Bengal cat review

Negative reviews

bob Holt

I have a neighbours bengal cat terrorising my cat and specifically kitten. It has also taken a chunk out of my daughters boyfriends leg. Nothing deters it. It comes through me window or door to get at the kitten. I am very dubious about the breed. I have had cats for more than 25 years and have never encountered this, including having many feral cats around my house in Italy.


My bengal was horrible. He pooped in the toaster.


My family adopted a bengal when I was in high school. He was a crazy man until about the time he turned 15. I remember once there was a bug on the wall above my head and he was able to jump up and grab it, and I am 5’10. These cats are HIGH energy. My bengal just to run up the 20step stair case in 3 jumps and down in 2. I would be very worried about a bengal being in a condo, specifically in a bedroom. That sounds like a recipe for behavioral issues related to boredom and pent up energy.

So far as the dog like personalities I don’t buy that. My cat is very smart and learned some tricks over the years. He does NOT like to cuddle or be held. He will come to you for affection on his terms and his terms only. If I were to just scoop him up out of the blue he would howl and do his best to get out of my arms. I will say that he does shed less then my others cats. I can’t speak to the allergy issue as no one in my family has cat allergies.

Now, please don’t take this as that bengals are not good pets. My guy has been a wonderful pet and 10/10 I would adopt another bengal. But, you do need the right situation and I am not sure that you are in it.

Neutral reviews


We got our first Bengal a little too late, 20 weeks, and she was not socialized by her breeder. She bonded very well with our older male but it took 2 years before she was okay with us touching her when she was out of the cat-room ( when in her room she demanded affection, which was weird ). But like others said, vocalization needs to be a warning up front, if it weren't for the fact that I fell in love with her hard we may have gotten rid of her. Howling every night and morning, chirping and yipping whenever she sees a living creature. Bengals will train you fast. If I do not play with her and pet her until she falls asleep in her cat tree she will either lay under the bed or on my wife's dressed and howl at the top of her lungs. We tried to follow the advice of just ignoring it but she's smart enough to just stop for a few minutes and then start again... For hours.


Having been a life long anti cat person, I have been shown the error of my ways by a beautiful Bengal who has turned me into a pathetic slave! Now I know what all the fuss is about. But...he does not like water! I can't even get him to drink it unless it has had fish cooked in it. I bought a cat fountain, played with the hosepipe, everything. He has a meat and fish only diet (no biscuits or any dried food) and I always add a little water, and I give him milk for cats, but does anyone have any suggestions to get him to drink water?

Report oopsandbabycoconut

Ooh we have 2 a brother/sister pair although 2 years apart. They like to have lots to do and will play for hours if given a chance. My only real tip would be to get a heavy bottomed water bowl, ours love to paddle in theirs and we often come home to puddles where the water bowl should be. 

We have one very sociable one who is dragged about by our 22 month old and one who hides at the sight of her! but both have amazing personalities and are very gentle.

Positive reviews


I, too, got a 11 month old clouded, glittered retired queen. I have had her for about 2 months. Her job was to keep my Russel Terrier (manic, active dog) busy when I could not go out to play with him often. She excels at the job. They love each other and also my 10 pound rescue dog. She sleeps in a heap (me included) at night. I could not have possibly gotten a better match for my little family. She does like to explore all parts of the house. She attempts to open and close cabinet doors and other doors. She is spot on using her two litter boxes (unlike my naughty, lovable Russell).

She is top of the line beautiful. Do be careful where you get your Bengal.

Before you buy a Bengal cat, do research. Find a reliable breeder, one who has champion cats in the breeding pool. Believe me, don't try to save money with cheaper cats or backyard breeders.


I got an adult bengal (former used for breeding, one year old). She is lovable, sweet, and quiet. So far she has none of the drawbacks of some bengals. She had a tall, tall cat tree, cat tunnels, toys, and two dogs to play with. She is one of the pack. True, she likes to explore the house (larger than average). She plays with the maniac young Russell Terrier. They are partners in mischief. At night she sleeps with all of us. She loves affection. She is so very confident with people who come to visit. She overwhelms them with rubs and purring. She is not destructive at all. She is curious, but not destructive. I feel so lucky to have gotten such a wonderful kitty. Maybe you need to be careful of where you buy a bengal. A cat like mine is such a precious pet.


