BMW 3 Series reviews

Negative reviews


Pros: It was my dream car so I bought it. Its looks, power, etc fascinated me.

Cons: The worst part is wind shield what I experienced and suffering continuously.

Its very surprising that BMW manufactures their product after tremendous research.But,its wind shield cracks by a little pull and hit by wiper. Within a span of five months with this car,it happened twice. Even I had long discussion with bmw group also, but its like that only. They adamant that it cracks by wiper. In my opinion, if its like so,then its worthless because if your car cleaner or some one pulls wiper and leave,shield will crack.


BMW Libra & BMW D India have failed to fulfil their commitments of getting BMW GT 3 series registered & issuing a Registration certificate. I purchased BMW 3 series GT from BMW libra in August 2018. I was given the commitment to get the registration done within 2 months. Post 2 months when inquired the salesman Mr Manish Magoo had already left the organization & Ms Bhawana stopped responding to calls/messages. It was later found out that BMW libra has filed for dissolution & have taken away the registration money. When BMW India was contacted, they gave assurance of help but failed to commit a date by when it will be done & any written commitment that they will get the registration done. After continuous email exchange & call still the picture is unclear. It's sad that brand like BMW fails to step up when needed. Even the BMW loan department is requesting for RC which BMW India is not giving a clear picture on what they are doing other than delaying tactic of giving a future date.

Neutral reviews


The BMW 3 Series has epitomized the concept of sporty driving pleasure in the global premium mid-size class for more than 40 years.” That claim is contained within the press release on Munich’s new seventh-generation Three; in fact, it’s the opening line. But it’s not true.


So the BMW 3 Series does most of the sensible stuff very well, but how does it drive? Well, its sharp steering lets you flick between corners and special dampers in the suspension (that absorb bumps well) stop the BMW leaning like an overloaded container ship when you turn. It’s at least a match for the Alfa Romeo Giulia when it comes to putting a smile on your face.

You get three engines to choose from. The BMW’s 320d four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engine has plenty of shove and will be very cheap to run. The 330i’s four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol is quicker and sportier, while the six-cylinder in the M340i xDrive four-wheel drive is a rocket ship – accelerating from 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds. That’s about as quick as the old M3.

But, even if you act like a yob, the BMW 3 Series is always very well behaved. At a cruise, the cabin is as quiet as an Audi A4’s and a host of optional driving aids mean it can cruise itself down the motorway so long as you keep your hands on the wheel. You can’t get much more relaxing than that!

You can also have autonomous driving aids that help in town, such as the reversing assistant. It can drive the car for you, reversing back the way you came should you, say, get blocked in a multi-storey car pack – though, it might take a few attempts to actually work.

So it’s fair to say that the BMW 3 Series is better in every way than the car it replaces, while still maintaining the sporty character of every version that has come before. If you’re looking for a practical family car that you can enjoy owning – it’s the small saloon to beat.


Sharp-suited looks, dynamics honed to prioritise driving pleasure over outright comfort and a broad selection of powertrains to suit those looking to maximise efficiency or speed.

Other compact executives are more spacious, some feel more luxurious, while others are even faster. But none of them is a BMW 3 Series Saloon.


Even though the majority of 3 Series vehicles sold run on gasoline, the BMW 3 Series diesel offers a new alternative that’s efficient and fun to drive. Available in both sedan and wagon body styles, and in rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations, the 3 Series diesel is practical and flexible enough to be used as a family car.


The 3 Series is almost universally considered the benchmark sports sedan. Offered with rear- or all-wheel drive, the model delivers pinpoint handling and a snug, but impeccably finished interior. Over the years it has been offered with a wide variety of four-, six-, and even V8 engines, as well as in sedan, convertible, and wagon formats. Regardless of the version you choose, the compliant ride, punchy engine and fun-to-drive formula remain. While this version of the 3 Series BMW offers more interior room than the previous version, responsive steering and handling make it as nimble as some sports cars. Track-monster M3 versions tilt the needle all the way toward sportiness.


Pros: Comfortable ride

Cons: Only black colour interior option

BMW 3 Series is car which everyone would love to drive because of its unique character of comfort. From the day i bough BMW 3 Series i always find reasons to drive it because their are many buttons on the central console which are designed to provide me maximum comfort and allows to achieve full control over the vehicle. The best part BMW 3 Series has shown me good fuel economy numbers with decent performance parameters.

Manas Sharma

Superb handling, response and performance, good fuel economy, stylish design, useful features. One of the best commercially produced diesel engines. awesome looks, awesome performance, super features and very responsive car with spot on handling. Very comfortable handling even beyond 150 kmph , Very good looks , Parking assistance through iDrive. everything abt this car is good, u dont feel like going home when u drive this baby. Best-in-class handling, instant throttle response, superb seats, I-drive, steering feedback. Amazing interior and comfort. this car is also valuable for its money. Great Pick up. Exterior After having sleepless night to get mine OWN BMW. finally I got and it was love at first sight. The Luxury line give you the feeling of Royalness. The car leaves it's impression as you go out. which i told it is good point of car but now i want to share some bad experiance also in this car for my opinion. Bad Things :- Bit cramped in the back seat for more than two passengers, not a car to be chauffer driven in. cramped, expensive parts. If you're big or looking to stretch out this might beslightly tight.


If BMW didn't want negative reviews of a "new" generation of cars maybe they should have spent more time to make it undeniably different from it's predecessor. From the external styling to the interior details, very little has changed from generation to generation of the 3 series. To persuade a new generation of BMW buyers, the brand needs to leave behind what worked in past and look forward to what the new consumer demands or be resigned to following Mercedes for a long time to come.


For generations, the BMW 3-series was the go-to car if you wanted a small saloon that was prepared to sacrifice some practicality for a bit more enjoyment. But in recent times that hasn’t been the case. A more generic approach to the 3-series’ visual and dynamic make-up, combined with an upping of their game from Audi and Mercedes in terms of the A4 and C Class respectively, has given BMW more than a few sleepless nights in recent years.


Competition breeds diversity. It's good for life, good for our economy, and, in the auto industry, good for drivers. For the longest time, the BMW 3-Series was the gold standard; the king of the hill; the very best choice in the compact luxury sedan segment. BMW's compact was so competitive, so balanced in terms of driving refinement, engagement, luxury, and style, that it dominated the segment for decades. The 3-Series was a driver's car that appealed to everyone.

Positive reviews


Yes, the BMW 3 Series is a wonderful car. The new 3 Series generation launches for 2019 with the redesigned sedan. The Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo body styles carry over from last year with relatively few changes (their redesigns are expected to come for a later model year). This luxury small car’s strength is sporty performance. For 2019, it received some noteworthy enhancements, resulting in sharper handling, more precise steering, and a livelier base engine. The interior was also improved thanks to updated styling, new technology, and more room in the back seat and trunk.


Beautifully designed, built and equipped interior, but 3 Series dash isn't the last word in style


BMW 3 Series offers comfort and space for all occupants, and a generous boot


BMW 3 Series is an excellent car, its speed and looks are amazing. The color red is incredible, its interior is luxurious and its exterior loos sporty.


I really like this new one, I went from a 3 to the current c class as the c class felt much more premium inside and out, but this might change things.