Gentle care formula — 120 capsules reviews

Neutral reviews


This is one of high quality vitamin pills available without the possible harmful additives of many other vitamin brands. The only complaint I have about is that the plastic lid to ope/close the vitamin bottle is very thin and easy to break when you first open it. I had to replace it by cover from a bottle of another herb. A broken cover can cause scratches/cuts etc. The vitamin is pricey and so is the shipping expense. I have no substantial criticism of the vitamin content itself and do agree it provides "gentle care," I believe it to be an excellent choice of healthy ingredients.


This is a good product. I needed something that didn't have too much calcium as I have had kidney stones in the past. It's really hard to find a supplement with less than 1000mg. This only has 100mg as the more absorbable calcium citrate. Other formulas also have toxic amounts of vitamin A. This one doesn't. After seeing this product featured on Dr.Oz, I was convinced this is a good product.


Dr. Fuhrman utilizes the most up to date nutritional research to make a determination as to what Dr. Fuhrman’s Gentle Care Formula Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement will or will not contain. Dr. Fuhrman uses only the highest quality, most absorbable forms of each nutrient and each and every ingredient is carefully reviewed before being included in the formula at its most optimum level.

Positive reviews


This is a good multi vitamin for those who take Deplin (methylfolate) because their DNA test showed an MTHFR mutation in that they can't metabolize man-made folic acid.

Camilla Moore

I find his vitamins easy to digest. He knows all about health and nutrition.

He has done the research about vitamin combinations and has put together

a fantastic program to regain health. Anyone interested in seriously getting

back their health should check out his website. I open up these vitamins

and put them in my morning smoothie.


very useful produkt


Very good and useful.


Wellness Formula is a wonderful blend, when ever I feel like I am getting a little sick I take a couple tablets every couple hours and BAM! I don't get sick. Love Love Love this formula.


100% the best products and the best price. 100% the best products and the best price. 100% the best products and the best price. 100% the best products and the best price.

SscaramucciVerified Buyer

I love this product. It solved a lifelong problem and I never want to be without it

TTracyVerified Buyer

I was totally happy with the product, it arrived just 2 days after ordering and cost about 1/2 what it does in the supermarket. Couldn't be happier, you guys are awesome!