HSBC Holdings reviews

Negative reviews

Johnny of Annandal

OMG! I thought I was the only one having so many issues with this bank, they are just no good for any business. I saw a lot of branches in Hongkong and found out that they are everywhere in China, I import from China and Korea to the United States and even though there are no branches near my house or businesses I decided to open one business account in Tyson's corner Virginia, I filled out forms and been told that it takes some days to open it, I said I open a lot of business accounts in the past and it took only 30 to 50 minutes to do it, but I agreed.

Joel of San Mateo

I opened a business savings account based on interest rates. I was personally visited by a HSBC representative to complete a multi page application which took 2 days complete. This was odd and should have been a clear indication there will likely be a problem. I was unable to gain access online until I received a pod that I needed to receive an access code. Without having the pod, I was unable to gain access to my account. Deposits could only be made by check or wire; not by funds transfer. I am still awaiting my 1099 which apparently takes several weeks to generate and must be mailed. This bank seems unaware of US law. After 2 months of the agony, I closed the account which must be done at one of their branches and took over 1 hour to complete. I presume similar experience for personal accounts since there was someone at the bank at the same time I was present closing her account. DO NOT use this bank.

Svetlana of Staten

I have been locked out of my HSBC Checking account for almost as long as I have it (a little over 3 months). Cannot access it either online or at ATM. And cannot get help anywhere. I called at least 10 times to HSBC customer service. They say that they need to transfer me to HSBC fraud dept and every time after endless wait on the line I just hang up with nothing. I went to the Branch several times and they told me they cannot do anything without me talking to fraud dept. Gave me another number to call. The same result - no answer due to "unusually high call volume"... This is crazy! Who can help me with this nightmare? Btw, I found lots of reviews online with similar issues and complains about HSBC...

Kathy of Irvine

In October 2018, we received an offer to open an account with a balance of $10,000 and maintain the same amount for 90 days then you'll get a $400 cash bonus. After 90 days, I called and was told that the $400 will take about 8 weeks after the 90 days for me to get it. After reading many posts about the same problems, I'm thinking of taking my money and run instead of wait another 8 weeks.


They are appalling. Avoid at any cost. Every time you need to open a sub-account, you have to make an appointment and be physically present in the branch. I needed a Euro sub-account, they charged the cost of a completely different account (6 pounds per month that is). I wanted to transfer money between my Euro account and another Euro account in another bank under the same business name, I had to subscribe to another 6 pounds a month (International payments subscription), even though my payment is never actually going international, it is just the fact that it is done in Euro. I finally give in and subscribe for "International payments", for my payment to be blocked by their "safeguard" department. I will be moving away from HSBC ASAP.


We try and move money between HSBC accounts and nothing happens. I call HSBC and am told the transaction didn't go thought and I need to do it again only to be charged £892.54 in an "insufficient funds" fine! You lied to me your advance custumer to steal almost a months salary off me. Not only that but you imposed a transaction limit so when using one of your currency accounts we lost €902 in exchange rate. When we complained we were told you can't do anything and a manager wasn't avalible only to be left waiting for 20min on the phone. In one of your central London branches we were told they can do nothing as well and were not allowed to talk to anyone but the two people at the front end. No manager again. In short your whole buisness is designed to scam and steal from your custumers discouraging complaints or any information regarding Ombudsman services being given out. Thus we have given you the legal 8 weeks to attempt and reply to our complaint and then will be going to the Finacial Ombudsman and small claims court. Will report to Met Fraud Police as well. We will then be moving to another bank and advising all friends and family of the experience. BBC watchdog and other media will also be contacted. After 10 years of banking with you it is not ok to steal someones entire months salary! Shame on you.


Horrendous banking congolomerate treating customers as machines

Certainly the worst in the UK and probably one of the worst banking services in the world. I have banked with them for more than three years and cannot be less impressed. Any transaction takes at least 2 days to appear on your banking app or online. They regularly close accounts without providing any reason. There is no informed person in the branches to help you. Basically you deal with a giant conglomerate and treated like a machine. All of these and I have been a premier customer, so I cannot imagine what life is like for regular customers who do not have more than £75K. Do yourself a favour and avoid. I think that people who have not dealt with HSBC do not recognise how privileged they are.

Samedaycar Buyer!

Hands down the worst bank i have ever seen, I sold a car to another HSBC customer and was told by HSBC customer services that the money would be in my account by 7:30am, I check my online banking and the money wasn't showing so as a precaution and the fact the person had travelled over 1 and half hours to come to see the car, i decided to double check with HSBC to be saw the money would be there. to my dismay the second adviser had sad the transaction had been stopped. So now i was in limbo i was left wondering if i could even trust the bank at all, so i decide to wait until the morning to process the payment as the bank had said because it was out of hours, this is the reason the payment wasn't authorised. So i met the guy the following day we done the transaction hsbc to hsbc online transaction, then to my disbelief the payment showed on my online banking as a payment, only for me to find out its being held on fraud

and that i would need to contact the guy to find out if everything was ok with the payment, bearing in mind the guy had already left with my car, Which means as a seller you got no protection what so ever when it comes to online transactions with HSBC there online team are rubbish and a very terrible company bank worlds worst bank ever the saga continues.


After purchasing an item on line ... the supplier did not respected the contract of delivery ...

two hours wasted over the phone with hsbc bank ... to raise a payment dispute ... they says: your money will be credited to your account after one working day ...! today is Friday ... means the money will be credited on Monday next week ...!!! penalised from the bank as well ... what's the point of using the bank card ?????

POOOOR service ...

hsbc advanced account ... 12 years as a customer ....


I banked with them for almost 20 years before they rather unceremoniously decided to close all my accounts. Besides that, I never really had an issue with them as a bank. They certainly have a bad reputation from a corporate ethics point of view (they've been accused of not properly checking for / actively being involved in money laundering).

They don't offer much in the way of perks to having an account with them, so I wouldn't recommend them to most people anyway. Only their Regular Savings account offers a competitive rate.

Neutral reviews


I've been with HSBC for 20 years now. In my experience, I've never had a problem.

Day to day: no issues. Statements appear like clockwork, my visa card is contactless, their app is pretty good now, they're compatible with Google Pay, I can deposit in Post Offices.

Branches: a few have closed around our area, but there's still enough strategically located around. I've only had good experiences with the staff too. Had a few meetings of late, all have turned out well, etc.

I feel like most big banks have got some less than desirable stuff in their background, but I'm lazy and comfy with HSBC. So, yeah... There's my anecdotal experience.


I personally have a first direct 1st account. my bank in question had good reviews which is why I chose it.

They give you a debit card (I use mine for emergencies.) the account's usually £10 p/m after the first 6 months but if you open up a savings account with them at the same time, then they drop the £10 p/m fee.

you can use a HSBC branch to deposit/withdraw money and you can call them from their banking telephone, and as usual, you can use it at an ATM.


HSBC customer service is very good in my experience. However I left them last year for a better online and mobile banking experience. The HSBC mobile app was awful and I believe it's still the same today, the desktop online banking wasn't too bad but not the best.