Ford Focus reviews

Negative reviews

Dan McCarthy

Fords have been an integral part of my life since I was a teenager. Sadly, unless they reverse their stupid, stupid decision to stop marketing passenger cars in the US, they've lost me as a customer.

Andrea of Winder

I'm given a 1 star because it won’t let me give it no star. I brought a 2015 in I’m the only owner. Have had the transmission replaced 8 times. Got it back today after transmission work and a fuel recall. Took it in because car makes a grinding noise when I make a turn and told it’s a $1400 fix...what. It’s an internal issue with the steering...huh. "You have passed your warranty..." Excuse me. "No recall so you have to pay." So my understanding is. It’s a internal issue that could kill me at any time that I didn’t do anything to cause and you want me to pay. Doesn’t seem right. This car has given me nothing but trouble. Ford should just take back these cars because they are developing issue after issue.

S of Other

I leased my 2015 Focus in July '15. I took it back 5 days after picking it up as the transmission didn't feel right. I was told it was fine. March 2016, had the clutch replaced for the 1st time. September 2016, had the clutch replaced for the 2nd time. I was told it was a redesigned part, and I won't have any more issues with it. Sept 2017, had the clutch replaced for the 3rd time. July 20185, clutch had to be replaced for the 4th time. Seems like every 6 months it needs a new clutch. I'm looking at ending my lease early as I have no faith that sometime soon it will require another clutch. Dealership won't help other than Ford will just keep fixing it. So in 3 years and only 57,000km, this car has been through 4 clutch replacements. I'm going to Hyundai.

Debra of Huntingto

The radio stopped working. The cost to repair it is over $700. I have been advised that the radio malfunctioning is a common problem in the Ford Focus. However Ford will not correct this defect without cost. Ford should be ashamed of themselves! They are fully aware of the radio defect and as such should correct the issue without cost! I will never buy a Ford vehicle again. A company that does not stand behind its product is a disgrace.

Neutral reviews


With the variety of body styles and powertrains, Ford gives you the ability to pick the Focus that best suits your pocketbook and your driving style. At the heart of every trim level is a spirited, comfortable small car that's easy to operate, whether you're driving through a twisty canyon or navigating the infotainment system. Commuters will like the Focus’ small price tag, high predicted reliability rating, and appealing features, but families may balk over the space limitations.


Prices for the latest Focus remain competitive, with the Style model kicking off the range at around £18,500, with the Zetec costing about £1,000 more when fitted with the same engine (although not all engines are offered in all tims. We think Zetec offers better overall value, too. You then have a choice of trim grades at the same price, as ST-Line, Titanium and Active are all around £1,750 more than Zetec, while Vignale cars are a hefty £4,900 more than Titanium models.


Bought this Car Brand New, Absolutely love it!

handles amazing, very fast for a 2.0L 4 banger. Although very torquey its very fast and very easy to handle.

interior design is second to none, the mircosoft sync is a very nice touch, allowing for mobile device or mp3 or iPod hook up very convenient and very fun to use! very sporty for a standard edition.

Id highly recommend heated seats, very nice for the winter!

Fuel economy isn't great in the cold. however summer time is better for it adding an additonal 100kms to the fuel milage per tank.

all in all very nice car, technology is amazing for a domestic brand vehicle id recommend to anybody looking for a newer vehicle!

Positive reviews


"The Ford Focus stands out as the best driver’s car in the class, complemented by a fine ride and decent practicality."


"The new Ford Focus is the most entertaining family car outside of the hot hatchback market."


The Focus seems like a big step up from its predecessor, and it deserves to sell well. IMO it looks the best in its class, inside and out. Nice job Ford.

Paul Clarke

It really is a nice looking car, but when people get burned its hard to get those people back. Hope it sells, but i wouldn't hold my breath.


The Focus looks great and deserves to sell well, but it won't because everybody else is improving as well...

by 2009_Ford_Focus

Very comfortable ride. One can completely rely on this for longer journeys. Everything about this car is so good. But then you do not want the car sitting home while you are on vacation for more than six months.



I had this car since 2010 I have no complaint

Very good performance and best in fuel economy

look great design and Style

Very satisfied with this car

Best insurance rate on this car.


I have now driven a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate for seven and a half years. It replaced a well-loved six year-old Rover 25, when I decided I needed a slightly larger car and following the sad demise of the MG Rover Group. It was a well-chosen replacement. It is used to maximum capacity when four people are going on holiday for a week, with all required luggage and sometimes a wheeled walker. It can get up hill and down dale in some of the steeper parts of North Yorkshire, for example, though I would steer clear of the steepest, narrowest and most twisted roads. That may feflect my own lack of experience and confidence on those roads rather than the car's abilities. The second (and current) Focus I bought at the end of June 2010. One of the last of the Mk 2s, it is a rare colour for that model - ink, a colour newly launched when I bought it so I couldn't see one on the road! Good choice though. In my first year of ownership of the first Focus, bought April 2006, I travelled 14000 miles, and was doing 12 - 13000 therafter until about two years ago. There was one mechanical failure of the first car, outside of the guarantee period (can't remember the details now) which was fixed at the expense either of FoMoCo or my own (very good) local Ford dealer. So - no criticisms on the reliability front. Rover cars - Metros (Austin and Rover) and the last model 200 and then a 25 - gave me excellent service over more than twenty years. They were the right car for me and my circumstances at the time I owned them. I can say the same of the Fords. Should I be in a position to replace this vehicle at some stage in the future, Ford have certainly earned the right for the relevant model in their range (probably a Focus) to be test driven. From a "Corporate Social Responsibility" point of view, I would have preferred it if Ford built cars in Britain, given their market leadership here (and the recent closure of the Transit plant in Southampton leaves a nasty taste in the mouth). There is no guarantee I will continue to drive Fords in the future but - politics aside - I have no complaint and much praise for my previous model 1.6 Zetec Focus.


I am extremely satisfied with this car. However,I am absolutely disgusted with Ford because of their misleading information in marketing literature and website. When purchasing my Focus 1.0 125PS Ecoboost I was greatly influenced in making this purchase by the quoted mpg average figure of 56.5 and 67.3 for driving at 75mph. I am an average motorist with 47 years driving experience and I find these figures impossible to achieve. I get 38mpg on average and 43mpg when making a long journey. I have been in correspondence with Ford on at least three occasions but they fail to see the point I am making. I have also complained through the Citizens Advice Bureau. Here are two quotes from Ford :- "They are only intended as a comparison between makes and models of vehicles. They are not intended to represent the real world fuel consumption you may get from your vehicle." "a driver will almost never replicate these figures, in any make of vehicle, unless he has access to a laboratory rolling road". I didn't buy my car to use in a laboratory but I want to drive it in the real world.


This car is everything I could want. It does good in the snow, gets good gas mileage, and has great features!


Car is great on gas, looks good and has more room than you'd think. I love the handling and features it has. Overall a great car that is fun to drive!


Meet all my needs, greatest gas mileage ever and a sharp looking car! Although it is only front wheel drive I had no trouble getting through the recent snow fall!