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Garmisch - Partenkirchen is Germany's undisputed 'Winter Sports Capital', located only a short distance from the Austrian border in the country's southwestern corner. Famous for it's annual New Year Ski jumping competition, televised all over the world, and as a former site of the Winter Olympics, Garmisch - Partenkirchen today is a large, cosmopolitan town with plenty to see and do both on and off the slopes. It is a town that is also rich in history and culture. Local people often dress in traditional styles (without being paid to do so by the tourist board!) and many of the older buildings are decorated with beautiful frescoes - wall paintings that are often centuries old. All around is magnificent mountain scenery, dominated by the mighty Zugspitze to which lifts rises over 2100 metres (nearly 7000 feet) from Garmisch - Partenkirchen - producing one of the world's biggest lift served verticals (although unfortunately it is not possible to ski all the way back down!). The final string to the Garmisch - Partenkirchen bow is its status as a health resort, or rather as a "climatotherapeutic training centre" - a program of exercise and complete body management The objective is to prevent illness in its early stages by making the body and spirit stronger, although Garmisch is also a good choice for those seeking to recuperate from existing conditions in the pure mountain air of the resort.


I was there on 19th February 2011. Very good ski center. However, I prefer Garmisch Classic (refer to my review there). The good thing with Zugspitze is the high elevation (it is a glacier) with means snow reliability. When I was there, it had not snowed for 3 weeks. However, pistes were very well groomed. The snow was good except in Super G piste, where it was really frozen and difficult / dangerous to ski. Zugspitze is a bit limited. One can ski the whole ski center in 1 day. It is best suitable for intermediate. To reach Zugspitze one has to travel from Munich to Garmisch by train (90 min) and then take from Garmisch Zahnradbahn (80 min more). ticket for the lift (including ticket for Zahnradbahn 38 euro). Total ski set rental available up to the Glacier at about 30 euro. A nice place to ski, although I prefer Garmisch Classic


If you wanna see Germany's highest mountain

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Тerri R

My husband and I have visited this beautiful Alpine town several times, and this was the first Segwey tour. Alpenmove gave us one of the BEST Segwey tours we've had in Europe. From seeing little out-of-the-way parks, to beautiful lakeside resorts, we saw so much more than before, and learned some history along the way! This is a wonderful intro to the area, and the owner has plenty of tips for your other Alpine activities-just ask!

Roger C

A visit to Ehrwald that was a morning of pleasure in beautiful surroundings with helpful and friendly instruction in the art of Seaway control. No special clothing required, just sensible shoes. A camera can not be used while underway while both hands are to be kept on the handlebars but the tour guide takes photos from all while underway and later posts these photos and a video for all to download. My wife and I enjoyed tremendously our tour through the tracks between the fields outside Ehrwald. The Austrian side of the Zugspitze was very impressive, we were surrounded by green fields and wonderful fresh air. A tour not to be missed, will be enjoyed by young and old alike.


A truly outstanding experience in a quaint postcard-scenery!

As I haven´t been to Garmisch Partenkirchen for almost twenty years I was instantly intrigued by the idea of going on a guided Segway tour when I stumbled upon the Alpenmove leaflet at the reception of our hotel just round the corner of the ice arena.

I called the mobile number stated and a sympathetic, humorous chap talked me through the different tours they offer (they are offering different tours, ranging from 1,5 up to 4 hours) and – most importantly – that I shouldn´t worry too much about my overly anxious partner not willing to join as they attach great importance to a solid training session for beginners like her.

The shop is located in the ground floor of the ice arena at the corner facing the parking lot, easy to find and parking is pleasure for those driving here with the car.

Inside the place is really tidy, the Segways (they only have the cool H2 off-road ones!!) sit in a row as they charge, we were to do some paperwork first (we just had to sign the usual stuff for the insurance as in any rental situation) and Mr. Beier – or Norbert as he introduced himself as we got our proper, trust building Bavarian handshake from him – the shop owner, offered a nice Espresso which we gladly accepted.

The Segways were in an excellent condition and Norbert was the most patient and pleasant guide one can think of. He is a local and knows every little corner around town, hence you get your fair share of city guide trivia so nicely recited in his cute Bavarian accent that you´d like to hug him all the way through.

We chose the “Sport & Olympia-Tour” which meant 2 hours of highly entertaining Olympic history including the famous ski jump arena and other locations reminiscing the 1936 Winter Olympics.

It was a fantastic afternoon and the fact that the weather was so super nice was just an added bonus.

As promised on the phone Norbert´s empathic and experienced ways during the training session even managed to persuade my notoriously anxious partner to give it a try, though she almost stalled as usual as she felt insecure during the first seconds standing on a Segway for the first time in her life.