Thank you so much for your reply, it was very reassuring. He was a stray who was rejected by all the local rescue organisations because he was considered so vicious, so we took him in, albeit reluctantly! Now, I can't tell you how much we love him. He had IMHA when he arrived (which resulted in a huge vet bill!) and this has made me a bit paranoid about his health. But he does seem to be very healthy. He is a wonderful cat, who has blown all my prejudices away, and who is obviously very happy we found each other. I never realised cats could be so affectionate!

Olga Shatokhina

Our Bengal cats live with us as family members. We breed our cats with care and devotion. We are interested in people who are willing to take care of our kittens and love them unconditionally. Therefore, we will only place our kitten in a loving home.

Danny L Landacre Sr.

I actually found my bengal across the street behind the gas station,he actually follwed me home because I talked to him and pet him.Well 6 months later, I had him fixed, Niw that I figured out what I have, He talks alot and is nutty,He leaps from dressers and bights my arms like a baby cat. I had thought he was Part Siamese, well He actually loves my 60lb dog they are best friends but hates my cats I have downstairs. So he lives on the 3rd floor I started searching yesterday on google and found a Picture of him and the pic is him to a T,, I love Sylvester.. So now that I know what Owns me, I wish my wife hadn't talked me into fixing him. but Hinesight ya know.


Hi whp. Lucky you! Bengal's are fantastic cats and make great pets. I have a 4 year old and he is soooooo gorgeous in every way. Actually i'm looking at some kittens tomorrow because i want another one! 

They are very affectionate and good with kids, he is very tolerant of my 9yr old DD.

You won't be disappointed. I would get him a scratch post and a bed and some toys. My cat never attempts to scratch my furniture, has always used the scratch post. He will need lots of stimulation,so get him some toys etc. You have picked a great choice of cat! awwww!


Bengals aren’t really good cats for first time owners, or people who don’t have experience with them and know exactly what they are getting into. They’re hybrid cats, which essentially means that they are partially wild. A bengal is a mix between a domestic shorthair and Asian Leopard Cats, end depending on how far removed your cat is from its “wild” ancestors, you will be in for a handful, regardless.

This isn’t to dissuade you from getting a bengal, but they’re a LOT of work, but I’ll try to answer your questions in the order they’re asked.

1: From a couple of quick google searches, it basically says that Bengals aren’t really hypoallergenic, but their dander is different enough that it might not cause a reaction

2: I’m not sure how to answer this one unfortunately, it really does depend on the cat. If you could, I’d look into some bengal cat owner forums and poke around there.

3: This really wouldn’t work for a bengal unfortunately. They’re rather large cats, and need LOTS of space to roam. They’re smart and very active cats. They need to keep their brains busy as well as their bodies. A couple of places recommend you have an outdoor enclosure for your bengal so they can get some of that mental energy drained from watching birds and enjoying being outside, if that isn’t feasible they also suggest taking your cat on two 10-20 minute walks each day. this link might be helpful.

4: Like most animals, it’s all about research when it comes to breeders. Do a LOT of googling, look for reviews. I don’t believe bengals are a recognized breed, so I don’t think you’d have any luck finding them at kitty shows and whatnot. I’d try finding forums specifically for bengal owners.

5: I can’t really say if a bengal would be right or wrong for you, but I would keep in mind that just “being home” with the kitty won’t be enough. He will get bored, and bored cats are destructive. Bengals also have a desire to be outside due to their wilder ancestors. He will need a LOT of stimulation that being left in one room won’t satisfy. They’re adaptable cats, but keep in mind that if you’re living in a smaller space they’d need more time on walks and such, and if you get a kitten I’d make it a priority to get it used to harness.