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Rabbi Mahmud

Bangladesh is a densely populated country surrounded by India from three sides. It was once part of India and Pakistan both. Bangladeshis come in all shapes and colors. There are very fair looking Bangladeshis to African black looking Bangladeshis. 80 % Bangladeshis are a cross between Indian and Burmese with slight mongoloid feature (small nose). 90 to 95% Bangladeshis are dark brown.

Culture of Bangladesh

Culturally Bangladeshis are very diverse. Bangladeshis don't belong to any particular culture. Some Bangladeshis follow Indian Bengali culture, some follow western culture, some follow Arabic culture. Bangladeshi culture is a blended culture of Bengali Hindu culture and Arabic Islamic culture. Bollywood and Indian TV serials are immensely popular in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis understand HINDI very well but can't talk properly in Hindi. 90% Bangladeshis are extremely poor in English. A foreigner might find it hard to stay in Bangladesh without knowing Bangla.

Political scenario in Bangladesh

Bangladesh used to be a hub of many radical fundamentalists and a heaven for Indian separatist terror group ULFA but now under Sheikh Hasina's strong leadership the country is slowly moving out from being a terror heaven for militants.

Bangladesh has two main political parties. Bangladesh Awami League and BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party). Awami League is pro-Indian and BNP is anti-Indian party.

Religious harmony in Bangladesh

This is a controversial topic. Bangladeshis may not be as intolerant as Pakistanis toward religious minorities but not very liberal either. Time to time communal clashes happen in Bangladesh and mainly Hindu Bangladeshis are targeted. Bangladeshis who are radicals call Hindus Malaun (cursed people). Many Hindu houses are burned, their properties are destroyed when BNP comes in power or after any election. Some are forced to leave their own country to India. Many Bangladeshi Hindus have bought lands in India in fear of persecution but in general Bangladesh is not as same as Pakistan but sadly its moving towards in that way slowly. Also many Bangladeshis have recently joined terror organization ISIS in Syria. Even some Indians and Pakistanis joined ISIS via Bangladesh.

Overall, I would give Bangladesh 2.5 stars (average country). Only if Bangladesh controls its population and maintains religious harmony it would be considered a developing country.

Aditya Saxena

I don’t have much knowledge about bangladesh as a country as i have never visited it but i have met and talked to quite a few of them on internet and during their visit as a tourist to my hometown in Agra(taj mahal).In my opinion bangladeshi’s(especially educated middle class) are quite respectful and fond of indians although i know that their have been attack on hindus in bangladesh by some extremist muslims but through my interactions i have found that majority of them are quite respectful,fun loving and tolerant people who just want to develop their country(like us indians) and most of them also don't nurse any type of hate for general population of India(unlike Nepalis).its no wonder that India gets its highest amount of tourist inflow through bangladesh.I would really love to visit bangladesh and try various dishes of their country(which i think is similar to west bengali cuisine) i have also heard that bangladesh makes some of the best quality clothes so i definitely would love to buy some for myself.finally,i want to send my best wishes to my bangladeshi friends and hope that both of our country and people remove any differences between us and increase people to people interaction with each other.


Be prepared to embrace Bangladesh in all its possibilities and quirks. This isn't a destination to be rushed. Poor infrastructure and an undeveloped tourist industry means that you’ll be left frustrated if you’re trying to travel in too much of a hurry. So slow down; don’t try to pack too much into your itinerary. Bangladesh isn’t a tick-the-sights-off-the-list type of country. It’s a place to relax, meet people and discover new ideas and ways of life. Taking your time will allow the country to reveal the best of itself at its own pace, as sure and steady as the rivers that flow through its veins.


