Fiat 500 reviews

Negative reviews

Izzy from Wirral

The Fiat 500's are undeniably trendy and I had been dreaming about getting one for ages, when I passed my driving test I went straight to buying one. I have now owned my fiat 500, 61 plate for about a year and a half. I bought it used with one previous owner with just 26,000 miles on the clock. After about 9 months of owning the car, one day when I went to get into my car I noticed the door handle on the drivers side looked lose, on upon pulling it to open the door whilst inspecting it, the door handle snapped and was left hanging on by the front end, so I had to replace this, I just put it down as a small fault, then I found out a number of my friends had the same issue and little did I know this was just the small beginning to many problems with my fiat. Just over a year of having the car, I have had to have the clutch replaced which came about when i started hearing a loud noise coming from under the bonnet slowly but gradually. At this point the car was only on about 33,000 miles so i thought it was ridiculous to need a new clutch at only 33,000 miles. After I got my clutch done, there was still a slight noise coming from the bonnet, after a few days it started getting louder and louder like a clattering noise or like something was scraping along the floor in the lower gears and then I noticed oil leaking from under my car. When I took it back to get it checked, I was told I now needed a new gearbox, which was what was causing the awful noise and I was told it would cost me hundreds to fix with a new one which is virtually unaffordable to a student just finishing school. Just a few short weeks after discovering the problem with the gear box, I noticed my car was making a loud squeaking noise whenever I braked. I got this checked to find that I needed new brake pads and urgently with them rubbing on the discs could lead to more permanent damage. I haven't even had this car for 2 years and it's only a few years old and has already cost me ridiculous amounts of money on getting things fixed/replaced at only 33,000 miles which should not be happening. Although this is a cute and trendy car for young drivers/your first car, and appears to be cheap to run to begin with, i would not recommend this car to anyone who couldn't afford to pay out hundreds of pounds every few months, really disappointed with this car as i was so looking forward to having it but it has caused me nothing but trouble! After reading up online, all of these faults seem to be common in early mileage with the fiat 500's and fiat should definitely be doing something about it because it isn't right!

Simone from Birmingham Uk

I bought this car as soon as i passed my driving test. I was instantly attracted to its italian charm. I bought the car used from a Fiat dealership used (12 months old) with 10,000 miles on the clock. The car for the first 4 years was brilliant. It cost me the odd tyre and a set of brake pads. Very suddenly, the car began to make a very loud fan noise coming from underneath the hood. This noise happened occasionally at first and progressively became worse. I took it to a garage for a service and to check what the noise was. The service found nothing to be wrong with car. No warning lights on the dash board. Later that week the car began to constantly sound like i was driving a jet with the fan under the bonnet over working. I returned back to the garage were they said it looked as if my head gasket was on its way out. My car at this point had only done 39,000 miles. They filled the car with water and told me to keep an eye on it. It later that day totally broke down on me and caused my brakes to seize. I had it towed back to the garage were they replaced the head gasket, repaired my cylinder head etc and it cost me £900. When the car was returned to me it felt sluggish, kept jolting in 2nd and 3rd gear, and made a very loud vibrating noise when at a stand still traffic or parked up with the engine on. After 3 days of it being repaired my loud fan noise returned and when I lifted the bonnet, thick brown liquid was leaking from where the coolant goes. I opened the top of the coolant and oil, water and coolant came bursting out indicating that yet again my head gasket had gone. I contacted Fiats head office, who informed me to take my car to a Fiat garage. I received my money back from the garage that had replaced the head gasket. The conclusion from Fiat was that my car was out of warranty, I hadn't had it serviced by them (even though it has a full service history) which they do not specify that you need to do when you buy the car, and that they would not rectify the problem. My main issue with Fiat was that i had no warning lights come up on the dash board to warn me of the danger to my engine and head gasket. Even when the car gushed out all of the oil and water still no warning light came on. Fiats reply to this was that no warning lights come on for water or coolant and your oil levels have to be very low before they come on. For my car to be repaired they quoted me £8,500 and offered me to part ex it for another one. They told me my car was virtually a write off and wouldn't be worth fixing. I would be very careful buying a Fiat 500 if you want your car to last more than 39,000 miles. Whilst the car has lasted me 4 years I am now without a car and at this present time unable to finance another as I am a nursing student. When i bought the car I assumed it would last longer than 39,000 miles. Whilst i'm sure that my case may be a bit of bad luck, Fiat will do nothing to help

