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In Cabo San Lucas the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re on a family vacation, or on a honeymoon, Cabo has plenty of fun and relaxation for everyone. And with the all-around party atmosphere, having a good time is never a problem.

Located in the southern tip of beautiful Baja, Los Cabos is home to breathtaking views, luxurious resorts, and pristine white-sand beaches. Once a little known fishing village, Cabo San Lucas is now exploding with tourists from all over the world.


Cabo San Lucas won't disappoint lovers of gourmet Mexican food, with some truly exceptional places to eat. Highlights of the local dining scene include El Farallon, which specializes in seafood, the steak experts at Taqueria Marissa, and the Cabo Cantina - which has a wide choice of Mexican delights. Expect to pay between Mex$100 and Mex$200 for a sit down meal.


Cabo San Lucas is a wonderful place to find authentic Baja Californian handicrafts like handwoven dolls, baskets, and brightly colored pottery. Some of the best places to hunt for artistic souvenirs include Ida Victoria Gallery and the Mexican Pottery store on Francisco I. Madero Plaza. Have a wander around San José del Cabo Art District as well (just behind the main plaza). You'll find plenty of Mexican and international sculptors and painters selling their works, as well as local craft specialists.


During the last 30 years, the sleepy fishing village on the Baja Peninsula transformed into a bustling hub for sport fisherman, golfers and celebrities hiding out in cliffside villas. Adventurous travelers can whale-watch on a sunset cruise around Land’s End, surf Zippers Beach’s swells or ride camels through Desert Park Natural Reserve. While all-inclusive resorts are typically budget-friendly, in Cabo savvy travelers save more by booking room-only rates and dining off-site to avoid hefty hotel taxes. Hole-in-the-wall taco spots and upscale seafood restaurants hug the coastline, attracting international foodies.


Cabo enjoys relatively hot summers, cool winters and low humidity (despite its proximity to the ocean). The weather is near perfect with more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. In some cases, more than 350 days are sunny and clear. If a storm should arise, it doesn't last long - the rain is fleeting.


Mexico is full of cheap hotels just get one where normal Mexicans stay. The food everywhere in Mexico is cheap, tasty, and abundant, all inclusives make no sense


San Jose del Cabo is where there resort was (20mins away from Cabo San Lucas) and it was a nice area with really nice restaurants. The water was FREEZING and we went in Spring. I went in once just to say I did it. On the boat trip we saw a seal playing with a fish thrashing it around the water (playing with his food). Even though it is part of Mexico everything offered (like snorkeling and diving) have California prices.


We just stayed there in March, and it was a nice, relaxing trip. I never felt unsafe. The sketchiest part was getting from inside the airport to the transport we booked through the hotel. You have to ignore all the drivers who try to stop you until you get outside, which is annoying, but once you find your ride you're fine.


I was in Cabo for the first time a couple of years ago and was surprised by all the white tourists speaking English, if that's what you mean. I felt very safe. Keep in mind it's not the most authentic Mexican experience, but I had a great time at the pool drinking Pacificos for a week!

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From late November to mid-May, conditions are ideal to visit Cabo San Lucas, with sunny days with temperatures around the 80s and cooler nights. Things heat up in the summer, when temperatures reach the high 90s. Some visitors prefer to avoid Cabo during March and April, when tipsy spring breakers descend upon town. Fishing tournaments are held between June and November, but before you pack your rod and reel, keep in mind that it's also hurricane season, so plan accordingly.


Cabo San Lucas's white beaches, fecund waters and spectacular arching stone cliffs at Land's End have become the backdrop for Baja's most raucous tourism. Where else do clubs round up conga lines so that waiters can pour tequila down dancers’ throats? The next morning you can be boating next to dolphins and spouting whales for a hangover cure. The activities are endless: jet-skiing, banana-boating, parasailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, diving and horsebackriding can all be found just by walking down to the beach. Outside city limits, you’ll be surrounded by majestic cardón cacti, caracara birds and mystical arroyos (streams) that will impress you just as much as that crazy club you partied at the night before.


Los Cabos is a magic land full of contrast, from breathtaking seas, to desert and mountains. Also known as “Land’s End” for being located at the tip of the southern Baja California Península. Step into the extraordinary world of Los Cabos where the unparalleled natural beauty, biodiversity and range of amenities will appeal to any personality. Scrolling down you will find everything you need to know to visit Los Cabos.


I left Cabo the next day and I can easily say that it was one of the favorite trips we've ever done. It was quick but so much fun and I'd go back in a heart beat, especially in January!