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Negative reviews

Steven S.


I stopped in here today to schedule appointment and had the displeasure of dealing with Edith.

I remember why I stopped coming to this place three years ago was the fact that you as a customer are considered a distraction to them and what they do.

The moment I walked in the door she showed nothing but distain for me and my presence in their shop. Every question I ask about contacts or monovision she answered with a short and condescending response.

I work in the customer service field and if this is the way that they are treating the customers over and over I don't know how they stay in business.

There are other choices out there in life people do not have to put up with this I again will take my business else where.

Ima C.


Update: I would highly recommend Rosin EyeCare in East Dundee instead of this dump. Dr. Weinstein is very knowledgeable and the staff is very helpful.

The Eye Boutique is the worst place you can go to get your glasses. Their policy is if and when they mess up (which they will), screw the customer.

Not only is Dr. Sesso clueless and cannot accurately do an eye exam (I had to go 3 times to get it rechecked, which they still got it wrong!) the front desk is managed by morons who don't care or don't know what they are doing. I agree with one of the reviewers that Jennifer, their new manager, only is concerned with dollars and does not have any sense of customer service. She actually had the nerve to tell me that the doctor only made the prescription based on what I, as a patient, told him. If that was the case, what are customers paying you guys for?!

The Dr. messed up my daughter's prescription also. When he suggested for her to get contacts (remember, he messed up the prescription the first time), I agreed on having him make the contacts prescription. But they did not mention that they would charge me extra before getting the contacts prescription. They had the audacity to ask for additional money even though they already got the money from my vsp plan.

Stay away from this place unless you want to get robbed and want crap for return. This place is managed by conniving thieves.

Tiffany Parotto


I decided to check this place out because my regular eye doctor didn't have any frames that I liked. I ended up buying $400 designer frames. They came in really fast. BUT the reason they came so fast was because they used the tester frames off the shelf that were pretty banged up. They have gold metal sides so the obvious wear and tear of however many people trying them on was apparent. There were scratches in the metal sides of the frame and when I'm paying $400 for glasses, they better be brand new with no scratches! On top of it the lens looked like coke bottle glasses for some reason and I have a VERY low prescription. It hasn't changed in the last 5 years and I have never had this experience. The thick plastic lens stuck out of the frames and was poking out more on one side than the other. When I originally picked them up, I looked for the tester frame to compare the frames I received to the ones I tried on because they didn't have that coke bottle, old lady look that I received. They were no longer on the shelf. When I asked the if they no longer carried the frame because I didn't see them on the shelf, she told me that someone came in the day after me and bought the tester off the shelf. Peculiar huh? I asked why anyone would do that. She said maybe they wanted them in a hurry. Really? Because mine came in less than a week. What are the odds that someone would ask to buy the exact frames I bought only days later and insist on taking the tester frames? I ended up requesting a new frame and different lens. I just picked them up now a month later and while the lens are better (I had to pay extra for them), the frames still have visible scratches and if they're brand new there should be NONE. There was also some grime on the plastic pieces and the sides felt a bit looser than they should. I didn't see the testers replaced on the shelf either. I'll never return because this place is dishonest and a rip off. With all of these online retailers offering the same, no wait - better quality, at half the cost and faster delivery, you would think they would welcome my easy business, adhere to better quality standards and be honest..

Neutral reviews



The Eyewear Boutique at Mclean County Eye Center enjoys a reputation for dispensing high quality eyeglasses that are trendy, fashionalble, and modern. Our Eyewear Specialists are extensively trained and have over 114 years of combined experience. The boutique features over 800 fashion frames including unique and exclusive designer collections from Europe. Patients will receive the individual care and attention deserved when selecting eyewear and lenses to meet their lifestyle needs. Additionally, we believe in precision and quality. Thus, we guarantee our laboratory will take more than 1 hour when manufacturing your lenses. We utilize cutting edge technology and premium products when crafting your corrective eyewear.



Since 1999, The Eyecare Boutique has been providing quality vision and eye care. Our unique atmosphere allows you to sit in the "park" while awaiting your eye exam or stroll down "Main Street" to browse the latest in eyewear fashions. We believe that eyewear should be fun and practical, so trust the extensive knowledge of our staff to help you select the best eyewear for your vision and lifestyle.

Positive reviews

Bryan T.


This place has really friendly staff and I had a really good experience with Dan. I had an appointment at 10:00am and they still took me in to help my needs without rush. From the sales staff to the doctor everything was great and informative. I was coming in for an eye exam for prescription and the doctor told me that my prescription was still valid and suggested me to save $50 and apply them to glasses I liked! They called the old eye doctor and got the prescription for not only my glasses but contacts as well. All in less than 15 minutes which was what it took me to pick out my glasses. Dan (sales) was really descriptive and showed me the differences in the types of upgrades I could do if I wanted too. Dan keep doing what you doing!

I would recommend this Eye Boutique to my friends and family!

Sarah A.


Dr.Sesso is quite the nicest optometrist I've had the chance to have. My family and I'm really happy I continue to have the opportunity to see him! Very honest and not looking to just get your money at all! I would say not all the staff is very welcoming but I'm really glad Alyssa and Samantha were so helpful! I got to checkout with Samantha and she was so open, fun and conversational! So happy I have this little gem to go to! Highly recommend!

by Nicole R.


I was nervous about coming here, I heard the selection of designer glasses was slim however I disagree. The eye doctors are nice, the office ladies are super nice. They have all sorts of designer…



Eye Boutique has wonderful, knowledgeable doctors which provide a thorough eye examination. 

Jeff Lynn


Great fast service. Selection and really good examination

siri ffej


Good Service, Doctor Paul now added to one of my fave doctors in town. Highly recommended this place... Lots of selections even help u to find a good looking glasses, thanks to mishell

Diane Schultz


Thank you for the glowing review! We are so pleased to hear of your experiences with Doc and the staff. We will be sure to share this with the team!