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We have two Burmese - girl and boy and I have been thinking the same thing. They are so desperate to get out. We had a quote to garden proof the garden and it was very expensive and I cannot justify it at the moment. They have been outside when I am there, trying to cover up the holes in the garden and they love it but I just worry about them wondering off, being stolen or getting run over as we are by a quite busy side road. Not sure what to do for the best. 

Sorry not very helpful post but just wanted to sympathise. 

Mine are nearly 8 months too.

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OMG.. you wont regret it!

I love my chocolate burmese boy. They are the bomb!!!

They love lots of cuddles and they will try to be on your lap when ever you sit down. Mine loves to talk and he can be quite loud. Some Burmese can be chuckers (vomiting after food) but I've found it's improved with different food. Because they have short noses mine does snore at times. Highly intelligent and low maintenance. Best personality cat I've ever had. 



The best cats ever. They play like kittens all their life and are incredibly friendly. Very demanding of attention though so get ready for her to take over your house.



My burmese was the most gorgeous cat ever.

I used to be a cat hater until I came across a burmese.  Then a few years later I met another cat I loved, who was also a burmese!

My little girl was so snuggly and loveable.  Sigh, it has been 4 months since we had her put down and I still miss her every day. 



3 of my 5 cats are Burmese! While they are getting on in age (13), they are still pretty playful and fun! 

I have nothing bad to say about them! Love them to bits!

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We have a six year old neutered Burmese. He has an enormous personality; is known throughout our street (and neighbouring ones) and is totally street- wise. We also have two young Bengal boys who are restricted to our garden, being somewhat bonkers and none too bright. Our Burmese has always seemed able to negotiate our reasonably quite suburban street, I think that they are a clever and resourceful breed, maybe that will become more apparent once the kitten madness has receded a little!

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I have two Burmese and a Burmilla.

They are indoor cats now but when I had a walled garden they were out in it, my lilac girl found a weakness in the netting I installed and came back stinking of perfume!

I have to warn anyone who comes through the door about them, they are so bold and immediately introduce themselves and jump on shoulders.

The door handle turning gets worse, cream boy can turn round door knobs, there is literally no containing now!

They do calm down, the mad half hours are much less frequent now but the playfulness is still there and a da bird has them tearing around like kittens again 

They are such a massive part of our household and are so so tolerant of the DC, 18mo DD2 mimics the different sounds each of them make.