BB&T Corporation reviews

Negative reviews


BB&T has been of no help to me in trying to resolve the issue with $432 in overdraft fees on my checking account. After a 39 minute wait to speak to someone this morning, I finally spoke to a customer service representative who then forwarded me to a supervisor. I woke up this morning to $144 in overdraft fees, mind you I had a deposit yesterday and today that covered all of my transactions with plenty leftover in my account. I woke up and checked my account at 4am EST to which my deposit was available in my account. At 4:26am EST, I received an email from BB&T that my account was negative and at 7:10am EST I received an email for the posted $144 in overdraft fees. After speaking with the supervisor, she refunded back only $36 in overdraft fees and told me that BB&T only offers this as a courtesy once every two years and I would not be eligible for an overdraft refund, unless it was bank error, until November 14th, 2020. Debit transactions are posting 1-2 hours BEFORE my...


I was given a BB&T gift card. When I called to activate the card, I was told the Bank decided to close the card because it was not in use for 6 months and took the $100 that was on the card out of it. I initially called on December 23, 2018 and was told I would receive a call in 3-5 business days. It is now January 17th 2019. I called the bank again and was told that they decided to take the $100 out of the card but has not decided to put it back on and that I would not have to all back in another 3-5 business days. This is ridiculous, it is a gift card, and the back of the card says 6 months after activation funds will expire. I did not try to activate it until December 22 2018.


In April BB&T received a loan payoff amount on a car loan of $16,887.69 from Volkswagen of America. They also received their regular monthly payment from from us of $415.83 (Check # 2338). They now show a ZERO balance on our car loan with the pay-off from Volkswagen of America. They do not show ANY record of receiving our personal check. However, this check cleared our bank on April 21. I am in possession of a copy of the endorsed and cancelled check by BB&T. This payment would have been an "overpayment" and should be returned, but BB&T refuses to address this issue, and says it is up to our own bank to pursue. Our bank says that they are unable to do anything. Bottom Line: BB&T has $415.83 payment that they processed and have been paid as an overpayment on the car loan, and need to refund this amount. I don't care where the funds went. They don't belong to BB&T, and should be returned. 


My checking account was shown as overdrawn with the bank and I went there and made a payment to them in order to bring it back into the positive. However, it came to my attention they never applied my amount to my account whatsoever and continued to tack on a negative balance to my checking account after I took money to pay off the negative amount on it. I have tried to resolve this issue with my bank, but they are not wanting to help me. They only wish to take more money from me.

Priscilla of Laurel

I had many unauthorized withdrawals made from my account, to the tune of almost $500.00, over a period of 6-7 months. When I reported it to the Fraud Dept., I was told that I had made the withdrawals.

John of Chesapeake

Customer service at BB&T is the worst I have ever had. Took out a personal loan at the BB&T and Chesapeake Virginia on battlefield boulevard. Took it out a week ago nobody contacted me. Nobody talk to me. Had to go over to the bank and find out that the loan was disapproved. Piss poor planning. Company really needs to look at their problem at this Bank. There is no service.

Kimberly of Boca Raton

Last week I had a $1000.00 Zelle transfer bank to bank. It never was put into my bank account even though I had a confirmation # and the other bank proved BB&T had the money. It's been a week. I get a different story every time I call as to where the money is. I still don't have MY money. As soon as I do get it, I am change banks immediately.

Darrell of Culpeper

I have had nothing but problems with this bank. I opened a business account and a personal account 7 years ago. Little did I know but they labeled both accounts as business accounts so our personal checking and savings accounts were not visible. After numerous calls over a couple of years to get these accounts visible to both my wife and I, I am informed that both accounts were set up as business accounts and I would have to close one of them. As frustrated as I was, I agreed and told them to ensure all accounts were listed in the remaining account. After 24 hours waiting as instructed, I went into online banking to find out that they didn't include my business credit card. I called again, waiting for almost an hour to speak with someone and asked why my credit card account wasn't visible. The customer service agent replied that I had to specifically instruct each account by name to be moved over to ensure it gets done. Really??


Do not open an account with BB&T, it is a predatory bank that goes out of its way to charge its customers as many fees as it can. They still do thing that most other major banks have stopped doing due to major complaints and legal action. Here are a few examples of the shady practices they use.

They post Charges to your account before they post cash deposits. What this means is if you deposit $100.00 in

Abdelaziz A.

Why does it take over a week to open a joint checking account? This is crazy. There are computers now and a thing called the internet, maybe BBT should look into using them.

Kirsten P.