But after only 20 minutes of hands on, professional training she went like "Actually that’s quite cool, I´d love to have one of those to drive to the office!".

After the tour I heard from missy "That was sooooo awesome, I´m soooooooo glad I did that!"

And what can I say? So am I!!!!

I highly recommend Alpenmove to anyone who´d like to discover Garmisch Partenkirchen in an unusual, highly individual and not least environmentally beneficial way.


Es war unser erstes Segway-Erlebnis überhaupt. Wir bekamen eine klasse Einweisung. Das Fahren mit dem Segway ist einfach und intuitiv zu erlernen und macht riesig viel Spaß. Bei der von uns gewählten Sport&Olympia Tour sind wir richtig weit rum gekommen. Norbert der Tour Guide hat uns, obwohl wir schon sehr oft in Garmisch-Partenkirchen waren, viel Neues und Interessantes gezeigt und erzählt. Dank des super sympathischen und witzigen Tour Guides war es für uns ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.

Fazit: Das war sicher nicht unsere letzte Segway Tour hier

Fabio T

Ich bin zuvor noch nie auf einem segway gestanden oder gefahren.

Es ist kinderleicht nach den ersten Hütchen Slalom bei der Einweisung hat man es so sofort im Kasten und macht Mega Spaß.

Gerade zwischen den Fahrten von Spot zu Spot kann man das Fahrgefühl und den segway genießen und dadurch geht die Zeit im Flug rum.

Der Vorteil man bekommt andere Eindrücke wie auf nem Fahrrad oder zu Fuß da es kaum anstrengend ist und man ein bisschen erhöhter steht.

Wir sind viele Spots durch Partenkirchen abgefahren und man bekam immer Etwas zur Geschichte erzählt.

Abgerundet wurde das ganze durch einen sehr coolen, freundlichen und lustigen Guide mit dem wir direkt grün waren. Und sogar abends noch in eine Kneipe gingen auf nen Bier.

Durch meine Instagram Storys und meiner Freunde bekam ich sehr viel Nachfrage und werde es auf jedenfall weiterempfehlen und vermitteln.

Also Danke dir Michi für die gute Zeit.

Gruß Fabio


Wir waren mit gut 15 Personen unterwegs und hatten eine 3-stündige Tour in und um Garmisch-Partenkirchen gebucht. Wir wurden sehr freundlich empfangen und in das Segwayfahren eingewiesen. Die Lernkurve verläuft dabei sehr steil und alle hatten bereits beim Einfahren Spaß. Und dann ging es auch schon los - bei strahlendem Septemberwetter! Wir hatten uns gewünscht, viel im Grünen unterwegs zu sein und nicht im Strassenverkehr. Das wurde voll erfüllt, indem wir auf Schleichwegen, Fahrrad- und Landwirtschaftswegen geführt wurden, wo wir hinter jeder Ecke einen neuen tollen Ausblick auf die Berge hatten. 3 Pausen, einige Plaudereien und gut 15 km später kamen wir wieder am Startpunkt an und durchweg alle Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer waren begeistert. Segway fahren macht wirklich Spaß! Vielen Dank an Norbert Baier und seine Guides für die humorvolle, gute Betreuung und das schöne Erlebnis.


There are two separate ski areas, Classic and Zugspitze. Classic is closest to town: 8-10 minutes to most chair lifts and cable cars on the Zugspitze bahn. The lower couple of hundred meters on the Classic area is covered by snow cannon. Zugspitze is located on top of a mountain glacier at over 2400 metres. To get there you have to take the Zugspitze mountain railway and the journey takes 1 hour 15 minutes. The first train is at 8:15am and then at hourly intervals. To get in a good day's skiing you really have to get on the 8:15 train. On my first day I turned up to buy my lift pass at 9:15 and had to then wait an hour for the next train, so it was 11:30 before I started skiing... lesson learned. If the weather is clear on Zugspitze it makes for an excellent day's skiing. On mountain prices in both areas at Garmisch-Partenkirchen for food and drink are reasonable for ski resorts... 6-10€ for a main course and 3-4€ for a beer in cafeteria service places. Zugspitze also has an a la carte bar which is 10-20€ for main courses. Both ski areas are aimed squarely at intermediates. There's only 2 black runs, and they are both do-able for intermediates like myself. The skiing standard of other guests is not as high here as it is over the border on Austria so you won't feel like too much of a clown. If you buy the “Happy Ski Card” (99€ for 3 days but there are longer duration passes available) you can also ski in nearby resorts of Seefeld, Reith, Grainau, Ehrwald, Lermoos, Biberwier, Bichlbach, Berwang and Heiterwang; some of which can be reached by the “Schnee Express” train from the main station and is free for those staying at hotels, guesthouses and apartments in Garmisch-Patenkirchen. It's best for a short break than a main holiday. I managed to ski all the pistes of Classic and Zugspitze in 3 days.

