JPMorgan Chase & Co reviews

Negative reviews

Ryan of Beachwood

We went to a branch on Friday to deposit my fiancée's paycheck. The staff at the branch was very kind and everything was handled quickly. However, when the check cleared, it was for $217 instead of $2,170. In and of itself, that's not the end of the world as mistakes happen (though a very distressing mistake, to be sure). She immediately called customer service to report the issue. The person on the phone was not very nice and while she did help with the issue at hand, I wouldn't call her exactly helpful. Perhaps the biggest problem is that they aren't going to credit her account until Thursday at the earliest. They made a mistake and aren't able to deal with it quickly.


Chase closed my business account without warning, when asked why they said that they sent me a letter in the mail and due to a lack of response, they closed the account. I asked why wasn't I called. The person then explained that by law they are required to send out one letter and that as a business I am responsible for my account. There is a lot wrong with that since I had no way of knowing of the situation that I am supposedly should be responsible for. This happened to a few other people I know. After this review I am definitely contacting a lawyer. I have not been able to receive funds because of this. Chase this is not acceptable!

Cliff of Orland

I have banked with Chase Bank in Indialantic FL for over 9 years. I have both a personal account and a business account. My wife deposited a check sent to her from the executor of her parent's estate after her father's passing. The check funds cleared from the originating bank on 1/31/2019 Chase Fraud division (Donald **) froze all our funds even my other deposits including my paycheck from the Federal Govt. We were never notified of the account being frozen. We do electronic banking with Chase and we had been trying to pay bills online. We could not understand why our scheduled payments and electronic payments would not process, There was no notice online of why, there was no phone call from Chase, to date 2/12/2019 we still have not been informed in writing.

Lewi of San Jose

Filed a dispute several months ago of an unauthorized withdraw, it was credited pending review. Several weeks later, it was reversed and caused a mess in my account. Their reason was they found same merchant that I supposedly authorized account several months back. How do you even know if I missed it and that needed to be included. It's clear that there is fraudulent activity in my account. Instead of taking care of their customers, calling to clarify what they reviewed and found, Chase finds ways in denying, rejecting, reversing, your money. Chase do not take care of their customer, rather they nickel and dime them!


You’d think they’d staff peak times of service with peak levels of staff. Payday afternoon. 1 bank staff for services like opening accounts. Is Chase the WalMart of banks ? Well maybe not with the fees.


Hi I went to chase bank this morning to cancel autometick payment from my chase checking account and the lady was told me she gonna chearge me $30. Then I ask her why? Then she answer me you are not Special customers she wasn’t nice at all she was very rude woman.

Neutral reviews


This is a great card for everyday use. The card is widely acceptable I'm in no time you let let you gain points as you go. The points are redeemable in various ways such as on using online e-commerce stores as well as simple cash back. I would highly recommend this card for anybody get started with the Chase . collapse link to Read less


Chase offers several checking options, including its most basic account, Chase Total Checking®, and a couple that bear interest. Each gives users access to mobile banking, including online bill pay, and comes with a debit card that has a security-enhancing EMV chip.There are a few ways for Chase Total Checking® account holders to avoid a monthly fee: have monthly direct deposits totaling $500 or more, keep a daily beginning balance of at least $1,500 or keep an average beginning day balance of $5,000 or more across certain Chase accounts.Chase offers a $200 bonus on its Total Checking® account. See our list of best bonuses for details.

Positive reviews


this helpful Friendly, efficient, straightforward – and what else is there to want, really? I have no complaints, would happily use them again.

South Carolina

This is, by far, the best credit card I've ever had. Easy-to-use website and online payment features, great rewards program and good customer service. Love my Chase Freedom Visa.


I have used my bonus monies to fund a part of my vacation trips. The card has so many benefits. If you don't want the cash use the points to fly to that vacation destination.

Michael W Berry

Best yet. Super attentive to detail. On top of everything. I was surprised how professional and courteous he was. I was very happy I went with him instead of a different rep.

Brandon Thai

My mortgage experience was exceptional given the non-stop diligence, above and beyond attitude, and extraordinary work ethics from Brandon. You want someone like Brandon to handle your interest rate pricing and mortgage application. You'll never never fall behind on your schedule because he always follows up with you and tell you what exactly you need to do. We were able to to get the mortgage approved way way ahead of the set schedule. Strongest recommendation and I hope whoever reads this will get help from Brandon because you won't be disappointed.

Steve Kantorov

Steve and his team did an excellent job! The loan was closed in timely manner and I received guidance and advice through the whole process. Steve and his team were my advocates and advisers more than anyone involved in buying process. Steve and his team exceeded my expectations.