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You learn about financial safety and how to get the most out of your money. The hardest part of the job is dealing with people that do not understand that our validation process works to protect their information.


I have had an account with Bancosantander es for 8 years.Over the years i have had several problems with my account.The staff at my local branch in Estepona have been unwilling or unable to solve any of the problems.After the latest unsolved problem i am at the point of closing my account and moving to another bank.

jesper mann

Lllegue al banco para abrir una cuenta, pero el Directór de al Oficina Joaquín Salamanca Alcázar de la Oficina, Carretas 14, madrid, no quiso abrirlo.

Como tengo domicilio aqui tengo el derecho de abrir una cuenta. No hay ningun duda.

El director inventó razones tontos para que no pudiera abrir la cuenta.

Me estuvo mintiendo en la cara! Ese director es una persona corrupta, que no tiene ética y no cumple con la ley de la union europea.

The bank director and his colleagues would not give me an account even if I live here, and I could prove it and had all the right documents. He invented all kinds of reasons and was lying to my face. According to the laws of the european union, they have to give me an account and they know it. This director and his colleagues are corrupt!

I will report them to the state authorities.

It is not the first time I experience this from an employee of Santander.

Don't do business with them!

COM expert

Potrei scrivere un libro, sopratutto se stranieri statene alla larga.

kim kristensen

da jeg købte en brugt bil og skulle have financeret fik jeg ikke noget at vide om at det koster 15000kr i oprettelses gebyr hverken af forhandler eller den kontrakt jeg skulle under skrive det mener jeg ikke kan være rigtigt så jeg vil absolut ikke anbefale dem jeg skal aldrig have noget med dem at gøre igen

mvh kim kristensen


"Yo digo que necessità un revisor que mira como estás trabajando las cosa en caja. Porque no es possibile que una persona estás en una caja contando contando y contando efectivo da dos ora. Esta operación tiene que esser echa con esecutivo.



"Estoy en suc 0825. Todo estás aciendo algo diferente que su trabajo. Más de dos hora esperando.

Siempre así es toda la ves que llega. Tengo que pasar el día completo.

Es una vergüenza"

Pammarie of Middletown

This is absolute worst company to get a loan through. We had a bankruptcy that was cleared as Chapter 13. It took 5 years to get everything cleared up. Our trustee sent them a letter saying we were able to buy a car. Well we did and what a big mistake. We put down 7000 and we thought all was fine until they stopped us on a payment we do from our banking account. We got that straightened out then they threw us on bankruptcy. We never had them in bankruptcy so now they will not report this to the credit agency so now we don’t have any credit for paying this. Don’t deal with them at all.

Kathleen of Mazomanie

We had our loan through Capital Chrysler and then refinanced with Summit credit. Summit Credit Union sent are paid off Amount for the vehicle on December 22 of 2018. Chrysler Financial sent me an invoice for my next monthly bill January 22, 2019. I called them to say they should’ve gotten the pay off amount from Summit Credit Union. One person tells me the check bounced interesting that a cashier's check from a credit union would bounce. Then they said it had insufficient funds. They said that I’d have to talk to Summit because it was their fault.

Juan of Odessa

Well my credit score got pummeled due to people not keeping their end of the deal. So Santander was the only finance company that would get me a car. And so far it's been a disaster. We've paid up to 4 months in advance and still we get hit with the, "Your payment is past due." We got financed for $11,500 and have been paying on it for 14 months now and we get a letter saying we still owe $10,600. So honestly where is the money going? Not to my car note. We're even thinking about telling them to just come and pick the car up. Sincerely, A very unsatisfied customer.

Asija of Spotsylvania

I don't understand why it's taking over a month for them the pick up their car. I'm done! You make payment arrangements and then they so-called don't have it in the system and pick up your car hours before you make the payment that you made the payment arrangements for, but it takes them a month to say they're coming to get a car. I've taken my tags off, I've taken the insurance off and they need to come pick up their crap. This is the worst company. I would not refer my worse enemy to you all. This company doesn't even deserve a 1/2 a star.


Spent over 2 hours being bounced back and forth between different departments trying to get a copy of the lien release on a car that has been paid off for years. Representatives seemed like they could care less about actually helping, after asking to be sent to a supervisor they had me on hold for 25 minutes and then when she finally came on the line she asked me the same questions told me she would place me on a brief hold and she transferred me to another department that no one had any clue what I needed so I had to start from the beginning. So whatever you do DON’T use this lender at all.

Hours of my life

If you have a Santander account and call in to pay it off, the number they give you isn't the actual payoff amount. Of course, it would've been nice for someone to have informed me, like, at ANY point in this process, that interest had already been assessed. As it happened, interest was assessed, and then autopay kicked in. Problem is, I was in the middle of transferring banks, and there was no money in my PNC account, so I was assessed an overdraft fee. I tried calling Santander, to give them a chance to make it right. Stone wall. I was made to feel as if this were my fault, and it was PNC's problem to solve. So I called PNC, who immediately refunded the overdraft and apologized for the inconvenience. Their customer service understands that the overdraft fee is meaningless compared to my satisfaction and what I'm going to tell people. Fantastic experiences with PNC's customer service, every time I had to call, even when I was in the wrong. The interaction with Santander left a sour taste in my mouth, though, so I called a few more times. Each time, I had to explain what happened again, and why I was upset, again. Each time, Santander's representative dodged any responsibility for the issue. Finally, in early December, I decided to see if I could get a reasonable explanation. I stayed on the phone. I asked questions when I had them. Finally, when we reached a standstill, I escalated the call. The supervisor was friendly, and told me she would try to get the interest refunded, because she agreed that I should've been informed. She said she couldn't do anything, but would pass the case on to corporate, who would get back to me in a handful of business days. It took them almost two weeks to call, and the explanation boiled down to, "we're sorry we led you to believe the payoff amount we gave you over the phone, which you paid as soon as it was given, was actually going to pay off the account. There was special secret interest hanging over the account, which our representative couldn't have accessed. We're also sorry for the hours of your time spent on the phone, and any inconvenience other financial institutions caused. The interest was properly assessed, though, so we're going to make you pay it."

Thanks, Santander. Thanks for letting me know that $24 of gray area interest is more important to you than the human on the other end of the account. My friends and family will no longer consider you an option when looking to open accounts, and I'm going to actively steer people away from associating anything good with your name. I can't imagine that tradeoff was worth it, but it's the choice your employees made.

Neutral reviews


San Juan, PR-based Banco Santander Puerto Rico is an FDIC-insured bank started in 1972. As of December 31, 2017, the bank had equity of $897.9 million on $5.11 billion in assets.

With 1,058 full-time employees, the bank holds loans and leases worth $3.25 billion, including real estate loans of $2.41 billion. U.S. bank customers currently have $4.11 billion in deposits with the bank.

Overall, Bankrate believes that, as of December 31, 2017, Banco Santander Puerto Rico exhibited a generally satisfactory condition, earning 3 out of 5 stars for safety and soundness. Here's a breakdown of how the bank did on the three key criteria Bankrate used to score U.S. banks.

Positive reviews

Anthony Mcloughlin

"Had my bank and card details stolen. Rung up for advice and hot prevent fraud and they talked me through the steps and took care of things."

Dr Oliver Caddy

"Great service by this bank - really polite and helpful people!"

Mr Mark Webster

"I recently took out a Santander Zero credit card (Mastercard) which was recommended to me when one of their advisers informed me that there is no charge, commission, etc, for using the card in Europe. This is extremely useful as I can purchase locally in Euros and not suffer any great additional cost, such as there would be with the debit card. Also, the exchange rate used is the quoted Mastercard rate. All round, very good.