Egypt traveller reviews

Negative reviews


I travel often and value reviews like this as I make decisions on excursions and hotels. I don't normally write this detail but I felt I had to share my experience. First off, once I finally did the numbers, it didn't add up. My wife and I paid over 3000 for this. Had I booked what they provided on my own it would have only cost 1500. So here is the review:

Dubai. They put you at the Ramada Jumeira. Not bad but not great. You can book this hotel for 100 a night. I was suppose to have a Dubai City Tour that included going to the top of Burj Khalifa and admission to the aquarium. The tour was TERRIBLE. The guide was TERRIBLE. It didn't include the Burj Khalifa or the aquarium. When I asked about it, the guide said he'd drop me off but I had to find my own way home. So Look at Egypt Tours only booked this for Dubai.

On my own, I booked Burj Khalifa and aquarium. Both were amazing. I also book at marina tour with Yellow Boats. Also awesome. I finally book a 4x4 Desert Safari. This ended up being the highlight of my trip. Again, what I booked was great. What the tour company booked was terrible.

Eqypt. They put you up at the Ramses Hilton. It is not nice. Rooms are dirty, smell of smoke, and is terribly busy. This is not a 5 star hotel. You can book it on numerous websites for less than 100 a night. The room was so bad I almost just moved myself to another hotel.

The tours. First off, every tour that Look at Egypt includes is easily available through a dozen websites. The total cost for the entire Egypt trip tours could have been booked for under 500.00. Because of what wasn't fulfilled by the Dubai portion they offered us a Nile Dinner Cruise as compensation. We were promised that it was a nice dinner and the only additional cost would be alcohol. We finally arrived at Scarabee Boat. Brought upstairs to the dirtiest table I have ever seen. After about 20 minutes the waiter comes over with the drink menu. They even charge extra for WATER! I decided to check the reviews of the place online and to my surprise the place has horrible reviews. Most reviewers suggest eating at one of the other dozen dinner cruises with better food and clean accommodations.

We eventually just had our driver bring us back to our terrible hotel room.

To be fair, I haven't done the pyramid portion of the tour but needless to say, my expectations are very low. We also paid extra 270 for an all day trip to Alexandria. I am dreading that portion also.

I learned a HUGE lesson. Go on Expedia and review the hotels and choose them yourself. It will end up being much nicer and likely less expensive. Then book out all your own tours. Hands down the tours we booked ourselves were substantially better than the ones Look at Egypt booked for us.

I would never use them again. Feel this was an extraordinary waste of money. I hope this review saves you from going through what I had to.

The ONLY positive was they didn't botch the airport transfers. Those guys were always on time and helpful. But you could have booked them on your own for 100.

So I paid over 3000 for what would arguably at best be a 1500 value.

Neutral reviews


When we were planning our trip to Egypt we contacted several sites and had many questions. Some of the larger companies we dealt with didn't offer much help with our queries and offered little advice for tips when booking and planning. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE with Journey to Egypt!! We were given help along the way with planning and Osama was reachable and quick to respond on whatsapp. He offered expert guidance when creating our itinerary, which needed to be customized as I had foot surgery right before the trip (bummer). Osama was great at ensuring the trip would be accessible for me. He also arranged for a wheel chair so I wouldn't be tired. Osama helped us book an amazing Nile cruise on the Mayfair and arranged our tours for the whole cruise. I highly recommend Journey to Egypt as you get first class care and top notch touring. It was so great to have such a knowledgeable guide and all our questions answered. We look forward to another trip to Egypt,with two working feet,and will definitely book with Journey to Egypt!


I traveled on my own to Egypt in July 2012 and am looking to revisit the country in the near future maybe with a tour company. There were a number of protests in Tahrir square in the evening while I was there, but I felt safe in most places in Cairo and Luxor. One I think I would disagree with your post is the need to tip for everything. I agree that for tour guides etc, they always demand money, but perhaps you stayed and dined in more expensive hotels and restaurants. I always tried to have meals at places where the locals go to, and there was no demand for tip.


The mysteries and treasures of Egypt unfold before you on your journey along the intriguing Nile River. Begin by spending time at the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza – one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Stand in awe at the iconic Great Sphinx. Travel to ancient Memphis, with its nearly 40-foot statue of Ramses II, and Sakkara. Embark on a leisurely paced 4-night cruise on the Nile, the world’s longest river. See Luxor’s impressive Temples of Karnak. On the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor, uncover countless ancient treasures including the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari, and the Colossi of Memnon. Partake in a special evening, and dress up and join the fun during a traditional galabeya party. Choose to sail to the lush oasis of Kitchener Island aboard a felucca (wooden sail boat) or experience Nubian culture past and present during a visit to a fascinating museum. Egypt's fascinating story awaits to be discovered.


Our guide was excellent,he was very knowledgeable and made the history talks interesting and fun.We would recommend future Travellers on using Elia .He tried to assist us whenever possible Where Wingbuddy failed was the train trip and accommodation.While everyone basically paid the same price ,the rooms we got on the river cruise were inferior while most of the other travelers had great rooms.Our room was up against the other boats with the generator screaming next door. Our Hurgada experience was almost as bad until we (not Wingbuddy) complained and were moved to a better room. Overall the trip was good due to the venue and our tour guide.The highlight was a balloon ride over the Valley of the Queens.

