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Negative reviews

Bill B

Was about to open a savings account, but was told on the phone by their customer service they do not offer 2 part security where you can require a texted code to your phone be entered in order access your account. Hard to believe for a large modern bank. Been a victim before, so I try and do all I can. Even our small local banks offer it? Oh well, I'll keep looking.


Neutral reviews


At Goldman Sachs we turn ideas into reality for our clients and communities around the world. In every area of Goldman Sachs, from the trading floor to our tech stacks, wealth management to risk management, each one of our teams contributes to innovations that drive progress around the world.


Goldman Sachs, one of the world's leading financial firms, is yet another Fortune 500 company to overhaul its performance management process. The company faced the blunt end of the financial crises, with the majority of the capital heavily invested in risky housing loans. As a result, the U.S government had to bail the company out. However, the level of problems ran deeper than the their ability to make sound financial judgments, and attract young talent. In recent years, the firm has been accused of simply chasing the green back to get ahead. In fact, a resignation letter penned by a previous employee, outlined just how bad the culture got at a place that was [sic] “built on teamwork, integrity and humility”.


Goldman Sachs savings account is one of the first ventures into consumer banking by well-known investment bank and wealth manager Goldman Sachs. While Marcus doesn’t have physical branches and lacks a few features available with some other bank savings accounts, the accounts pay one of the highest yields on the market and have some other advantages savers may be interested in.


Personal loans from Goldman Sachs are designed for the good-credit borrower looking to pay down high-interest credit card debt.

If you’re not quite satisfied by typical bank loans, there’s something in it for you too: combines the name recognition of a top bank with the speed of an online lender to provide personal loans for any occasion.

Read on to find out if Marcus by Goldman Sachs is right for you.


 Goldman Sachs' high-yield Certificates of Deposit are designed to help customers who save money, make money while doing so. With APY rates above the national average, monthly earned interest can be withdrawn from accounts without penalty. The bank as a whole has received above average ratings from trusted rating companies, yet an average C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, primarily due to its limited resolved complaints. Only 22 out of 105 complaints of the bank on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regard CDs, none against the actual customer service for the accounts. Overall, the Certificates of Deposits have no other fee associated with the accounts and are admirable for financial saving goals.

Positive reviews

Personal Loan

Good alternative to low my cards debts, the process was quickly and easy.


The time I applied to the time I received the actual loan was just over 24 hours. Super quick and easy process and I have an awesome fixed rate. I would definitely recommend their services.


I applied for a personal loan on a Friday and the money was deposited to my account on Monday. It pays off when you have excellent credit and excellent payment history. The application process was simple and I got a GREAT interest rate. Thank you by Goldman Sachs!


I likehigh yields and speedy transactions (if I transfer in the morning, it will usually be at my brick & mortar bank the next day) but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. You are sent through the usual pain-in-the-butt automated system, and when I got a live person it was a mediocre connection and she had a very strong foreign accent and was fairly hard to understand.


I am using their online savings account. It was easy to setup and begin transferring money from my local bank. I have a modest savings, not tens of thousands of dollars. The interest rate just rose to 2.25%. I do not plan on getting any CD's or loans . I like the monthly statements. I have not had any problems.