Fiat Panda reviews

Negative reviews

Chris Wilson

Bought this new panda because we loved our 2007 grande punto, which we still own. Test drove a 2013 model demonstrator which drove really well so placed an order for a new model 2014 spec pop. We got a great deal as there was dealer contribution and no part ex, but had to purchase spare wheel and three seat belts for rear seats as not standard and we sometimes carry 3 kids on school run. Car was great at first and we have had no breakdowns in 2 years ownership however, we could never get used to how the car drove which was totally different to the demo car as this model had euro 6 emissions for 2014 which included tighter emissions and longer gearing to comply. Car was very difficult to drive cleanly from a standing start and you either hit a big flat spot and didn't move straight away or you over slipped the clutch to compensate and screamed away at full revs. Very difficult to judge. This became so difficult for both mywife and myself that we complained to the dealer who updated the software at the first service. This improved drivability and torque but didn't cure stop start driving difficulties. We had a very good dealer though and their service was great for aftersales but awful sales service once deal was done. Never contacted us once prior to collection, we had to chase up all the way. They also decided to drill the brand new tailgate to fit the number plate!!!! Dealer couldn't understand why i was annoyed! The other problem that could not be sorted was a frozen door locks which sometimes meant on very icy mornings that we could only get in via the boot! Overall dissapointing. Due to ever tightening emissions and old engine design a car which is actually well designed and comfortable, even on long motorway runs at which it excelled, have ruined the town use the car was actually purchased for.

Laura from Northampton

I bought the Fiat Panda as I needed five doors and room for my tall dog in the boot when she is muddy and the majority of small cars have rather limited height in the boot. In respect of these criteria the car gets 5*. However the car developed a serious fault in the second winter I owned it (the headlights turned themselves off randomly whilst driving along). Despite numerous trips to the dealership (they had the car for over a month), a new computer being shipped in from Italy (still under warranty), the problem was never fully diagnosed or explained but I was assured it was not a systematic problem with the Panda (although as I got a recall notice a year later to take the car in for a computer upgrade to fix the exact same issue I suspect that may not really have been the case). The garage, customer service in the UK and in Italy treated the problem with flippancy and contempt to me as a customer. They couldn't seem to understand why I was concerned about driving a car whose headlights went out in the winter. I will never buy another Fiat purely based on dealing with the rude and inept customer service teams. The car is uninspiring to drive, relatively expensive to get through MOTs (I had a ford KA before they changed the body style and at 10 years old it cost less than my first MOT on the Panda). A disappointing purchase that I will be replacing as soon as I can afford to.

Neutral reviews


The Fiat Panda has long been a popular choice for those seeking a practical small car that’s cheap to run. It’s a good alternative to more conventional city cars, such as the Volkswagen Up and Hyundai i10.

Its tall body means that there’s a decent amount of interior space, but it’s not so big as to be troublesome to park or drive through town. It’s offered with a range of options and engines, too, which means that there’s something to suit most tastes.

Although they’re niche, the Trekking, 4x4 and Cross variants provide genuine off-road ability – especially the Panda Cross. However, they’re the most expensive models in the range, and fuel economy suffers as a result of the off-road modifications.


The Fiat Panda has an airy cabin and a practical boot, although it's not the biggest load bay in its class


Fiat panda 4x4 The panda 4x4 ideas has been around for a while now having started on the original panda back many decades ago. The idea was simple a small cheap car that could go anywhere and it worked. In most vineyards in Italy there will be a old panda 4x4 one knocking around.As it happens the alpine police liked them to because of the light weight good ground clearance and much more. So the panda 4x4 was the car of choice. So then how good is it now? The panda is now in its third generation and has had some drastic changes made to it. Gone is the cheap simple design instead a rather odd cubed themed car every thing from the wing mirrors to the dials is in the shape of a cube. You may be thinking ahh excellent gone are the scratch plastics the useless heater buttons. In place of this is a pleasant interior. However a basic normal panda costs £500 more than a up! Exclamation mark indeed. Nearly £2000 more then the previous model ouch. The 4x4 models start at almost £15,000 that's as more that a top spec Dacia duster. So then the big question the one you have been waiting for is it available in horrible brown? No it is not. However it it available in an excellent green is that good enough to for you? Another small question people who are buying this car may ask is it any good? Well in short yes. Yes the panda may cost a lot for how big it is but I think it is worth that amount of money especially with the 0.9 twinair engine which at 6,500 rpm sounds like a herd of angry wasps or a really annoying motorcycle engine depending nag on your hearing. The panda 4x4 rides well over bumps and attempts to remaining composed through bends however the body role and the soft suspension don't make it a drivers car. However the panda more that makes up for this s by being very characterful all the floors suddenly turn in to positives. So in short this is a cheap to run characterful car and it is the only very small off-road car. So if you want a very narrow small 4x4 you have one choice. The Fiat Panda 4x4.