Mr Hogan from Barrow-in-Furness

Firstly this car is used for everything, by this I mean, commuting, long journeys etc. The car is really nice to look at and certainly fun to drive. The engine is a 1.2 petrol and for a engine of its size delivers a nice amount of power in town and between 70-80mph on the motorway. I was under no illusion that this was going to be a BMW beater when I bought this car. The car is only run on Shell Nitro and averages 48.5 mpg around town, 52 mph on the motorway. For this first 30K it was nearly completely trouble free, with the exception of a worn ignition pack causing intermittent misfiring. I had trouble with the door handles, too – the quality of parts is poor and clipping issues etc. became the flavour of the day so be warned Fiat haven't gone to far from their reputation even with this model. At 65,000 miles things went really wrong, the vehicle is serviced as per the owner's manual and the timing belt and water pump done at 67K. Unfortunately, it would appear the whole front end has decided to fall apart, I have had to replace strut tops and bearings, bushes (all over), dampers (front and rear), bearings, driveshaft' with issues still ongoing. With the issues migrating to the rear of the vehicle now. I am driver who takes great pride in my vehicles in maintenance and driving and Fiat have in 2018 alone taken over £3K from me yet my car is still faulty. I am now entering the electrical phase of my vehicle's attempts to retire itself with the stop start now only working on stalling and randomly failing on long journeys! (Note I have already replaced the battery and had a full alternator and compression test completed to rule out any mechanical gremlins) My garage lovea me and I'm fast believing I should buy shares in the business. I would recommend the vehicle on lease but would not recommend buying the car out right in the hope of running the car for anything over 5 years (60K). It would appear Fiat have developed all components to have a maximum life span of 3 -5 years with the car designed to domino fail when a single component gives up.

Sean Steinmetz from Teesside

Fiat 500 seems to me like a city car you can't use in the city. A design fault with 1.2 engine that means anyone with a low mileage, well maintained and driven car can expect a big repair bill. The dealer told us that we had to 'drive like a lunatic' and do many more miles to avoid the EGR valve clogging up the engine with excess oil. It was replaced a year ago but the dealer now says its 9 weeks out of warranty (although the mileage is only 14k miles), the previous 'fix' didn't work and we now have to pay for all the parts and labour on the 'new fix' they have just come up with! They're ignoring all calls and never get back to me, they must know its a design fault. They've now reduced original quote by £200 after I queried it but I'm still going to push until they admit it's going to be costly for a lot of duped Fait 500 owners. Be aware if you have a low mileage and well maintained car, its gonna cost you. You can thrash it about and go over your contract mileage, but as i'ts a very flimsy car you will only be storing up brakes/suspension/ drivetrain problems (as you will see by visiting any Fiat owners forum).


The most dangerous car I have ever purchased, the biggest mistake of my life, I only got this second hand one owner since I’ve purchased this waste of time car I’ve had so much issues listed below: • the battery was dead of the car • the car is very slow •after couple months I have a problem with the semi-auto gear box •it makes a very loud nose everytime I drive it so embarrassing •took it back to the dealer they said there is nothing wrong with it •ever time I drive it I feel like I’m going to crash it’s doenst drive properly makes a nose the clutch isn’t smooth the break is bad everything is bad! Please do not buy I nearly had an accident in it because of the gear box not functioning properly!!!!! Fiat should not exist the worlds most unreliable car ever do not buy money waste!!!!!!! This car will kill u. Now I’m part exchanging and can not wait to get rid of this waste.


We bought this car brand new and it was lovely. My daughter has adored this car and we have kept it serviced, loved and always clean. My daughter uses this little car to go to university and I use it for shopping centre runs as it is so easy to park. We have had the car serviced on time by the dealer that we bought it from. The car had just turned 3 years old (in fact 4 months after it's 3rd birthday) when all of a sudden a crack appeared on the dashboard and a lump appeared as it the airbag was inflating. We have not had a bang or an accident. I googled this an it appears that it is a known problem around the world.

So I spoke to the service department but because they didn't write it in their computer they did nothing. I finally went to the actual outlet that I purchased the car (as opposed to their service department) and they took photos, and said yes definately a problem. They came back to me 5 months, let me repeat the five months later with the news that Fiat had agreed to replace. I was relieved until they said, however as you are out of warranty fiat will only pay 80% of the part and 20% of the labour and my portion is over $1200! That is 10% of the total amount I paid for the car!!! So as a pensioner I can't afford to get this fixed. The airbag will have to eventually just hang out of the dashboard.... If my car had been out of warranty by a couple of years and not serviced regularly I can understand it, but when it had just gone out of warranty and it is a known safety issue of the car then I think that Fiat should do something and pay for the fix. Come on Fiat you had already been found guilty by the ACCC for non-compliance in other things is this going to be the next?


My wife purchased this car a couple of years ago and it was all good until the transmission started playing up.

With just 28.000klms on the clock the car started dropping into neutral while driving leaving here in the middle of the road. Fiat customer support in Australia is terrible and want to charge $7500 to repair this problem.

My advice to anyone looking to buy one of these is DONT. Not worth it as the Dualogic automatic is just rubbish.

Do a search on one of the Fiat forums at ( and you will find out all the details.