Travel is dangerous to the Khagrachari, Rangamati, and Bandarban Hill Tracts districts (collectively known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts) due to kidnappings and other security incidents. Political demonstrations, blockades, and violent clashes have occurred and are likely to continue. Prior approval from Bangladesh’s Ministry of Home Affairs Office of Public Safety is required if you plan to travel to the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Alam Sid

This is going to be a difficult area, because all life should be valued. If we move into defining brain dead then we move in grey areas. In my extended family we have a young girl who is 8 years old but is not able to communicate or walk. We love her! In Bangladesh there is a lot of poor people i don’t want the poor people to sell their body parts for a social experiment with analogy of psychology to the “trolley drama” save one healthy life who will be productive to society Vs the brain dead.

Sandy Tatham

spent one month in Bangladesh in November-December 2013, just before the last elections. I didn’t realise it was going to be such a dangerous time to be there, with much firebombing of public transport (and subsequent deaths). I happily spent most of my time walking around and meeting people in Old Dhaka near my budget hotel which was also not far from Sadarghat. Then I took the Rocket south, hoping for the hartals (transport strikes) to be lifted, but that wasn’t the case. Instead I stayed for ten days in Morelgang, and carefully explored the surrounding area during the daytime with local help, and had an amazing time. The local people were beautiful. I’m looking forward to returning soon!


I returned from a month in Bangladesh on October 13. We did not have one nights accommodation booked in advance. They only places we had problems were Syhlet and Rangpur – the majority of guesthouse/hotels/hostels didn’t want ‘foreigners’. This is due to the hassle they get from the police after the terrorist incident in July. Also in Sylhet we were not able to hire cycle bikes to cycle through the tea gardens at all, but we went to the police station and the police commissioner have us two armed gaurds to go through the tea garden and to the lake – bonkers.

Regarding train ticket. We book all at the train station there was always someone who spoke english and wanted to help. Some trains like night trains I would be at least a day in advance.

Enjoy your travels – females have cover up clothes and a scarf (just for certain time not all the time)

Sh M

Bangladesh is beautiful. Just only avoid dhaka... so much populated city. Avoid dhaka. U may landd directly at chittagong.

Tupac Shakur

Beutifull Bangladesh !!

Positive reviews


Bangladesh is really a unique country and I recommend giving it a try if you find yourself in South Asia. My best and final piece of advice that I’ll give you is to go in with an open mind and get ready to experience something brand new.


I enjoy this country.I’m sure that i’ll be there very soon.

Barry Harvey

In 2015 my child and I were invited to a Muslim wedding in Sylhet by some Bangladeshi friends. Even though I had been to India before I was very excited about the prospect of visiting Bangladesh. We were treated so well where ever we went. In fact my friends who are British Bangladeshis complained that we were being treated better than them. Lol. We also got the chance to visit Dhaka as we were there for a Month. We have been back since, and will be returning in December 2018. Great Country, Great People.


The people in Bangladesh are so friendly……But don’t forget the Traffic jam,It’s so Painful. – corolla car price in Bangladesh


i love bangladesh


I just spent 5 days in Bangladesh with Tours N Trips Bangladesh. Mr. Zia was a great guide whose professionalism was matched only by his enthusiasm for all things Bengali and Bangladeshi. He always had a story or some facts for each of the sites we visited, including ancient and modern. I would highly recommend the Archaeology and River Cruise Tour to anyone who would like to see the sites and learn more about the history of Bengal and Bangladesh.

The hotels were clean and the staff were friendly and spoke English well. All the time in the car was comfortable because there was always a bottle of water and the AC was on.

Thanks Tours N Trips for making this a holiday I won’t forget.

Stephen R

We visited Dhaka for the Wedding celebration of our daughter. While there, my wife and I, family and friends were treated to various tours of Dhaka throughout the week. All tours were arranged by Mr. Zia and his very qualified guides. From visiting Old Dhaka to rickshaw rides to experiencing the water port and its hustle and bustle. The exposure to the local stores and markets and the warm people were amazing! Every detail of the tours were explained by the knowledgable guides. All questions answered with ease. Treat yourself to a tour with this company. You won't regret it!!

hasan mia

Love from Bangladesh 


I love such hidden gems and non-tourist places like Bangladesh, Ellie! Reading your post made me realized that Bangladesh i