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Before you travel to Canada, a little planning and research are well worth the effort. Avoid the most common travel mishaps, like planning to do too much and misjudging distances between Canadian cities by knowing travel requirements, climate, transportation.In addition, Canada, though adjacent to and friendly with the United States, is a different country with its own guarded border, currency, and laws. Don't assume what flies in one country is okay in the other.


Canada is more than its hulking-mountain, craggy-coast good looks: it also cooks extraordinary meals, rocks cool culture and unfurls wild, moose-spotting road trips.


Canada offers a wealth of landscapes and experiences from the lush forests and mighty peaks of British Columbia and the Rockies through to the modern metropolis of Toronto. With so much to see and such a large area to cover, it helps to have a well planned itinerary. Our Canada travel ideas are the product of extensive exploration and are inspired by routes that our specialists have taken and enjoyed. We can advise on the logistics of getting around and how best to combine the country's highlights with lesser known experiences.


Travel to Canada and explore the unspoilt wilderness of its forests, lakes and mountains. With big cities and a unique North American culture to boot. Imagine the ultimate adventure in the second largest country on Earth, from spending the summer by Canada's iconic lakes, to soaking up the culture in Québec or checking out the urban cafe scene in Vancouver.


The second-largest country on the planet but ranking a mere 37th in population, Canada is a nation defined by its geography. Canada is all you imagine, and much you never expect. Here stretch old-growth forests studded with pristine lakes, endless prairies, and the rugged Arctic where animals outnumber humans; here one can hike or ski into glacial mountains that stretch to infinity and never meet a living soul. But behind the oh-so-natural stereotype, Canada is young, modern, and sophisticated, with cities that have absorbed the best of the world's cultures and combined them into one of the most vibrant multicultural societies on Earth.


Canada’s prime tourism season is summer, when temperatures are warm enough for outdoor adventures in the rugged countryside (this means the more popular destinations will be bustling with tourists). Canadian winters can be long and arduous, but skiers, of course, will want to head to the mountains when local temperatures drop and snow blankets the slopes. Fall in Canada is leaf-peeping time. Cruises along the Canadian coast, mountain hikes and train trips through the countryside are excellent ways to catch autumn colors. Spring rains often bring tons of mud to Canadian national parks, but this season is a great time to find local travel deals.


Overall, Canada is a budget-friendly destination for the U.S. traveler, due to proximity and a generally favorable exchange rate. Snag the best prices on hotel stays, tours and transportation — while avoiding frigid winter temperatures — by traveling during the spring or fall shoulder seasons (spring prices are likely to drop a bit lower than fall ones). To save money on restaurant meals, rent a house or apartment where you can cook for yourself.

L Wen

Canadians are only friendly to you when there is something in it for them. You as tourists who paid them money would not know whether or not they are truly friendly


TORONTO is a city known for its foodie, music and design credentials, but what are the hotspots in this popular Canadian destination? From the best jazz brunch in town to where to find a panoramic view of the city.

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Backpacking Canada is an amazing experience.

Canada is a country filled with wonderfully friendly people, classy, diverse cities, and a diverse landscape that includes tundras, rainforest, deserts, and huge mountains.

From the icy tundra of the Yukon to rocky beaches of the east coast, the mountains of Calgary to the rainforests of Vancouver, Canada is a country that is often skipped over on many world trips. That’s such a shame. Canada is so big and makes for a wonderful road trip country!

You can spend a few months traveling around Canada from end to end.

I love my friendly neighbor to the north and believe Canada is a really underrated destination. There’s a reason everyone around the world loves Canadians. They rock. Visit their homeland and find out why.

Added bonus: It’s easy to get a working holiday visa to this country so you can stay, work, and make money here for a long term!

This Canadian travel guide will help you plan a trip to the Great White North!

James Buckland

Back in December I was in Canada for a few hours. I was seeing Niagara Falls which was awesome. I like to go to Canada again one day.


