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We had a fantastic holiday in Japan for 10 days. It was planned completely by me and my husband and we did not take any packaged tour. But with the help of valuable tips from various members of tripadvisor.com, we managed to sail through our time in Japan without any difficulty.

In Tokyo we stayed in two hotel:Hotel Urbain Kamata (near Kamata station and a mere 20 mins ride from Haneda Airport). The hotel is a clean, cozy place suitable for families with young kids. The staff is extremely helpful and very friendly. They have b'fast facilities... and the b'fast we had there was very nice. My kids loved it !!

In Kyoto, we stayed in a hotel called: Urban Kusatsu. Although not located in central Kyoto, but very well connected by trains to local Kyoto. It has nice , clean and spacious rooms. We stayed there for 3 nights and we had a memorable time in Kyoto.

We visited Nara for a day. There we were extremely lucky to get a goodwill guide , courtesy the YMCA chapter of Nara, which has many English Speaking guides. Our guide , who we requested at a very short notice of only 15 mins, arrived at the station to pick us up and then walked us around the whole town of Nara. :) It was a superb experience.

In Hiroshima, we stayed at Hotel Sunroute, Hiroshima. This was a superb hotel. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms were very big and very well furnished. We had a view of the A-bomb dome from our room and it was a superb sight. Hiroshima is a beautiful town. Our time in Hiroshima was made more memorable as the Goodwill Guide we had was a very nice, friendly and a very well informed person. Although we had only ONE day in hiroshima, he had the whole day planned out so well that we were able to cover the Hiroshima Museum and Miyajima temple very comfortably. We had a nice sushi lunch at a restaurant which our helpful guide recommended. All I can say is that we were extremely fortunate to have the company of this goodwill guide. :)

In tokyo,we also stayed at Sakura Hotel in Ikkebukoro. This is hotel in a suburb of Tokyo. Although clean, the hotel is minimalistic with NO facilities. The staff was friendly, but there was no service what so ever. I would not want to recommend this hotel to anyone. :(

Before the holiday, we had heard a lot of concerns regarding "language problems" in Japan, overall difficulty in navigating oneself in and around Tokyo as well as inter-city travel. However, thanks to all the fantastic tips and feedbacks from various members of Tripadvisor.com , we did not even once face any problems in our inter-city travel through shinkanesen. The JR pass is a boon for tourists. The staff at all train stations is extremely helpful and at many times go out of their way to help tourists.

Even at local Japanese restaurants , we did not face any problems in communicating with the staff. Most of the places have menus in English. The waiters and staff are extremely kind and friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home and comfortable.

Overall, it was an enriching experience and an unforgettable time in japan.

Anu SG



A holiday in Japan can be a leap into the unknown for many travellers who have never experienced this part of the world. But our Japan holiday reviews have come directly from Intrepid travellers experiencing the country with us, many of them for the first time. So take a look below at our Japan holiday reviews to get a feel of what an Intrepid adventure will be like for you.



Ah Japan, irasshaimase! Welcome to the land where everything, just works. The land of convenience, the land of delicious food, paradox, naked strangers, and where respect permeates through every part of society and culture…



With its beguiling mix of the traditional and ultra-modern, Japan is a nation of contrasts and ever-changing surprises. From the shimmering waterfront of Yokohama to the bustling back alleys of Osaka; Sapporo’s snowy climes and Kyoto’s historic neighbourhoods, Japan presents a charming mix of old and new.

Japan holidays are perfect at all times of the year. Pick your season and experience the magic of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto in Spring, shopping and cultural activities in Tokyo in Summer, the Autumn maple leaves in Shizuoka or Hokkaido's perfect skiing conditions in Winter.



Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, but getting beneath the surface can be a challenge for even the most experienced travelers. Our specialty is helping travelers embark on unique, memorable experiences – not just sightseeing or checking items off a list.



As part of an organized tour, general costs and transport are generally included. If choosing to organize your own trip, you will need to organize traveling from A to Z, choosing which destinations and accommodation. Traveling around the country on a trip the best and most economical thing to use is the JR Pass. This pass allows you unlimited travel from coast to coast on the JR network, for only US$233 for 7 days (rates change daily with the exchange rate). The Pasmo cards will be also useful for traveling by train and subway within cities. To save time, you can order them online before you leave.

If you prefer to travel by car, you can rent a vehicle before you leave. By hiring a car you can also discover more rural areas of the Japanese countryside, which are harder to reach by public transport.

Barry Choi


Japan is one of the most expensive countries I’ve ever visited but there are ways to save. I just recommend people to have a realistic budget, after all why travel that far and cheap out on your experience. Japan is definitely a must go, I’m excited to be heading back after 7 years.



Japan is one of those places that’s probably best done on your own. 

NZ Muse


I’m actually planning our own Japan trip for later this year. We are huge foodies so expect to spend a fair bit on food, and also probably want to visit Osaka/Kyoto so 2x rail passes will push the cost up. Not keen on capsule hotels but definitely want a night in a ryokan.

Positive reviews

Paul Lambton


We really enjoyed the tour, the hotels were all good although the room in the Tokyo hotel was quite small and very tight to move around in. Our tour guide (Yukiko) was excellent, she was always smiling, knowledgeable, caring to our needs, well organised and a joy to be with - highly recommended. ”



Our trip to Japan was an amazing experience from the beauty and tranquility of the countryside to the fantastic buzz of the cities. The people were so friendly and helpful and the food is just fabulous!

Kaoru at the Japan Travel Centre arranged the holiday brilliantly - the hotels were so lovely and the travel from place to place was really easy, she had given us all the info that we needed in the travel plan which was great. The JR pass was worth every penny!

I look forward to visiting again, obviously I’ll be calling on the Japan Travel Centre, to book it all for me again, when I do!



Hard to know where to start with a review as we did so much, but we basically had a brilliant time in Japan.

We based ourselves primarily in 3 cities, 4 nights each in Tokyo & Fukuoka, 3 nights in Osaka and 1 originally unplanned night in Nagoya, due to our flight being rerouted after Typhoon Jebi damaged Kansai airport. Visited lots of other places from each base, using our 14 day JR rail pass including Sendai, Nagano, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Karatsu, Himeji, Nara and Nagoya.

Whilst in Fukuoka we were up early one morning to catch a glimpse of the 'Hello Kitty Shinkansen' at Hakata Station. As it was a Sunday morning and very quiet we just jumped on it, as it's covered by the rail pass.

The rail pass itself we found was really good value, I managed to calculate the distance we covered, with the help of the HyperDia website, and we travelled 3301 miles in 12 days, mainly on Shinkansen routes, but used express and local trains too.

I will certainly be visiting Japan again, will probably get a rail pass again and will definitely be booking it through Japan Travel Centre once again.



I love Japan. Food = Super-duper #1, People = Friendly, City = Safe/Clean, Sites = Cool, Not that far away, What else?



Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Darrel Wilson


Japan was fun, had a small vacation away from wordpress! Japan is a must go for food lovers and anime fans. Make sure to like this video and let me know your experiences in Japan Below!!



Beautiful country, and amazing video. <3

Ray B.


I love Japan! Brother lives there 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