BB&T - when I first moved to ((NO)VA, the town I lived in was for some reason (the town is small) at the one lighted intersection were about 5-6 banks - some I knew and knew were bad as they are nationwide...I was looking for a neighborhood bank - they were great at first - they are a nightmare to deal with now - I've since moved back to New England but have to deal with them due to a credit card - which was of course recently compromised - they SUCK! Do not bank with these guys - not friendly unless you have a mortgage and life savings with them -their mobile app sucks their CS sucks for both debit and credit cards - they just plain suck - their CS argue with you - I'm sorry, I would be fired from my job if I talked to clients like that and treated clients the way they do - please read my other reviews - not a negative nellie at all - closed out everything with them except the dreaded credit card (working on that) and am using a friendly CU in my area that is actually bigger but cheaper (free) to bank with! (I'm a Vet Tech so I have to be nice to you owners who suck even when I want to poke ya damn eyes out!) WTF BB&T! Such a fast FALL and FAIL

Reviewed By HSkinner

Money Missing

Today, I noticed something crazy and weird with my account. It started off with an account credit of $74 posting to my account, but NEVER showing up in my account balance. So I went through from the VERY FIRST DAY I opened my account, and started adding and subtracting. In order. To the very last transaction. Let me tell you.. THERE WAS $182.27 MISSING FROM MY ACCOUNT. WITH NO RECORD OF IT. AT ALL. So I do the math again. Same thing. So I take it to the bank first thing in the morning. The banker finds the same thing wrong with my account. So I ask her for two paper copies in which she tells me, SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE ME ANY STATEMENTS FROM MY ACCOUNT IN THIS SITUATION. I take it from her anyways letting her know that I legally have to take it to present to lawyers if nothing gets resolved. So she calls BBT Support on her end. The lady on the phone (not the banker I'm sitting with) kept saying that THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG! She also said there was nothing she could do about it! So I immediately asked to speak to her supervisor. Then she put me and the banker on hold for a while saying to wait for 2-3 minutes til her supervisor answers. We wait around 10-15 minutes for her to finally tell us that she isn't going to transfer the call. So the banker says, well take her phone number down and have your supervisor call within 20-30 minutes. STILL NO PHONE CALL. AND STILL $182.27 JUST SILENTLY GONE FROM MY ACCOUNT. PLEASE JUST GO THROUGH YOUR TRANSACTIONS AND MAKE SURE THIS HASN'T HAPPENED TO YOU TOO!

I will be following up with a lawyer as well as putting in reports to

-U.S. Federal Reserve

-U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

-California Department of Business Oversight

-Federal Deposit insurance Corporation

-U.S. Department of Treasury

-Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

-Better Business Bureau

-Attorney Generals Office

If you find the same problem, I'd really suggest doing the same.


Bank wants your MONEY, but not YOU

Your money is the most important thing you can trust to someone else. Make sure that you look elsewhere before you come to this company.

I had almost $20,000 invested in both a Traditional and a Roth IRA. My company had laid several of us off after a merger, and in time i fell on hard times. I reached out to my investment adviser on 4 different occasions seeking advice on what I could do to access just enough of my funds to get myself caught back up. I also called him. No response was made from him. So I sent a final email that I was upset about his lack of response and that if he didn't contact me I would be withdrawing my money to put somewhere else. No response. I moved my money.

I let BB&T know why I was withdrawing my money. They told me they didn't know who my adviser was. But later after digging, said that he was no longer with the company. They didn't forward his email, they didn't put an auto-reply. They just left it. Oh yeah, they also said that it would be a 95.00 closing fee for EACH account that you close.

I challenged the fee since my investment adviser was not responding to me, which was why I was moving my money. I spoke with Jameshia on the phone, who even agreed with me that they had failed on their end for customer service, and she would get me in contact with someone that would help with getting the 95.00 fee waived.

I spoke with someone on the phone with the investment end Chris Suarez (sp?) who told me that I should have called around different people to find someone that would help. Basically it wasn't THEIR job to provide customer service, it was my job to find it. Shocked at this, I asked him if the phone call was recorded so I could have someone higher than him listen to this, he said that his phone calls were not recorded. He then said that he would NOT waive the 95.00 fees on my accounts, that it was their commission and fees for the account.

So BB&T wants your money, but they don't want to deal with YOU.

I hope this review keeps just one person from giving BB&T a single dollar.

Neutral reviews


I highly appreciate the services offered by BBT. It doesn't make sense anymore to have a physical banking location. There are no fees, no minimum balances to maintain, and I find their customer service to be exceptional. There were fraudulent charges on my account and customer service took care of the issue. I expected to be on the phone forever, but they took care of the problem quickly.

Rumit P.

Their customer service is decent, but nothing phenomenal. I've come here a few times during lunch and completing transactions is a cinch. I recommend it.

Positive reviews


I lost my son recently and went through a period of financial difficulty due to the expenses involved. I called BB&T when I got an overdraft notice. Not only did they listen, they removed the charges and pushed my mortgage payment ahead. The people I talked to were genuine and went out of their way to help. I will always be their customer


BB&T Surfside SC Bank

I have been a customer of their bank for 23 + years and in my dealings with them I have been extremely impress with the excellent customer-relations, especially concerning Mr. Perry Dalton. I am a widow and sometimes, what might seem as a trivial problems to some, are really nerve "racking" for me. Without his continued support and patience I might not be a customer of this bank today.,

A 5 star rating, for sure.

Ann Cotton, Murrells Inlet, SC