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Negative reviews

Stefano Parodi



This UNACCEPTABLE. I have been living in this address over 2 years, and have been receiving countless letters (including my bank card and my account statements) from the bank at this address that entire time. And NOW, more than 2 years later, the bank is charging me 20 euros to "investigate" where I live???

I am submitting this complaint, and will be going to the Deutsch Bank branch in Insbrucker Platz to complain in person. If I don't get my money bank, I will be closing my account.

Unacceptable behaviour, that shouldn't come from a surprise from a bank like Deutsche Bank, that has been repeatedly fined for money laundering.

Ádám Huszár

simple request waste your time

I would like to raise my concern here against Deutsche Bank customer service and processes. As a customer, I would like to assume an easy and straight forward case handling for a simple request, like credit card cancellation. I think it is not acceptable at all, if a customer had to do following for a simple request, so far without any real actions: -Sending a message to bank via online banking page. -calling customer center and request change - sending a mail (post) message and got a confirmation - calling direct support personnel and got a message that my issue is not an issue at all. Asking kindly Deutsche Bank in public: that level of customer handling is expected as a standard? :( Direct contact personal advised visiting a branch office with written proof. Knock-knock we are living in 21st century for god sake!

Ryan Wallace

Most expensive accounts.

Most expensive and least customer-friendly bank account I've ever had. Service fees, ATM fees, statement fees. Inconvenient locations and hours. Unfriendly staff. I finally closed my account and told the manager that this was the worst and most expensive bank account I've ever had. He made some weird noise and put his hands up, and said "So it is." So I took my business to other banks, and haven't paid one cent in service fees since.

Carlos Armando Moreno


I made a wiretransfer on June 26, 2018 through TD bank debiting $5.175.00 from my personal account, to Citi Bank in Bogota Colombia which is now Scotiank Bank

I was told service will last 3 to 7 days at most, but time past by and I went berserk couse on July 19, 2018, after 21 working days the receiver hasn't obtained any money at all, then I made a claim servise to TD bank only to know that Deuthebank had been used as intermediary on the transation between TD bank and Scotiank Bank and by the moment, TD had not since, received a single notification about the lateness of service, so, I directed my call to Deutch and told to a transfer department representative who in a kindly voice told me: "Transaction has not been comleted yet, cause Scotiank bank had not responded our calls, I was really in shok thinking that the money was to pay a jiditial compromise that finally ended up badly

there-fore I will never ever trust sending money this way and much less trough this unreliable banks

Semir Festic

Insanely bad service.

Waiting for my pin OVER A MONTH.

It's 21st century for God sakes!!!!

I wouldn't recommend this bank to my worst enemy.


Hi each person! I continually concept that the top rate banks like Deutsche financial institution`s would be without a doubt exceptional in provider. That dream turned into fulfilled this April whilst my business enterprise requested us to open our debts in Deutsche financial institution - because it changed into the closest and their marketing group correctly sold the financial institution to us. I had idea of saying goodbye to other banks - now that I had an account inside the exceptional Deutsche bank. Little did I realize that I would be treated to the vintage fashion of banking - our old SBI, PNB, Canara, and so on( when ICICI changed into now not there). inside the begining, I was very impressed via their internet banking web page( it has a digital keypad for security - you need to take the pointer over the characters and press them) and could not wait to get admission to my account. I did - best after locking my banking account 3 instances. The contact character turned into very beneficial and positioned in the request on every occasion - which changed into introduced right away. My hassle that the PIN for net banking turned into puzzling and I used to be now not capable to distinguish between zeros and O`s. different guys were also having the identical problem( well, this became new for us) and that I asked the government dealing with us to come over and help us out - I received a snobbish commentary - " . the whole lot may be explained. The trouble is due to the fact you do now not realize a way to use net banking ." Excuse me! - i've been using ICICI and SBI net banking centers for years, I pay off my payments on line, use on line services for my financial dealings as a great deal as viable and I surely do recognize my way arround a computer. The result changed into a banged telephone?( slicing a consumer off - awesome provider). anyway, after locking up my account 3 instances, I had eventually controlled to discern out the proper way with a few assist from a woman at the call centre and managed to get to the lowest of things. Apna haath Jagannath . proper? The attempt changed into no longer well worth it - the website is very primary( verry verrry constrained alternatives) and I can do greater with SBT`s internet site. I was due for a long deputation overseas and desired to convert my single account right into a joint account with my spouse and started my arrangements approximately 6 weeks before my tour date. The government asked me to come back to the department and top off the forms and the account will be made into a joint account - " no problem - just get a picture alongwith deal with evidence and identity proof ". I used to be very happy - however little did I understand that this became the begining - I used to be given 3 exceptional bureaucracy on 4 different visits and nobody knew which shape might be valid. I was asked to put up identification proof and residence proof - which I did. however the reaction turned into " those files are not sufficient as in line with RBI`s notification - you have to get blah - blah also ". The files had been in line with the requirements imprinted on the shape and no one had advised me that those have been no longer enough . The reaction became similarly excellent - " . RBI has very strict tips and we can't do something approximately it. The man or woman have to have forgotten to tell you this ". after I stated that i've come 4 times with all the documents and everytime a new requirement plants up, I was given a royal stare. the issue changed into resolved after three weeks and numerous visits( I was considering dharna at one time) - I had to amplify the matter both in the bank and with my accounts dept. In comparision to this, ICICI made me watch for 30 minutes inside the queue at the branch and the government at the counter were given all bureaucracy stuffed up and after 3 days, my wife`s debit card and other banking 


Hello friends,

I am going to share my personal experience about Deutsche Bank service.This bank is popular in India and many people like this bank. Its phone banking is not proper work.

