BMW 5 Series reviews

Negative reviews


I drove a 530i for 17 years and the 2019 530e doesn't measure up. The battery drains rapidly and take 5-8 hours to charge. Doesn't charge itself even on freeway unless I take my foot of the gas. The side mirrors block view when turning corners. There is plastic on the steering wheel, not leather. Larger car. Smaller trunk. Wish I could change it for a 530i.

Neutral reviews


The new BMW 5 Series, which is like saying the new VW Golf or the new Mini. Even though it has almost all new parts, we all know exactly what it’s going to be: a fine-driving, well-built, refined luxury car, with an options list that crosses the whole dealer forecourt. The new parts, by the way, are based on the floorpan and chassis of the new 7-Series. The body is impressively light thanks to aluminium all over the skin, but the 5 doesn’t have the fancy carbonfibre structural members of the more expensive 7.


You can get the BMW 5 Series with three diesel and two petrol engines. Pick a 530i petrol model if you spend most time pootling around town – it’ll return around 40mpg – while a 520d diesel is more suitable if you do lots of motorway miles. It’s not quite as smooth as the petrol or as perky as the 2.0-litre diesel in an E-Class but it’s fast enough and will return around 45mpg in the real world.

SE cars are relaxing to drive while M Sport versions with larger alloy wheels and lowered suspension feel a little sportier in corners but let more bumps into the cabin. Pick the optional £985 adaptive dampers to strike the best balance between comfort and engaging handling. All models do a fairly good job of muting wind noise and tyre roar at speed, too.

Unsurprisingly the BMW 5 Series is very safe too – Euro NCAP awarded it an impressive five-star safety rating in 2017. This makes it one of the safest cars on sale and well worth considering if you’re looking for a smart saloon that’s relaxing to drive and comes packed with high-tech features.

Read the interior, practicality, driving and specifications review sections on the following pages for a more in-depth look at the BMW 5 Series.


The 5 Series is one of the most complete packages you can buy. Athletic, versatile and comfortable. Nothing says ‘I’ve made it’ quite like driving one of these. Often cited as the benchmark in high class luxury saloons, the BMW 5 series is one of the most sought-after cars on Irish roads. The 2017 G30 model landed in showrooms earlier in the year and everything about it is designed to impress, from the touchscreen key to the gimmicky-but-great gesture control. The 5 Series continues to embody a fine mixture of technology, power, practicality and refinement.


Pros: good interiror design

Cons: too high cost of maintenence

I am using this Sedan since last six months and I am enjoying its comfortable ride. It has got very efficient suspension and braking system making the handling of this car easier and miraculous. It has also got bright LEDs headlamps which make the night vision more clear and enhanced.

Positive reviews


The 2019 BMW 5 Series delivers great performance and has one of the best interiors in the class. It provides this all-around quality without having any notable weaknesses. For these reasons, the 5 Series finishes near the top of our luxury midsize car rankings, and it deserves a look when you're out shopping for your next car.


Nice car. 


That’s a beautiful car in and out, stop trash talking.


This is an overall great car; fun to drive and at a luxury level that most people will find appealing. The car delivers on gas performance. Over the 800 miles I’ve owned the car, half city and half highway, it’s averaging about 45 mpge. Interior build quality is excellent. I’ve had a minor issue with the truck latch not engaging. It’s at the dealer having a new latch assembly put in. That’s a little disappointing. But the biggest disappointment, no , major complaint, and it’s a big one, is the squealing from the brakes. It’s not a minor low level noise; it’s fingernails on the chalk board level. The dealership says BMWs are know for this. I say, BS. No other car on the market routinely puts out a car that has squeaking brakes. It’s been back to the dealership twice. Hopefully, it will be resolved, but to those of you thinking about buying a 530, beware, trust me, it’s something you can’t live with. It’s that bad.


Love my BMW!!! Getting the Euro style and great handling and love having a hybrid, getting great mileage with plug in charge. I love that this car can pre heat in the morning and be ready for my morning commute. Easy to plug into my existing garage 110v plug for an overnight charge.


It's a trusted vehicle that I use mostly on my way to and from work and occasionally on weekends, and it's also very useful.

I use it a lot of times, at least 80 miles a time, use it for a long time, feel it is also part of my body, feel great!

And there were no problems after the arrival, except normal maintenance, never carried out maintenance.


Well Ive always driven Holden's and HSV's (still have a Monaro and Maloo locked up in the garage) but due to the 2013 GM decision to stop making cars in Australia I briefly switched my daily drive to a Jeep Grand Cherokee which was actually not a bad car, but after driving German rental cars on holidays I decided to switch to something with more luxury and punch, and boy does the 535i satisfy!

I was looking at the 528i which was a nice drive but I was talked into taking the 535i for a test drive and the decision was made. The turbo 6 is obviously not as fuel efficient as the 28i's 4 cyl, but it makes up for it in acceleration. I also have the driving assistant plus pack which has the radar/active cruise with full stop&go which was a must for me.

If I was to pick any flaws with the car it would be the "connecteddrive" which is now obsolete and having no spare wheel just run flat tyres.

The Harmon/kardron sound system has a great sound to it too. I just love driving this car!

The dealer experience was however a very poor experience, lucky the car has made up for the pathetic service!

Trevor S

This model was by far the best car I ever had. I absolutely loved it and went through a huge grieving period when a Toyota klueger put a dint in the back wheel and the insurance assesors classed it as a write off. God I miss it - especially on a lot of Sydney-Melbourne and country trips. It was just beautiful to look at and drive... prior to this I had a 93/95 BMW 5 but the heater hoses played up and I now have the BMW 7 where the heater hoses also played up. The 5 is still my all time favourite. Other cars 86calais, suz800, hydexcel,89berlina...


The build quality on this car is superb, the doors have a heavy solid feel when being closed. It is an excellent car for long distance freeway driving as the seats are comfortable, the interior is quiet and the car feels very stable on the road. The car had problems with it's cooling system when I purchased it. I replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat .It has never had any problems after that. The total costs for these parts was about $600 and I fitted them on myself. The car is easy to work on as there is plenty of space under the bonnet. Rear legroom is not the best and not much more than an e46 3 series, however the interior and paint quality is significantly better.

Most people say that BMW cars are very expensive to maintain, however OEM parts are often the same price as any equivalent non European car, and if you do the maintenance yourself it can be quite inexpensive to own. I am very pleased with my BMW and my next car will also be a 5 series. The build quality, driving feel and handling is leagues ahead of any Japanese or Australian made car.

salman rahman

BMW 5 Series is a fabulous car with all new sporty new looks as new 7 series and it truly full dynamic controls...

Anand jangir

So beautiful car and with amazing features in this car and full power staring automatic car gear.


Great experience pleasure driving wonderful car with cool features great design interior quality best remote parking feature. All in all a great package. Led head lamps hand gestures control 360• camera and more over bmw in itself explains each and every thing about the car the design comfort sporty.


Great, no-problems car. Very smooth driving pleasure. The interior is very cozy. The add-ons are of great help. The lights are nice both interiors and exteriors. Auto hold function is a lot of use for the Jaipur traffic. The music system is also nice. Power of the engine is as I need to use and is always with me