Doberman Pinscher review

Negative reviews


So I would fall in the category of why a Doberman isn’t for everyone . I had a handsome pup from a reputable breeder (GBP 1400) . His lineage is European – so working dog and then some in its DNA. Got him at 8 weeks and by around 12 weeks we were exhausted. By 8 months we had to give him back to the breeder as per contract.

So why did I go for a Doberman? I grew up as a child with Dobermans and other breeds – had two girls and a boy but not at the same time. Being from India we had the space and domestic helpers to assist. The dog/s were happy having all the time in the world, leash free, running around the compound in a large fenced off area for hours on end throughout the night. In addition, my father used to take the doberman on his walks in the morning and evening. By the time I woke up I had a well exercised Doberman at my bed side – silent, sitting and waiting for me to pet him. I experienced all the good stuff without the hard work that went before it. I grew up and moved to the UK.

Lesson 1 - Just because you had a great experience with a doberman in one location doesn’t mean you will have the same experience in another location. India is huge and spacious, UK is small and congested (South East). In India you can have more people to help you. In the UK one needs to be a millionaire.

 Lesson 2 – If there are no leash free runs everyday - you’re done for. It’s almost like they have a constant rechargeable battery installed. He needed to be physically and mentally exercised all the time. We didn’t take leash free into consideration – so how often could we find an area to exhaust him. Also Dobermans grow like weeds. It was almost like he grew every day – size and strength. So then it was a case of catch up.
Lesson 3: High Intelligence could end up being a disaster if not managed. I have 2 kids, in secondary and primary. At some point between the 11th and 12th week he figured out that my youngest was possibly at the bottom of the household food chain . It was obvious he inserted himself in between my son and the rest. So he would nip and mouth my son if we were in the vicinity however left alone with him – my son and the dog were the best of friends.

Lesson 4 - Be careful what you wish for in terms of companionship. He needed to be around/ see us all the time – so it didn’t help that my wife went to work early and the kids went to school - and then return late and kids on social media . Even though I work from home he needed all of us. 20 minutes here and there is not enough – the family needs to put in a lot more time . What this meant was since I was the only consistent factor in his life he didn’t like me leaving him even to go upstairs – so since I got him and then for the next 8 months I lived with him downstairs.

Lesson 5 - Having small children may not be a good idea if thinking about a Doberman – This is purely based on your situation – do you have the space or access to open spaces, how do you live your lives and so on. Alot of consideration needs to be placed on this - as it is easy to be swayed by the elegance and intelligence of a Doberman.

 Lesson 6 : Expenses - one positive thing we did was follow the advice of Raw feeding. The Vets will always try to dissuade you from this as according to them it’s not regulated. However Raw Food experts will tell you that Vets will say this knowing the health benefits of Raw food and so could end up having less visits to the Vet – and thus less money in the Vets pocket. A Raw diet really shows – a beautiful, shiny coat, clean teeth, poo that doesn’t smell and so on. However Raw is expensive – my bill was around GBP 160 – GBP 180 a month . In addition to this there’s Insurance. They charge more for pure breeds so that was another GBP 130. So really I was averaging close to GBP400 a month which is not something I put a lot of thought into.

Lesson 7 : Trainers - I had around 4 trainers in the 8 months he was here trying to work out what we could do. My experience is that there are many trainers available who are making a living out of easy , small breed varieties. They will use all these modern – “make the right choices”, positive reinforcements nonsensical statements. This probably works on smaller, toy dogs. What you will need for a Doberman is a traditional trainer. They may appear harsh with their tone– but very assertive . I believe the Doberman respects that – as he needs a leader – if not will take the leaders place. The very first trainer I went to was traditional but I was so appalled by his tone that I stopped it - I now regret that. The breeder reminded me that a Doberman is a dog , needs to respect boundaries and requires discipline with a firm hand.

So in conclusion a Doberman probably like most other large breeds needs a lot of stimulation. I think the lack of leash free runs was the root cause of our problems . He was probably frustrated with the pent up energy – even though he was out in the garden and on walks. This frustration culminated in my son getting bitten and we gave him back to the breeder more for his sake rather than ours

Neutral reviews


This athletic dog needs brisk walking every day and all-out running as often as possible. Too little exercise and too little companionship can lead to restlessness and other behavioral problems.


Doberman Pinschers don't need tremendous running exercise. But they were bred to be working dogs, so they do need regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things.


Many Dobermann Pinschers have protective instincts toward strangers. They need extensive exposure to friendly people so they learn to recognize the normal behaviors of "good guys." Then they can recognize the difference when someone acts abnormally. Without careful socialization, they may be suspicious of everyone, which could lead to aggression. Some Dobermans go in the opposite direction – without enough socialization, they become fearful of strangers, which is very difficult to live with.