I recommend this trip to everyone wanting to get to know Eastern Canada better! You will have an awesome time travelling to the places Chief Adventurer Jared handpicked himself as the ones he deems most worthy for you to see, many of which are completely off the beaten track. Jared is very enthusiastic and truly cares about giving you the True Canadian Experience. Not only will you see the Canadian wildlife and a variety of breathtaking landscapes along the way, he ensures you get to know his home country, its people and their various different cultures in every possible way: Wherever we came we listened to local music (and in the case of our favourite, the „Halifax-Song“, even sang along to it — GOD DAMN THEM ALL!!) and had the chance to try all the typical foods of the different regions we visited – québecois cheese, fresh moose burger, and of course tons of POUTINE! The fact that everyone is from the same age range makes getting to know each other a lot easier, and soon you will find new friends, share inside jokes and give each other funny nicknames. The itinerary of the Big One is a great mix of big cities, small towns and national parks from five different Canadian provinces, which makes for a lot of variety! Furthermore, it’s also very flexible and includes both „guided-tour-time“ and "free time", where you and your new-won friends have the opportunity to explore and do whatever you fancy. As for the optional activities, I especially liked canyoning. Climbing around on the rock in the middle of a waterfall we could see the river from a point of view you don’t usually get – such a beautiful view!! It was completely worth doing it, and for the ones who are not sure about it yet (like I was): I felt safe the whole time doing it, so don’t hesitate! Thanks to the fun people on the trip for the good memories we made and especially to Jared for driving us, caring for us, showing us all the beautiful and fun places and for being an awesome Chief Adventurer! ***** Ich empfihl dä Trip allne, wo Oschtkanada besser wännd kännelerä! Dä Chief Adventurer Jared nimmt oi uf ä Reis mit zu denä Ort, woner am sehenswärteschte findt. Vili vo däne sind wiit wäg vo de übliche Tourischteroute. Dä Jared isch sehr enthusiastisch und es isch em wichtig, oi die Wahri Kanadischi Erfahrig z erläbe lah. Ier gsehnd uf oiere Reis nöd nur di kanadische Wildtier und vili atemberaubend schöni Landschafte, er lueget au, dass ier sis Heimatland, sis Volk und di vile unterschidliche Kulture uf jedi möglichi Art kännelered: Wo immer mier hiicho sind, hämmier die örtlichi Musig glost (und im Fall vo oisem Lieblingslied, em „Halifax-Song“, sogar mitgsunge – GOD DAMN THEM ALL!!) und d Chance gha, di kulinarische Spezialitäte vo jedere bsuechtä Region z probiere – Chääs vo Québec, frische Elch-Burger, und natürli tonnewiis POUTINE! Dass alli uf dä Tour öppe im gliche Alter sind, machts vill eifacher, enand z kännelerä, und scho bald findeder noiji Fründe, teiled Insider mitenand und gänd enand luschtigi Spitznäme. S Programm vom Big One isch ä grossartigi Mischig us Grossstedt, chline Stedtli und Nationalpärk i foif verschidene Kanadische Provinze. Das sorgt für vill Abwechslig! Usserdem isch es au sehr flexibel und s git sowohl "gfüehrti-Tour-Ziit" als au „Freiziit“, wo du mit dine noi gwunnene Fründe Ort erkunde und mache chasch, was au immer ier grad Luscht händ. Was die freiwillige Aktivitäte betrifft, so hät mier vor allem s Canyoning gfalle. Wo mier ufeme Fels zmitzt im Wasserfall umenand gchlätteret sind, hämmer dä Fluss usere sehr ussergwöhnliche Perspektive chöne gseh – sone schöni Ussicht!! Das z mache hät sich würkli glohnt, und für die wo (wien ich) nanig sicher sind, öb si sölled: Ich ha mich di ganzi Ziit wo mer das gmacht händ sicher gfühlt, also zögered nöd! Tanke dä luschtige Lüt ufem Trip für die guete Erinnerige wo mier bliibe wärded, und vor allem em Jared es grosses Tanke defür, dass er ois gfahre hät, ois glueget hät, ois alli schöne und luschtige Ört zeiget hät und für dass er en super Chief Adventurer isch!


This trip was amazing from start to finish. Perfect blend of activities in both cities and countryside. I met loads of new friends and created many memories


Fantastic itinerary and a great 2 weeks in the Canadian Rockies. The trip covers all of the 'must see' destinations but the real highlights were the places we wouldn't of found ourselves including an amazing hike at Mt Robson (with a very cold swim in the glacial lake at the top!) and the overnight canoe trip in Wells Grey NP which was a highlight for the entire group. If you enjoy camping, pitching in to prepare meals and the great outdoors then I highly recommend this trip to see the Rockies!


The two weeks that I spent with Jacob on our camping tour of the Canadian Rockies was amazing.

kamaldeep kaur

My dream country canada 💖

Dr SR7

I love Canada❤. My favorite country I want to live in Canada. I'm coming Canada!