Garmisch Partenkirchen is a regular German town but with skiing nearby so you're not locked into skiing for your whole holiday if you feel like doing something else. It's very well connected to Munich and Innsbruck by train. Overall, it was a great all round experience and good value and I'll definitely be back.


Went skiing for a weekend in February 2012, stayed at the excellent Hostel der Athleten which is right by the Olympic ski jump.

Snow conditions were perfect and despite being advised this was the busiest weekend of the year we did not find long waits at lifts or the slopes crowded. The queues there were very polite and orderly, and the lift systems 1st class, very impressed. Skiing area is not massive so a weekend was enough to ski all the 'Classic' area, we did not go up to the Zugspitze as the conditions closed in a bit on the 2nd day. The Kandahar run and the other runs down to the valley are superb and long if the snow is good all the way down (which it was when we were there). We hired ski's etc from the ski school at the bottom of the Hausberg lift, again very well organised. We ate at the Fraundorfer (trad Bavarian) and a Pizza place down the road in the Partenkirchen area (which was very pretty), Late nights there is only one place to go, Peaches in the Marianplatz area was great fun, check out their Mega Zombie cocktails if you are feeling brave and there is enough of you. Will defo be back as its only an hours drive from Munich, so can easily tag a weekend on the end of a work meeting.


Just returned from GAP (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) having had a great time. Flew to Munich, caught the train, one change and straight to GAP; easy. Skied all the different areas in a few days; Hausberg and it's neighbouring area are gernerally tree lined, ideal when a storm socks in, whilst Zugspite offers glacier cruising. Villages are picture postcard pretty at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with a few lively bars such as The Irish Pub and Zubel. Stayed at the Hotel Leiner which was clean and comfortable with sauna and pool. If you're after a short break GAP (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) provides an interesting alternative.


I have been going to GAP off and on over the past 23 years, beginning with my final tour in Europe (I am retired military). This is a fairyland nestled in the shadow of the Bavarian Alps, featuring the highest peak in Germany (Zugspitze). Even if the skiing weather is bad, there are lots of things to tour, such as a cheese factory at Ettal and a Basillica built in the 14th Century. Don't limit yourself to the Edelweisse Resort Hotel if accommodations are not available. There are plenty of hotels downtown (near the bahnhof) that are excellent--and they include a hearty breakfast in the daily price. Moreover a no-charge ski bus leaves the bahnhof for the U.S. Military Hausberg Lodge and German sponsored bahn (lift) every twenty minutes beginning at 8:40am. If you are not military related, there are ample German rental shops and ski schools at the base of the lift. Last bus in the evening is 16:50 hours. If you miss the bus, take the Bavarian cog train that comes by at 17:45 or simply walk back to you hotel (if authorized, leave your boots at the Hausberg Lodge for a mominal charge $US). And don't forget the Irish pub in Partenkirchen--fellowship, beer and sports on TV. Try the Italian restaurant next door for food. Go up to Ludwig Strasse in old Partenkirchen and be charmed by the medieval atmosphere and the fine restaurants. There are souvenir shops there as well. Only those with hearts of feldspar could resist the charms of this site of the 1936 Winter Olympic Games. So jump on a flight to Munchen, take the S-bahn to the Hauptbahnhof, and trek to track 29 or 30 for an approximately 90 minute train ride to beer, wurst and gleuwein. You will never forget this place.


My skiing holidays in Garmisch last winter were a big success, everyone enjoyed themselves here. There is a snow-sure ski area (thanks to the glacier) with varied slopes for every level. Our children really enjoyed themselves here and made lots of progress too. We took some walks through the beautiful surroundings. A very successful ski holiday as there is something for everyone in Garmisch.


Our skiing holidays in Garmisch-Partenkirchen last winter was a real delight which was unexpected - I say that as we were travelling with our 2 teenagers. Everyone can enjoy themselves here as the ski area is really versatile. There is snow sure skiing with varied slopes for all levels. Our children had a great time and we were not too worried letting them ski alone. We took some walks through the beautiful surroundings at the end of the day while they were still hurtling down the slopes. A very successful ski holiday all round as there is something for everyone in Garmisch-Partenkirchgen


Personally visited Garmisch and loved it. Rented mountain bikes and biked through the towns at the foot of the Alps. There is also a trail that leads to one of the nearby lakes, which I believe is called Eibsee. It truly is beautiful, and the view from the top of Zugspitze is spectacular. I wish I had pictures with me now, but I am at work. The town of Garmisch is also fun to explore, though I can't attest to whether or not it is better than Salzburg. I loved Garmisch!