The Doberman Pinscher is a highly capable guard dog with an energetic personality and intelligent disposition. The breed possesses incredible strength and stamina, and they are adaptable and easy to train. They are courageous and assertive, yet they are not vicious or aggressive. Like any other breed, subtleties in temperament will vary according to the dog. They are regal, loyal, and very affectionate towards members of their family. They are a people-oriented breed, and they require an owner that is capable of disciplining the dog confidently. If allowed his or her own way too much, the Doberman Pinscher can be pushy. This breed is naturally protective, and they don’t need specialized training to be an outstanding guard dog. They should be trained and socialized properly from an early age to prevent over-protective behavior. If raised with children from an early age, they make wonderful family pets. This breed generally isn’t suitable for first-time dog owners.


The Doberman Pinscher is content to live in a small household or apartment if it is given sufficient daily exercise. This breed is happiest with at least an average-sized yard. The Doberman Pinscher is sensitive to the cold, and it should not be kept as an outside dog. This is a highly energetic breed that needs plenty of physical activity.

Saurabh Negi

 Doberman is an amazingly Intelligent, Brave, and Agile dog.

If you have the space, time and things to guard, Doberman ranks among the top dogs for the job.

Also, don't be fooled by the looks, contrary to popular belief Doberman is a very lovable and gentle dog. Owners just like me can be seen getting their hands easily inside Doberman's vicious jaw, of course playfully and not recommended for others.

Beware of jealous and scared neighbours though, Doberman is super nice and protective.


Rachel Kelley

 They are working dogs so they need exercise and MENTAL stimulation in order to be happy. They are very intelligent, loyal and protective dogs. If you have small children in the house, realize that sometimes the Doberman can act like a huge lap dog….they can easily and unintentionally hurt a small child due to their size. I have had 3 and they all like to lean on people who give them attention. For a family pet, you should have one that is well socialized to humans, dogs, and other pets. They can have a high prey-drive, which is what makes them very trainable, but they may not get along with cats, small yappy dogs, bunnies, etc.

Also….some insurance companies will not cover the ‘viscous breeds’ like Dobermans, GSDs, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Boxers, and Huskies. I live in an apartment which also bans the viscous breeds, and had to have my doctor sign off on my Dobermans as an emotional support dogs to get around that problem.


Because they love to work alongside people so much, Dobes are prone to separation anxiety which can be made worse if they don't get enough activity. Their anxiety usually manifests itself in the form of bakring and destructive chewing. Dobes should never be tied up alone, outside. People who work long hours should not adopt a Doberman.


Dobermans were considered bad-ass dogs 30 or 40 years ago, and they really are. They are also very obedient and loving pets. They are not really naturally violent and, in fact, over the past 2 or 3 decades, breeding, especially in the USA, has reduced their aggression even further.

As it turns out, Dobermans are among the most intelligent dogs (a debatable issue due to numerous standards of canine intelligence), possess a high degree of loyalty compared to other breeds, and are genuinely affectionate with their families.

Dobermans make excellent working dogs and can perform well in law enforcement and military roles, but over the past couple of decades, it has been generally accepted that other breeds are better for these roles. Dobermans are actually much better suited for indoor life than outdoor life, demonstrate aggression towards other dogs and unknown humans at a higher level than most other working dogs, and have a short lifespan (about 10-12 years).

Dobermans simply do not, in general, adapt as well as German Shepherds and other working dogs to high-stress public service work.


Absolutely amazing!! Really impressive! I grew up with Doberman. I wish they had been that well behaved. Instead, my father had them trained to be viscious guard dogs. Complete nonsense. I'm glad to see that someone can raise Doberman correctly and they listen to their handlers and are respectful.


Feeding an excellent-quality dog food throughout his lifetime is critical for the Doberman. The Doberman puppy should be fed an age-appropriate diet approved by the dog’s breeder or veterinarian. Treats can be an important aid in training, but giving too many can cause obesity. Learn about which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet. Ample amounts of clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

Paige Marie Brott

My Doberman Ripley was my first ever Dobe, and either we got lucky or all these stats are completely wrong. She is a complete love bug and is so easy to train.

Celeste Sanchez

I love dobeerman pinscher the are sooooooo beautiful dogs 

Positive reviews

Midnight Cruiser

There's not a better companion in the world than a Doberman. Incredible creatures.


I got a doberman last year he totally gets along with my chihuahua which i have had for 6 years they are great guard dogs and loyal companions

Robert Jakicic

Dobermans in my opinion are the best breed, I have own 2 and lately have just put my 13 year old down. Somewhere down the line they supposedly going to pass a bill about no more cropping of dogs ears in this country to.


The most handsome dog breed. I always wanted a dobie.

Hans Heimsoth