Neutral reviews

David Thacker from Belfast

The car is one of the most stylish cars available right now. I use it for my shop and have is wrapped in my shop logo. It gets noticed everywhere. It was bought as a pre reg so I got a huge discount. The dealership is excellent. (a pleasant surprise). I love the car it’s easy to drive, comfortable for my 6 foot 3 frame and the information screen is brilliant. However after a month the car was recalled because of a fault with the gearbox. It took fiat 12 weeks to replace the gearbox and although the dealership kept me with the curtesy car and informed the customer services at fiat hq were terrible. The worst I have ever experienced. A reason not to buy again. However a tip for new duologic drivers. I keep the E button firmly pressed, it makes the car much more relaxing as the gearbox changes up at the earliest point, making. Driving a pleasure. The stop start is off, as it is erratic and annoying, and although it has been back a couple of times for minor faults it’s a great car to own and to drive.


Don't think that just because the basic design dates back to 2008 that it's an old and unappealing car. The Fiat 500 still looks fresh, and more recent updates to the interior mean it keeps up with the competition when it comes to tech.

There are good new-car deals available, and used examples are abundant. Don't worry too much about reliability – this one is proving exceptionally dependable in the long-term.

The TwinAir is great to drive, but won't deliver anywhere near its promised fuel consumption if you drive it with gusto, but it’s the best of the lot if you regularly venture out of town as well.

But for city-dwelling drivers, the 500 is hugely relevant, and a surprisingly capable 2+2-seater city car that looks and feels cheerful to drive. Considering its reasonable price (as long as you don't compare it with the mechanically similar Panda sister car), the 500 is a bargain. 


Overall, the Fiat 500 is nice to look at, but is outshone by competitors who offer so much more, and with better handling. Still, if cute and stylish are your thing, the 500 has it in spades – from the fuel-tank style dashboard that looks as though it’s been enameled, to the big, central, Mini-style gauge. And of course, its snub-nose European design.


The Fiats modest size makes it a perfect runabout for 1 or two people. The headroom is very generous in the front so even a tall driver and front passenger have a comfortable space. There is plenty of room in the boot for grocery shopping and the back seat drops down easily if you need extra space for your 'stuff'. I have often carried items back from the DIY store that really don't look as if they will fit, but they do. You can fit a 2.4 metre length of wood diagonally across from the front dash to the back! The Fiat 500 is super easy to park and using the 'city' setting on the steering it is extra nippy in tight spaces or busy traffic. A full tank of petrol (about £40 Oct 2013)will give you about 440 miles and with road tax only £30 annually the fiat is hard to beat for economy. Drawbacks that need consideration are that its extreme light weight contributes to a lack of road holding on ice and snow so extra care is needed in bad weather. Also window condensation can be a problem in wet conditions. To round up, the Fiat 500 is a perky little runabout, cheap to run and LOTS of fun to drive!


I purchased this car on the basis of cheap insurance, tax and petrol.I was pleasantly surprised how reliable this car has been.I've now owned it for going on 3 half years and intend to keep it at least another two. When looking to upgrade my car i have even told my husband i will probably purchase another Fiat 500 just a higher spec. Mine is the Pop model and to be fair for a basic spec its got the little extras that in some other makes of cars you would have to pay extra for, like the blue and me for your phone and city parking. Brillant for getting in little car park spaces and i sometimes take it to do the weekly shop which people are surprised how much boot space there is for such a small car. My only negative is the back passenger seats have a very confined space. You can fit 2 people in the back but i don't think they would be very comfortable on long journeys, this is our 2nd household car so this is'nt a problem for me. All in all definately worth a look


I've had my Fiat 500 from new - some 5 years - it is still fun to drive, still attracts comments on it's lovely design and styling. It's reliable and remarkably spacious inside - small boot but adequate for my weeks shopping and when I have larger items the back seats fold down easily giving ample space. I frequently travel from North Wales to Exeter to visit my son which is all motorway travel and my little car copes very well and the journey is always comfortable. I would recommend the Fiat 500 every time!!

Positive reviews

Armida Kaci

I love this car


This absolutely has to be one of the most fun little cars to drive in. I have an Abarth and it's amazing how much power is packed into this little bugger. Whenever I drive it, it puts a smile on my face. Interior is very comfortable, even in the rear seats, as long as you are understanding of the size limitations. For my longer legged friends, sometimes moving the front seats up helps out a lot! But overall, very roomy in the front, and can hold a surprising amount for such a small car.

Einar J

Awesome power and great style..The interior is simple yet stylish and mine has heated seats and navigation! I love it so much I've owned 8 since 2012!


Extremely comfortable (and I am big), runs quiet and smooth. I always thought of Fiat as being a small car, so I was skeptical when they showed it to me, but I changed my opinion very quickly. Both my wife and I really like it!


Fun car to drive. Cabin materials are of very good quality. Enough power with the manual transmission. In second or third car conquers hills with no problem. Attaining highway speeds no problem, 65/70 mph with low engine revs makes for smooth highway cruising. Really enjoying this car.