Bank of New York Mellon Corp reviews

Negative reviews


I use BNY Mellon Wealth Management because it's close and handy. But they are a bad company, they do not have any features that I like that the other companies do nor offer. They should have better monthly fees meaning no monthly fees. They charge too much for fees and they keep adding up to the fees instead of making them down. I also feel that the alerts I get are way too late for important information and they need to step up. If someone stole my credit info then it needs to happen faster. Also the process of using online financial advisor is a chore you have to do, one that is important but not one you ever really want to do. Whenever I need to go and use it, I feel stressed out and it's not a experience I ever look forward to.

Neutral reviews

Arron of Laconia

BNY Mellon Wealth Management offers a very intuitive financial advisor service. The advisers are very level-headed and are genuinely interested in making the online banking experience as seamless as feasibly possible for the consumer. Advisers are assistive, but ultimately they give the consumer the final verdict to make an investment decision. Customers who use this service are accordingly matched with the appropriate advisory, per their precise fiduciary standing.


I like that the company actually provides for my financial needs. They care for those who are unfortunately financially in need which makes them good and helpful people. When using their online financial service, all you have to do is go to their website, click on get help with financial service and provide your information and you can then get a financial advisor. BNY is fine the way they are.


The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. operates as a holding company, which engages in the provision of global financial services. It provides financial services for institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals, offering investment management and investment services. It operates through the following segments: Investment Management, Investment Services, and Others. The Investment Services segment includes alternative investment services, asset servicing, broker-dealer services, corporate trust, depository receipts, pershing clearing services, and treasury services. The Investment Management segment offers investment strategies, investment vehicles, and wealth management. The Others segment includes credit-related services, leasing portfolio, corporate treasury activities, equity interest in ConvergEx Group, business exits, and corporate overhead. The company was founded by Alexander Hamilton on July 1, 2007 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

Positive reviews

Caleb of Ballwin

I like BNY Mellon Wealth Management. They see me as a person, not just a statistic. They are good at helping me generate wealth and answer any questions I have. But I hope that they could improve their web interface, as it is a little outdated. Despite this, it is intuitive while having more advanced features. There are a few things I can customize and I am highly satisfied overall.