Capital One Financial Corporation reviews

Negative reviews

Deborah W.

I am closing my Capital One account after several years due to their lack of customer service friendly practices, failure to offer a card without a $**** monthly fee to a long time customer and the exorbitant interest rates even though my credit score is considered excellent. They are greedy, greedy, greedy! What was in my wallet was a CAPITAL THIEF! Surely there must be a better balance between providing a service and receiving a reasonable profit margin.


If you do not have a card, I would recommend you to not to get it. When you are pre-approved, they pre-approval is for the balance modification and the *% APR for 12 months. They gave me a good credit balance and the *% APR for 12 months was modified to only 9 months. I've worked with 3 different reps and got nowhere. They weren't even willing to try to do anything about the issue, instead, they just told me the the *% APR for 12 months was pre-approved also.

Jaison H

They are crooks I would apply with any other card besides this one, worst customer service of all credit cards , I have all the cards and capital one is by far the worst customer service and support creditor beware

Peter O

******** ****!!!!!!!! Never can understand them. They always make the experience a nightmare. Bring the jobs back to America **** ********* company!

stephanie p

Very misleading when it comes to upgrading card and the rewards system. I feel as if I have been violated by their sales tactics, while being ignored by their poor customer service staff.

Chris S.

Capital One offers little customer support and often makes accessing your money or using services a difficult process.

It's an online bank that forces you to call them to discuss any issue. No email support. No chat support. Just call.

It's an online bank that does not allow you to deposit checks into business savings via your app.

I recently returned from a 3-week trip to Europe. My personal credit card would not work there and I was therefore forced to use my personal debit cards while away. Foreign transaction fees incurred are about $200 so far. Capital One provided no viable solution and really made the process of getting a new card about a 4-hour ordeal, and I'm still waiting to get my card (2 weeks later now and probably a week away still).

About 4 months ago, Cap One puts a fraud alert on my card (for no apparent reason; the zero balance card hadn't been used in months) and I was unable to use the card for about a month until it finally was resolved (and no reason ever given).

I really want to like CapitalOne but, with difficulty accessing money or credit during those times I actually need it, the hassles aren't worth it.

Atyttrium I.

This is the worst credit card I have every had. It doesn't work well with Quicken, I am always having to reset the settings to get the download to work.

I always pay the balance due every month, but in December, the payment was processed late, causing me to get a service charge and interest charge. I paid both those, even though it seemed that the payment was received by them in time, and then paid the balance due the following month.

Somehow, I still get another interest charge, even though the statements show that I pay everything, including the penalties on time.

Closed the card and cut it up. Stay away from Capital One credit cards. Can't comment on Capital One bank as I have never had an account there. But I would advise that you stay away from the whole outfit just to be sure.

Would give it zero stars if I could.

The White Algerian

The absolute worst. They offered me a credit card with a £200 limit and accepted it only to send me a letter saying we can't offer you a credit card at this time. Complete joke.

John Gould

£200 credit limit been excellent in paying the bill every month , some months even paid in full. I recently asked for a small increase and got point blank refused !

Now because of this I deliberately delayed payment of £20 this month they've constantly tried to phone me and because I did not answer their calls they phoned my work instead !! the bill's for £27


Fattima Ramzan

My credit score was Excellent with all 3 credit reference agencies when I first took out a Capital One credit card. I scored a 984 out of 999 with Experian, yet with all this positive financial background I held; they gave me a measly credit limit of just £450. This was around the same time I applied for a credit card with MBNA and got a £15,000 limit. With Capital One I went online several times over the 2 years to try to get an increase, even wasted my time calling them with no success. In the end I cut up my card, and vowed to never deal with them ever again.

N of Brooklyn

I decided to "cash in" my cash rewards as credit towards my balance. Capital One states that it takes 2-3 business days for this credit to go through, so I submitted this transaction 5 days before my payment was due and I received an email confirming this transaction. 5 days later the credit was still not posted. I called Capital One. They admitted that it was strange and saw that 5 days earlier I had this particular amount of cash rewards and that I no longer have them. They said that would expedite the matter but it would not be resolved for another 5 days and would not be able to use it towards my balance. They barely apologized. I immediately closed my 2 separate Capital One accounts. Their customer service was despicable even though it was entirely their mistake!

Gerald of Syracuse

I am upset with the practice of residual interest billing when one calls and request full pay off balance payment one month and then gets billed hundreds of dollars the next. $234.87 I owed Capital One AFTER I was told pay off balance. I was quoted another payoff balance and everything was great until I asked if there was another balance next month. Yes, $38.00 and I had to laugh. How many times to pay off the account. It must be paid twice for two months straight. It appears to be a scam but really the lesson is DON'T USE CAPITAL ONE. They really are in your wallet. I will be advocating to all who listen about this business practice. It's shameful. It's wrong.


Really capitac bank is a real disappointment went to shopping and suddenly my card is not working they say their offline and it's the second time now what a embarrassment to me and my family.


They call from ********** . Offering R5,000 "free shares" if you sign up with them.

I think this is the same people who scammed people by signing them up for trading software costing R20,000 plus. They used operate under the name of "Tenacity Capital" and "Cursu Taurorum" . Beware!

Positive reviews


Thank you for loan approval. We appreciate you and your services to help us


I love capital one easy process. Buying a new car was hassle free due to pre approval through capital one. The best experience ever.

Elizabeth of Brooklyn

I called and spoke with Michael on the due date of my business credit card and received a waiver of that month's payment and finance charges due to the fact that I have clients affected by the federal government budget freeze who couldn't pay my invoices. I appreciate it. Good to know that they understand our businesses are about people who have everyday issues that affect us running the business.