I used this bank approx one year but I did not satisfy this ATM service because its ATM service is limited.

I have internet banking but its not proper work.

This bank customer service is poor because I complain many time for internet banking but my problem is not solve.



I submitted documents, Cheque for opening an FD to the agent of this bank 3 weeks back. There is no response from the bank, they are not able to identify or find my request. The cheque has also been encashed now. But still no response, The bank customer care is very rude and aggressive and not at all transparent. I am not sure, if the money is gone.



I would like to share an inhuman and one of the worst interview process happened in the Electronic City, DB for offshore investment banking job profile. Infact in my 10 years of my professional career, this is one extreme harassment I ever had. It happened around 6 years back. But I suddenly remembered to share it on Mouthshut, so the readers will be aware about this cheap behaviour of dB interview process.

I have been called by an so called executive from dB around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. He asked me to come down to office by 7:00 pm. I conveyed that executive it will be very late for me. Can we have later some time.

But the executive denied saying that it can not be possible for him to postpone the interview. Remember he called that afternoon and conveyed that he need to do this interview by that day itself. More like a logistics pink color job.

Desperately looking for job, I went there at 6:30 pm. I waited till 7:30 pm. Then one executive came and told that the concerned person will do this interview by another half an hour. The concerned person came at 10:00 pm and took pre-interview and said another person will come and take one more round.

I was little uncomfortable as I came to electronic city through public transport and I was very new to bangalore during that time. I requested pre-interviewer for a drop to my locality since I came for this interview and don't know anything in bangalore. He smiled sarcastically and said he will check for that.

I felt little comfortable as the time was not very late. Just thought "are this people doing this to women candidates." May be they provide transport for such candidates. Then the time has gone to 10 pm then 10:30. finally the so called interviewer has come. The interview was going good. And he was explaining me about the job. He was repeatedly telling a word called "dead job." How comfortable you're to take this job.

I confidently answered all his questions.

At the end of interview, I asked again for transport. He said he will discuss with concerned person and let me know. Then I waited for another 30 minutes. Nobody has come. Then I went down told the whole story to the security guy. He is completely insane to listen to my concern. He gave me sarcastic smile again. Just thought the company name should be sarcastic dB instead of dB.

I still remember the way he was listening more like an unwanted person standing before him. I left the place by 1130 pm. Walked for nearly 3 kms and found an auto and reached home.

I was very much concerned about people like me who are really undergoing such inhuman activities in the name of interview.

I felt what is the value of organisational ethics this company really follow.

How they treat women candidates. What are the other horrific stories people have like me who were not sharing anything through this media. It is for there purpose I came for interview and the company should have least responsibly to ensure a least professionalism is provided.

So dear friends first avoid late night interview. If such interview happens ensure this facilities are provided.and very importantly avoid these kind of companies.

Thanks for reading my concerns!

Neutral reviews


I am very much satisfied with banking with Deutsche Bank, Kolkata Branch. The bank offered me best interest rate in term deposit. Even when I deposited a cheque at 2.30 P.M it went for clearing on the same day and the amount got credited on next day. Call centre response team is also very good till date. Easy to get customer care at all the time.


Deutsche Bank is good online and there are no hassles in the process. I hold a savings account and the process is fine. The customer support and response is fine too. Overall no hassles to complete my transactions and there are no charges overall.


They don't have IMPS facility in online banking. Their service is really good. There are nominal charges for quarter but compared to other banks its nominal. I have been holding this savings account for 7 years. Their mobile banking is good and Internet banking okay. I have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 25000. There are no hidden charges.


I think that if Deutsche Bank eventually folds it will have a broader effect on the world markets, and specifically the American markets. It's unlikely but if I remember correctly there was another scandal involving DB a few years ago, not to mention their role in the housing crisis. It seems to be they are institutionally criminal, so whether or not your want to participate in that is up to you. You may get burned though.


Deutsche Bank is a political bank at the end of the day. One of their jobs is to bring new members into the EU. Than means they need to deal with some super shady fucks. American prosecutors nosing around in their deals are going expose a treasure trove of actionable material. Additionally, the Americans will be happy to use whatever information surfaces to hem in the EU and erode their influence.

What we're seeing now is just the start.


Deutsche Bank was my first company and I joined Jaipur branch as a pilot batch. I was part of Securities Operations. Its a great company to work with. They offer a good salary to freshers plus offer other benefits like Sodexho, employee insurance etc. I had worked with DB for about 2 years and got a great exposure of investment banking domain. They have their offices in Jaipur, Bangalore, Pune.People who are looking for a good brand, good pay scale, nice exposures, good trainings, onsite opportunities, good bonus, growth opportunities etc then this is the place for you.

Positive reviews


I am holding a salary account with DEUTSCHE bank from last 1 year, i have no issues on banking services with this bank. Customer support is very good with this bank and their response is on time. Online facilities are very easy to use in this bank.


Deutsche Bank is good in the savings account. The customer support and response is good. They are responsive as well. The online banking is very easy and convenient to complete my transactions. In all it has been a good experience till date.