Positive reviews

Pips from London

I am extremely pleased with my Panda and would highly recommend this car to everyone looking for a brilliant city car which can be used also for longer trips and motorway driving. I have absolute nothing to say against the engine, brakes, suspension, electrics, gearbox or clutch which I have found to be very efficient and in excellent working order. On the comfort side I particularly appreciate the large rear windows which allow even shorter passengers (my elderly mother and my children) to look out. I feel so many cars have now been designed by those with the mistaken belief that back seat passengers either sleep or play on their phones and ipads and don't wish to look outside. The height adjusting driver seat is also a brilliant find. Less useful are all the nooks and crannies available to store only limited sized objects (eg coins) The issues I do have are minimal and I suspect very personal. These are: 1. Because of the City Brake Control option (which I don't have) the rear view mirror is placed very low to the detriment of front visibility; 2. I am rather tall (1.78m) and find the steering wheel is right in my line of vision to the speed and rev counters. I also do not understand why the speed is not also in LCD display form. 3. I find the head rest rather unsightly and uncomfortable. 4. The whole volume dial on the radio turns so that the symbol drawing on the knob is is hardly ever straight (my slight ocd surfacing there)


I bought this car to replace my Skoda Citigo. PROS: The TwinAir engine makes it an excellent car for the open road. It's a comfortable and enjoyable drive. I like the high-up seating position and its suberb visibility makes its easy to place on the road and park. It's almost as 'at home' in town as it is on the open road. The economy improves and the car covers more miles - the worst has been 45mpg - the best 59 mpg which is not bad for a petrol engine with a bit of thrust. The cabin is well built and rattle free although quite 'plasticky'. The design is uplifting and it's a nice space to be in. It's also very practical - you can carry a lot for such a small car. CONS - you are unlikely to get close to the claimed MPG - but if you make good use of the engine's torque and don't try to get your power from high revs then you will get economy typical of a small petrol car. Those fond of squashy, soft touch plastic will not find much to enjoy about the interior. The TwinAir engine takes getting used to - it's loud and it doesn't really sound like anything else on the road. It's also takes some practice to drive smoothly around town - the car feels much happier on faster roads. It's more practical than the 500 but less stylish - very much function over form. It's a car you buy because you love it- not to impress anyone else.


Honestly much better than I was expecting when it was first passed down to me in the family! Definite plus points for me is that it has low running costs, it's fairly economical (usually average around the 45mpg mark) and also relatively cheap to insure, which has been a huge bonus given my age when I got it. For a small 'city' car I've found it handles well, is fun to drive and it's been fairly robust despite me hammering it on motorways and spending a lot of time on country lanes! Given it's size, I always manage to cram loads into the car - I find it's a bit of a tardis in that respect. Not great for passenger leg-room though! It's nippy enough around and about, and dead easy to park due to its size and light steering (extra light with 'city function' if you're in a really tight spot!). Not great on hills or cruising/top speed, but then you can't expect too much from a 1.1 litre engine! I haven't had any major issues in the 4 years I've had mine, but the brake discs/liners do seem to be a bit of a weak point. Interior is not the best - cheap looking, flimsy and not very hard-wearing. But again, for the cost of the car and what it is ideally designed for, it's good enough. Overall I've been pleasantly surprised with the Panda and although it's maybe not the most stylish car to be seen in, it has been a very good little run around.


I bought my car when it was 9 months old in 2006 from a fiat dealer it had low mileage and had been well looked after by a fiat employee. It has been very economical and reliable and suited my job as a community health worker. It is starting to wear out a bit as its getting on and I've done a heck of a lot of miles in it. For its size it has a lot of room due to the high roof and boxy shape. It has a comfortable driving position being quite high. The four doors are really useful and as there are four they are not very wide and this makes it easier to get in and out of when parked in a tight space in the supermarket. Other people cut me up and try and overtake me due to the rather 'granny car' appearance of the panda. I am a confident driver and do not drive like a granny! Having said that I think the Fiat Panda is the perfect car for the elderly driver due to its design and fuel efficiency. I plan to change the car soon as I am starting my own gardening business and need something larger for my equipment.


I love my Panda. Best all round car in my opinion if you are looking for good value for money.

Hotbod 1965

The Panda is everything that a small car should be. Cheap to buy and run, fairly practical, nice to drive and looks great. I would love one.