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The most unlikely town in all Morocco

We stopped here as a "Rest Stop". What an unusual place - an Alpine mountain resort in Morocco. Completely unexpected. As others have remarked - would be at home in the Alps. A tourist resort for the very wealthy with its own airport. However it is clearly a place where ordinary Moroccans come for a day visit. Very relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Mayank A


Seems like Alpine Europe

I am not sure ifs its the same place, i am reviewing the main square of Ifrane, which is also a garden and is further surrounded by many more gardens. The square has a fountain and a picturesque lion statue. On one side there is a street running inside the town with restaurants lined up. We visited in the morning hours in January, unfortunately there was no snowfall this year so we missed the white. The trees were done up with decorative lights but being morning we missed out on that also. We did get to hear music playing over the fountain which gave the place a magical atmosphere.

Timothée D.


Ifrane and its kitsch European architecture looks like an anomaly in the Moroccan landscape, but the town is a good base in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and an excellent destination for winter sports.

My suggestion:

It is not unusual for the road to Ifrane to be closed after significant snowfall in winter. Make enquiries before you leave for Ifrane.


Nicknamed "little Switzerland", Ifrane was designed in the middle of the 20th century to welcome European settlers to an environment that would not disorientate them too much. In reality, the result was the opposite because I personally felt extremely disorientated when I arrived in Ifrane, which looks like a ski resort...at the heart of the Alps: chalets with sloping red roofs, well kept parks, streets mapped out straight with exemplary tidiness, etc. A surprising absurdity from the colonial period.

However, although travellers to Morocco are looking for the disorder of the medinas, it seems that today Moroccans appreciate the change of scenery in Ifrane, which has become a greatly prized ski resort in the country. The town also has lovely options for walking in summer and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Positive reviews

Itzik L


Park La Prairie is located in Ifran

Ifran is a very unique place in Morocco

the city build like a alpine city, a lot of sky places so all the city looks like European place

It was carved by a German soldier during WORLD WIDE 2, when Ifrane was used briefly as a prisoner-of-war camp.

a lot of people trying to make photo with the lion it is something of a ritual for Moroccan day

all the area in nice with European style, parks to seat and enjoy the place, restaurants and cafe

Ruman A


just getting away from the heat of Fes for the day was worth it. While 30℃ may not seem cool. Compared to 40+ it was like night and day. Kids loved the park. While it looks amazing in winter covered in snow. It still looks so different from Morocco in general that it's still nice in summer.

Many parks alongside the square with the lion and fountains so can let the kids run around as much as they want. Nothing to with history of the amzigh ppl or anything rather a fancy whim of the king but a nice day out nonetheless



Beautiful and tranguil

This is my second trip to ifrane, it is a wonderful place to spend a few days, very lovely parks and forest many trail to travel and enjoy nature.



 a beautiful place to study i have been there in the summer of 2013.



This place is totally amazing, and a real treat after a week in Fes. It really has a Swiss Alp feeling to it and it's the winter playground of the wealthy folks who live in Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes.



This is beautiful! I went to Ifrane in the summer (while back) and a lot of waterfalls had dried out. It was sad. Alhamdoelilah, happy to see that there are still some waterfalls!

Vladimir putin


Nice place! 

Hasnae Beuker


went their on holiday as a kid , amazing place!



Ifrane is à beauthiful place to visit. You can visit also bab boudir TAZA MOROCCO when it snow its amazing to spend à few Day in TAZA. A real paradise!!!