal Bengal tiger and its beauty in itself. You can also find Indian bison, Hyenas, rare spices of birds and many more.

This place is easily accessible from Jabalpur & Raipur, both the cities have airport so you can easily reach from there. This place is well connected from road also and its safe to travel by it.

In local sightseeing there is no as such place to see apart from the museum and few restaurants. So you will not find any other place to hangout. Its just the park which you can go in the morning and the evening hours.

There are many hotels for economic as well as luxury stay. There is also state tourism hotels are located inside the national park which is quite a experience and make it thrilling. The state tourism hotel provide a great experience and are well under pocket.

The park has fix hours for its rides and it is well divided in different zones. You will have to book your ride in advance and you get designated driver with a guide, who makes you understand everything about the park. Its very safe to travel inside and there is no danger of any attack as the guide and the driver keeps you safe.

If you are a wild life lover then this place would be a worth a experience, but you have to be little patient if you want to see the the great Royal Bengal tiger because its not that easy to site such a spectacular creature.



We opted for Kumhari - Ahiwara- Kawardha- Mukki Gate route till Kawardha roads were good but after Kawardha It turned worst because Road construction was on and it took almost 2 hour to cover distance of 80km. In returning we changed route and opted for malanjkhand - Ahiwara - Kumhari Route that was superb.



It was a very good experience of driving a SUV in National Highway. It was a challenge on my part as a driver to drive safely on a highway. And boy, I did a good job at the end. On our way, we saw beautiful things like various types of houses and roads. Besides there were animals too like cows, buffaloes, peacocks, etc.

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Rajan A


Jungle undisturbed

It was a nice safari. We did morning, evening both in the core zone.

Was very chilly in the morning. animal spotting was possible only after morning sun shone.

It was a nice experience to see an actual forest.

As a rule, nothing that belongs to the forest,is to leave the forest.

So fallen branches, trees, anthills all natural.

We cud sight a tigeress by the end of the evening visit.

The driver, guide are very professional and coperative.



“Kanha national park is one of the most well maintained park across India. It has some excellent wildlife apart from the Tigers. The rules and regulations inside the park is what makes it a unique experience from other parks. It has absolute peace and tranquillity out there”.



Kanha an amazing and refreshing place away from the mobile world

I have been a regular visitor to MP wildlife parks since 2000, mainly because it is my passion and love for wild life and nature. I happen to stay in Jabalpur also gives us advantage to visit the parks I have seen all tiger parks in MP and the best would be always KANHA because of its wildlife and rich flora.

In past 18 years i have seen total 26 Tigers in Kanha. In early March 2014 in both rides we could see total six Tigers in Kanha zone which was a lifetime event.Besides Tigers all animals including Black Bear and wild dogs have been sighted .

Great to watch MUNNA tiger in Digdola wild rocks in 2015 with CAT word embedded on its face.

Place worth visiting but one needs to respect the place .Stay in an budget hotel just enjoy the wild and spend on safaris more.

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The latest of a quartet of luxe lodges set up by Taj with andBeyond, in the game parks of Madhya Pradesh, Banjaar Tola is also the most authentic-looking and most beautifully sited, along the banks of the forested Banjaar River, adjoining Kanha National Park—one of the best places in India to spot tigers. Eighteen large guest huts with jaunty green tent roofs are laid out in two settings, East and West, both with their own simply furnished bar, terraced lounge and dining room, and pool. Pampering by dedicated butlers (who bring you tea in bed, and escort you by flashlight to and from dinner) is complemented by expert daily guides. Guest huts include a tub with a jungle view, and walk-in shower; wall coverings are of woven bamboo or canvas; tables are made of bleached tree trunks; and distinctive metal sculptures inspired by the art of local Bastar tribals. Light Indian fusion cuisine is sourced from the lodge’s organic garden, and served on a communal terrace, or on your own private one. The view of the river might reveal local women beating their wash on rocks, while children splash in the water or, possibly, a glimpse of a leopard sighted high in a tree on the far shore.



I had been to this place last year with hubby on our first wedding anniversary and I have to say that it is one of the most wonderful places I have seen. If you are a animal lover then this is the best place to visit. We were staying in a jungle resort nearby to the kanha national park so called singinawa jungle lodge and they have tiger safari package and we went in the early morning.

I got a chance to see a tiger was resting in the mist. Our jeep driver then immediately offs the jeep so that the tiger would stay there only. Somehow it saw the jeep and disappeared in the forest. I could see a lot different styles of birds also. We were staying in a wonderful stone cottage by the singinawa jungle lodge. As we get out the lodge in the early morning a group of deer were standing in front of our cottage and that was beautiful.



I visited panchmari forest with my family in the year of 1995.We enjoyed a lot.That was winterseason & we got lot of discount in lodging & travelling .Due to Off season we had been abled to avoid the tourist crowed.We stayed at HOTEL BANJARA which was the costliest but we paid only rs.175 per day with all facilities.We visited 12hill points by a jeep with a resonable fare.Thewhole area is covered with deep forest. Though the placeis very calm and quite withoutany security risk.onecan really enjoy that place .



This is one of the beautiful place in that. I could see some monkeys in the early morning actually



We have visited Kanha National Park and stayed at Singinawa Jungle Lodge. It’s a great place to experience the wildlife and excellent hotel accommodation. 



The drive was awesome it’s a home for tigers and other animals like deer, beer, peacock and various others birds. June is the best time to visit this place and it is good in Madhya Pradesh.



We had amazing experience while exploring jungle in sub zero temp.

Lush greenery across, tall sal trees, ghost tree, due frozen was just an amazing experience.

We saw variety of deer grazing in grass land, wild boar running, , peacock and .

Exhibition center is the place they will stop for breakfast and was just Fab 'Arc made of Antelor' is creative & beautiful.

Guide along gave complete information on jungle, animals, Flora and history was enriching.

It was one of the best experience and good fun.