Ford Mondeo reviews

Negative reviews


Too much software? I had to take the car to the garage because the engine management light came on. The garage changed the EGR valve and when they came to clear the fault codes, the Ford diagnostic equipment prompted them to upgrade the car's main control unit (PCM). This failed due to a software fault and the garage was then unable to reprogramme the PCM. They contacted Ford, and nineteen days later technicians from Ford came out to fix it!


Review : Gang, This was one car I really hoped to see much more than what I got to see on Indian Roads. The Mondeo is indeed a beautiful car and has a good engine- I was really surprised that Ford could make an engine soooo good and straight in performance, though the diesel Mondeo was a slight let down when it came to numbers but overall the car is indeed an excellent performer. Both the petrol and diesel meet expectations. But as all good things mush come to an end - the great team Ford India has messed it up bigtime. They gave out Mondeo's that were ''OLD Models''- not used but of previous years- who can forget the case where the poor gurgaon business man suffered at the hands of Ford - where he found out that the car he had been given by Ford as NEW was indeed about 2 years old and though they had commited 5-6 air bags the car actually had only 2. He had to go through the trouble of filing a court case- Back to the car- a beautiful piece of work and excellent ride and comfort. The product truly stands out- if you are lucky enough you will get a new one if not- it's your bad luck. If I were to compare the handling characteristics of the car and the lovely ride- if you see the car glide on the road - and you are in an ol' lemon maruti driving behind the Mondeo - the visual effect is enough to convince you to buy one. .

Neutral reviews


The fourth-generation Ford Mondeo is not only a bigger (and more expensive) car than it's ever been, but it's also more upmarket, more refined and considerably more high-tech. These are all key attributes in a very tough sector that includes rivals such as the Skoda Superb, Mazda 6 and VW Passat.

It's dimensions make it a very practical family car with both hatchback or estate guises offering plenty of room for passengers and luggage. And while none of the engines are particularly energetic, the diesels at least offer reasonable performance and efficiency, plus are pretty smooth.

This Mondeo's problem, however, is that it's lost some of the handling sparkle that made previous versions the stand-out dynamic benchmark in their class. It's not hopeless, but agility and fun has made way for softness and motorway cruising ability. That may put some off, yet the Mondeo is still a good family car regardless.


The Mondeo isn’t the sharp, fun-to-drive family hatchback it used to be, which may disappoint some buyers. However, there are few better ways to travel hundreds of motorway miles, as the Mondeo is very comfortable, refined and easy to drive.

It comes with a generous list of standard equipment to keep you safe and entertained, while the broad selection of engines means there’s something to suit pretty much all tastes.

The biggest issue it has is the wealth of SUVs that are stealing sales from this more traditional body style, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.


The Ford Mondeo blends space and comfort with driving fun, and while there are plenty of rivals with classier interiors, most of them will cost you more to buy and run. Whether you’re looking for a family car or a business car, then, the Mondeo is a fine choice.


Ford’s current Mondeo sedan was last seriously updated in 2012, and is facing off against fresh-faced competition like the new Holden Commodore/Calais, and Toyota Camry. We got behind the wheel of the mid-level Trend hatch to see if it remains a compelling proposition for buyers looking for a mid-size, affordable liftback. The petrol-powered Trend has an MLRP of $37,790 (AUD) and sits below the flagship Titanium grade, and above the entry-level Ambiente.


At first, I was not really keen on the idea of driving a diesel..... That was until I got in and started it up.

I never thought of writing reviews on cars like Mondeo but I got a chance to own a mondeo for 1 month and I had a splendid experience.

I rented on Mondeo 2.2 TDCI diesel in UK .It has 6 gears just one more indicator of its sheet power.

This car has got loads of power like any petrol car.I drove it on hills it proved to be good there also.The control of the car and grip is excellent. The Maximum I touched was 115 miles/hr and it was very very stable.But picking it up on big gear is an issue.

Interiors are excellent.It is fitted with lots of goodies including, ABS, aircon, front and rear electric windows and a CD player.

Interiors are well crafted.Everything was in easy reach of my finger tips, meaning there were less distractions for my eyes.Basically , it comes as a package from the company and u dont need to spend a single penny on accessories.

The Backroom has got loads of space.It is more than sufficient.

Another good thing is the space between rear windscreen and end of the car is just 1 feet.It makes it very easy for the driver to estimate the end of the car

It is extremely fuel efficient.for 1 ltr I could get 11 miles.

There are all kinds of seat adjustments making it very comfortable for all sizes of people.

Overall I find it to be a very good car and will recommend it.I am giving it 4 because there may be better cars which I have not tried.

Positive reviews


Great machine , nice Ford

Eral Akman

Ford Mondeo Has waaaay better quality than the volkswagen passat passats a flimsy shopping trolley!

Barry Wigan

This is one of the best cars I have driven and have just returned from France having towed a 1300 kilo caravan for 1500 miles with no problems and achieved 30mpg. Just one problem the Michelin tyres supplied from new only lasted 15000 miles.

Billy Richardson

I use this car driving all over Scotland on company business with a boot load of equipment. This car gets a hammering and takes it all in its stride. Great looking car, very comfortable and well equipped. I've test driven many other cars but nothing can come close for the money. Well done Ford, I'm looking forward to my 2018 Mondeo.


I do not know where to start.. this mondeo we bought which is the titanium diesel is incredible so very reliable. Fuel consumption is amazing.. we get 1000 km's per tank around town! Air conditioning. is freezing cold.. transmission is so smooth. We drive our mondeo 3 to 4 times per week. Servicing is done only at ford. The boot is massive .. larger than our ford falcon boot which was our previous car. Engine bay looks great and enough space to to work on the motor if need be. Electric heated seats are a plus and work fantastic. We have never had any issues with our Mondeo. The sun roof works perfectly. No issues with our mondeo which we have had under 1 year . The leather is still immaculate .. it is not the usual cheap leather used in cars in Australia.. probably as it is a European made car. Best car ever for comfort, reliability and quality!

Narelle Sneddon

I love my car it’s awesome reliable lovely to drive couldn’t be happier leather interior, its a turbo diesel drives smooth and also has a sunroof I could not of asked for a better car i love showing it off it sticks to the road and has awesome performance must have


We had a 2009 petrol Mondeo for 6 years and only problem was manifold swirl flap solinoids went faulty with a code coming up . Cost was $150 to replace. That also increased the performance of the engine too. Please of leg room in the back and a very generous hatch area.


The Mondeo is a Ford that Irish people are very fond of. It has acres of space in every direction, and comes with a really good level of standard kit. It may be starting to look a little dated in the cabin, but thanks to an excellent chassis, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more engaging and comfortable car to drive in this category.


I drive on the motorways fortnightly and so wanted a car of comfort when upgrading from my little Hyundai. I opted for the Mondeo and I haven't been remotely disappointed. It glides over even the bigger pot holes - I don't know how Ford have managed to achieve this with the big wheels. Also good is the equipment. I have the Ghia x which is no more expensive than the other used models. It comes with sat nav, cruise control, climate control, auto lights, auto wipers and a socket for your music player. I have also been surprised with the economy. During the week I do a lot of town driving and it easily achieves an average of 45mpg. The reliability is also great. Given my mondeo is now nine years old, when it's MOT was due I was expecting a hefty bill. Surprisingly however nothing needed doing to it, not even a single advisory. The only downside is the moister it builds up and I've heard this is a common problem. In the winter months the air inside of the car becomes very moist. As a consequence the windows become easily misted up, even dripping with water. But this is a small price to pay for a car that achieves so much in all other areas.