Collie, Smooth review

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Most of today's Rough and Smooth Collies are far removed from their heritage as an active herding breed, and need only moderate exercise. In my experience, the Smooth variety is a little closer to his roots, so tends to want more exercise and mental stimulation than the Rough variety.


The Rough Collie needs much more coat care. Without frequent brushing and combing, Rough Collies will become a matted mess. Regular trimming is also needed, especially around the dog's hind end, for sanitary reasons. Obviously, Smooth Collies don't need combing or trimming, but they still need frequent brushing when the dog is shedding (because hairs that end up in the brush do not end up on your clothes and furniture!)


Standoffish by nature, Collies need extensive exposure to people and to unusual sights and sounds. Otherwise their natural caution can become shyness, which is difficult to live with.


Though they don't need miles of running exercise, Collies must have regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things. Otherwise they will become bored, which they usually express by barking and destructive chewing.


I have two rough Collies and they are so different! My blue Merle has no idea what fetch means and he’s not too interested in toys. He’s content to frolic around the yard or beach. He can be very sensitive and stubborn and while he is a quiet, easy passenger, it can sometimes be a struggle getting him in the car.

The tri-color boy is a total nut! He LOVES to play fetch - ball, stuffed toys, anything! He also loves car rides and swimming in the ocean. However, he’s incredibly sassy - brushing and baths turn him into Cujo.

Collies are awesome, beautiful dogs! I’ll always have one in my heart and home.


My rough collie is the laziest dog I've ever had, we took her to the vet last week (thought she tore something getting out of the car) and the vet thought she felt god awful cause she was just sleeping on the floor. Nope, she sleeps all day, and is generally a couch potato.

I have an aussie too and originally got a collie for a playmate with similar energy (and I had a childhood fascination with them!). That didn't happen, but generally people prefer my collie cause she's easier to watch and a lot more friendly lol. Her name is Message, and her breeder in Seattle is amazing and really cares about all her dogs <3.


The origin of the Collie breed is not entirely know, the Collie originated in Scotland and flourished in England since the 1800s. But before this time, the breed had been used for many centuries prior in both the Highlands of Scotland and throughout early England to shepherd sheep and cattle. Queen Victoria kept Collies at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and her interest launched the breed's subsequent popularity. J.P. Morgan and other members of the upper class have owned Collies.


The Smooth has less coat to manage than its Rough cousin, but the breed still needs regular grooming to maintain overall good condition. It responds well to all kinds of obedience tracking and many Smooth Collies have acquitted themselves well in the competitive Obedience and Agility rings.


The Smooth is a versatile and social breed. While it will happily live in a group with other dogs, it will be equally happy to share its life with a human family. Being fundamentally a large working dog, it will need regular exercise regardless of where it is housed.


As with Roughs, hereditary eye problems can occur, and so breeding stock should always be thoroughly researched. This apart, the Smooth tends to be a hardy and resilient breed, free of major defects.

Positive reviews

Swan Rider

I had a smooth collie... Her name was Race.

She died at 2 years. I will always remember her, she was like the sister I always wanted.

She died from a decease she had. When she died it broke me like a close family member left forever and would never see me again.

The Canine Nutritionist

Smooth Collies are the best!

Cat Vickery

<3 collies are my life


I adopted a Smooth Collie mix in February, and he's the best dog I've ever had.


Hugs and love to you and everyone who ever loved her. What an amazing dog. ❤️


The Smooth Collie is a loving, active, and agile dog. Their wedge-shaped head gives an impression of lightness. Their ears are 3/4 erect with the tips folding forward. They have almond-shaped dark eyes except in the case of blue merles; their eyes are may be blue or merle. The Smooth Collies’ coat is one-inch long and requires little grooming.


The Smooth Collie is a noble, highly intelligent dog. They are sensitive, loyal and easy to train. They are usually good with other pets and friendly with other dogs. Some dogs may display herding behaviour when they are puppies, such as nipping at people's heels and trying to herd them. With regular and constant training they can to be taught not to herd humans.