Positive reviews


We had an amazing two day tour with Ereen in Cairo. We selected the Pyramids and the City of Cairo tour earlier this month. Ereen was always prompt and early waiting for us at our hotel. Our driver, Mustafa was courteous and navigated the hectic roads of Cairo with grace.

Ereen is an Egyptology expect. She provided us with a wealth of information for every destination we visited. She protects her clients and ensures they have an utmost pleasant experience in Egypt. I would definitely book her again!

Bob S

My story is really simple . . . my wife and I would not have had the vacation of our lives without the brilliant work of our personal tour guide - Ereen Yousef. There is no way in the world we could have seen so many sites or visited so many incredible displays of ancient Egyptian art and construction in our 10 days in Egypt. Only a professional and knowledgeable tour guide could accomplish all the planning and scheduling that is required to fill 10 days of virtually non stop movement from incredible experience to amazing experience. The credit is to Ereen. We are so thankful that she was our constant companion and source of answers and insights.

There is plenty to see and do in Egypt, but you will not see everything without a first class tour guide such as Ereen.


Wanted to thank Ereen for a great job guiding us 3 days in Cairo. Many people are uneasy about visiting Egypt nowadays. Our experience has been nothing but excellent, thanks to Ereen and her driver getting us to all the places of interest. Everything was prompt and very civilized minus the large crowds of tourists. Go now, you will not regret it!


We have no words to express our gratitude to all the wonderful, the most professional and friendly people at Look at Egypt tours. From the very beginning, the planning process with Fayrouz, she was always so patient with us, showing many different options etc... and then came the political unrest, we considered canceling but decided to go ahead anyway.

We love history so we found that Egypt cultural trip is very good for us.


James Collins

The whole 10 days exploring the past civilizations of Egypt with Look at Egypt Tours were all very memorable and I was mind blown with the brilliant condition of the monuments. The time we spent was amazing. The knowledge, professionalism and passion of the Egyptologists will help ensure that the whole holiday experience will live with us for many years to come. As a couple who have travelled extensively around the world, this is one of our most memorable and enjoyable holidays. The organization of our holiday from our landing in Cairo, through trips to enjoy Egypt's wonderful past and an understanding of its current issues, the people, the beautiful scenery and relaxation of cruising on the Nile. The visits to the Pyramids, Temples and Tombs was second to none. For those contemplating a trip to Egypt - just go!! You will not be disappointed.


I could not recommend this tour enough! If you’re lucky enough to have Haytham Youssry (Sam) then you will have the most amazing time! Him and Intrepid have made Egypt an unforgettable destination for us.


This trip is perfect if you are interested in going to Egypt, but have limited time! It hits all the highlights and gives you the opportunity to experience the real Egypt. You get to eat authentic egyptian meals with locals and see Egypt with a local guide. I traveled as a solo female and felt completely safe with and without the group.


Egypt is a must-see country because of it’s history and incredible sites, this trip allows you to visit the most famous highlights of Egypt in a small group. We were lucky enough to have a fantastic group and an excellent knowledgable tour leader. Egypt is a real adventure from its accomodation, transport to culture & people. Just be prepared you will need an additional budget for all the tipping, snacks and optional activities.

Debojyoty G.

Excellent guide and helped me throughout the planning process. No complains about her contribution and would love to have her plan something for me again in the future.

Neil M.,

Your guides and drivers were exceptional, Especially Nassar in Jordan - superb, and Mohammad on the Nile trip - excellent


The Egypt/Hurghada trip was amazing!! Ahmed is a very informed and passionate guide, you can just tell how much he loves the history, he even read to us words in the Egyptian alphabet!! i could not have asked for a better guide! All of the accommodations were super except the overnight train, it was awful!! I have to say the rest made up for it, though. The cruise ship and the lovely resort on the Red Sea were super!! I highly recommend Ahmed Abd El-Wahab and the Tour. Not to mention the price was very reasonable.


This was a unforgettable trip of a lifetime for both my husband and I! Every leg of this trip we were met by the most wonderful and knowledgeable guides. They made us feel very welcome and safe right from the beginning with our airport arrival and continuing each day of our trip. We never ever felt unsafe even fact, just the opposite! The guides and the Egyptian people made us feel just like family! All of the supplied hotels ( Oasis Hotel and Helnan Aswan Hotel) and meals were fantastic with a lot selection. The overnight train trip was also most interesting experience, as this was something that we had never done before. The food on it was okay...trying to sleep not so much due to the train's constant chugging! But the club car was fun :-) The Nile cruise was picturesque and the included on shore excursions with our Wing Buddy guide were fantastic! Be sure to include the optional Abu Simbel will not regret it! As well, you might like to take the optional early morning hot air balloon over Luxor. We loved it! The Prima Life Resort was also lots of fun and gave us a very different feel as to what Egypt has to offer tourists. The food was delicious, the animation team lots of fun and we even went on a couple of day excursions... the Desert Safari trip where we rode camels, quads and go-carts and visited a Bedouin camp as well as went swimming and snorkeling for a day at Mahmya Beach. As well we loved swimming in the Red Sea! Needless to say, all of the excursions were out of this world incredible. We learned so much about ancient Egyptian history and their culture. We very strongly recommend that you book a trip with Wingbuddy if you want to visit Egypt. You will not regret it!