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According to legend, the sacred Birman cat attained its unusual light gold colour when a priest died in an ancient temple in the presence of his accompanying cat. On the death of his companion, the cat looked into the blue eyes of a goddess in the temple which is how it got its eye colour. Seven days later, it also died and took the priests’ spirit with it. A distinct feature is the white on its paws.


The Birman cat has a medium-length coat. It is a pointed cat with blue, red, cream, lilac and brown tip varieties and white paws. The eyes are blue and whilst males weigh 8-12 pounds, queens (females) are a little bit smaller.


The Birman cat has a balanced personality and mixes well with people. It’s the type of cat which will come and greet its owner when they arrive home – and not just because it wants feeding either. It loves company.


How the cats really came to be is unknown. Theories include crosses of Siamese with Angoras or Persians, but when or where those original meetups occurred is unknown. They may have taken place in southeast Asia, between various cats who carried the genes for a pointed pattern, long hair and blue eyes, or the breed may have been created in France from cats imported by two Europeans, a Frenchman named Auguste Pavie, and a Major Gordon Russell, who were given a pair of temple cats in 1919 as a reward for aiding the priests. The cats were shipped to France, but the male did not make it there alive. Before he died, however, he had impregnated the female, and her kittens helped to establish the breed in Europe. It was recognized in France in 1925 as the Sacre de Birmanie, from which comes the current breed name, Birman.


I had a Birman. She lived to be 20 ~ there's a pic of her on my profile when she was an old lady and looking a bit frail. Beautiful cats and yes, they are very vocal smile


I have two birman cats, a brother and sister. I can highly recommend them, however he prepared for lots of white hair about the house - regular vacuuming and a supply of lint removers sorts this out however.

They like to follow us about and are very social, however like all cats it depends on their mood of the moment. They are playful, intelligent and mischievous and the siblings are great friends. I would recommend getting two as they like company and it's lovely watching them play together.

We have ours as house cats with an outdoor enclosure, they are so trusting and not very streetwise so cars would be a problem if you let them out. My boy just decides to lie down in the middle of a thoroughfare in the house and expects everyone to step over him.


The only one I've ever known was lovely, but thick as a yard of lard. His owner had had lots of Birmans and said that was par for the course!


The coat needs quite a lot of care with two or three brushes a week. A bath at the end of every season is enough to rid the coat of old hair. It is also important to watch the type of kitty litter used. Some cheaper products will stain the light coloured body hair. Ungroomed cats can finish up with knotted coats that require veterinary attention.


100% birman, has sassy, slightly offended, but fuzzy adorable look.

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They're sooooo cute!


The Birman is a most attractive cat, exceptional to look at and very photogenic. They are a semi-long haired cat breed that are broadly similar in colour to siamese cats except that the tips of their feet are pure white. The cats have markings i.e. darker colouration on the face, ears, legs and tail. These areas are known as points. Regardless of body or point colour, the cat should always have deep blue eyes and white feet. The white feet are known as gauntlets and, for showing, should be as symmetrical as possible. On the front feet the gauntlet should end in an even line and go no higher than the ankle. On the back feet the gauntlet should cover the entire foot and taper high up the back of the leg to the hock. The coat should be long but nowhere near as long as that of a Persian. There should be an obvious ruff or collar of hair around the neck, especially in the males. The tail is also bushy and the body is robust with shorter solid legs and a medium sized tail. Over the last five years several new colours have become available in this breed. The red, torti (tortoise-shell) and tabby points are new and the lilac remains rare. Birman colours include Seal, Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream, Chocolate, Seal Torti (female only breed), Seal Tortie Tabby, Blue Tabby, Seal Tabby.


My parents just adopted a 10 y.o Birman and he is the sweetest cat and so cuddly. They have such a great nature. Enjoy these two!


My mom has a flame point Birman. The breed has such a distinct and colorful personality type, don't they? He gives us so much attitude and sass. He KNOWS he's pretty. But he is also very cuddly and loyal.


They're beautiful!


Beautiful cat!




That's a beautiful cat!