Audi Q2 reviews

Negative reviews

Fabio Pittol

This car is the exact representation of the futile trend of "mini-SUVs" people like to buy to feel "higher" on the road. What's the point in buying this kind of car if you get equal or usually less space than a medium-size hatch? I bet for the Q2's money one can buy some of the top versions of the A3 Sportback or even the A4 Avant.

Neutral reviews


The Q2 offers a level of style, class and big-car features that rivals simply can't compete with, but it’s let down by its miserly kit in basic guise, a firm ride and a cheap-feeling interior finish in places. Still, there’s lots to like about the Audi. It’s good to drive, roomy and offers a range of personalisation options. It’s also backed by some tempting finance deals. You’ll just need to watch the options to stop the price spiralling out of control.

Interior space is good enough for four adults to travel comfortably, and there's a decent boot, while the quality is good where you see and touch. It's good to drive, too, with responsive controls and sure-footed handling combining with a comfy ride, unless you go for the sportiest set-up and biggest wheels.


The Audi Q2’s compact size and light steering make it ideal for town driving. The suspension keeps things relatively comfy over potholes and you get a good view out – the only blind spots are caused by the small rear windscreen, which can make parking tricky. It’s quiet at high speeds too, but it’s not particularly fun to drive fast down a twisty road.

If you want to keep things as hushed as possible then pick a Audi Q2 with the 1.4-litre, 150hp petrol engine. It’s smooth, quiet and more than quick enough, yet it’ll return about 45mpg in normal driving. If you do lots of motorway miles then the noisier but more-efficient 1.6-litre diesel is worth a look because it’ll get around 50mpg on a long journey.

You can get the Audi Q2’s top-spec engines with four-wheel drive, but it’s not worth the drop in fuel economy or increase in price because a good set of winter tyres will be just as helpful when the roads get slippery.

In the unlikely event things do get out of control then the Audi Q2 will do a good job of looking after you and your family – a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test score in 2016 means it’s one of the safest small SUVs on sale. Combine that with its desirability, stylish interior and roomy boot and there’s no doubt that the Q2 is a great all-round small SUV.

Read our following Audi Q2 interior, driving and specifications review sections for a more in-depth look at the car.


The Q2 has everything we've come to expect from an Audi. It's comfortable, quiet, extremely well-made and available with plenty of new technology. But its steep pricing places it in the same bracket as more practical crossovers like the excellent Peugeot 3008 and SEAT Ateca– so you’ll have to really want that Audi badge to justify one.

Inside, the Q2 is typical Audi. The dashboard is very classily and clearly arranged, with intuitive controls and a high quality feel, plus there are some stylish touches like illuminated inlays and circular vents. Rear legroom is tight though – so taller adults might struggle get comfortable, though children will be fine.


Bought my white Audi Q2 1.4 turbo TFSI engine last month and it appeared to be one of the best decisions I've made. Traded in my 5 year old BMW 5 series for this and to be very honest, I was initially concerned with the space. I owned a Mini Cooper and 3 series before this. The Q2 of course cannot be compared to the cabin space of a 5 series. But I wanted something fun and zippy to drive. Something with power that looks great on the road and at the same time fun to drive without being a fuel guzzler. Reviewing this from my experience, I'd say the Q2 has the best of both worlds of both the trendiness of the Mini Cooper and the moderness and style of an Audi. It's simply the most fun car I've driven! Superb handling on the roads. Interior cabin is kept simple so if you're looking for something techy and elaborate then you might consider the highest end model. Fuel economy is one to beat. This week I drove 179km on just one bar (out of 8 bars) of petrol. Full tank about $90.

Love the exterior daytime headlights as well as the interior mood lighting that allows you to play with lights (just like my old mini). Not to mention the fantastic sound system made by B&O. Fits 4 comfortably. 5 would be a squeeze. Good enough for me if you're mostly a solo driver like me.

All in all, if you're looking for a stylish yet fun car from a renowned brand that ticks all the right boxes and will not burn a huge hole in your pocket, the Q2 is the one for you.

What I like

Great look externally and internally

Powerful engine that packs in all the punches

Smooth right

Really fun to drive

Superb fuel economy

Feels solid

Great handling

Quiet even at 120km/h

What I do not like

Some models do not come with USB jacks and GPS

Suspension is slightly on the hard side

Screen is a tad small


Check out this quirky looking hatch. To be honest, when I first laid eyes on it I wasn't sure what I felt about its design. It looks so weird. But the more I look at it, the more I'm starting to love it.

Beneath its exterior, the Q2 really surprised me. I expected it to be slow and handle poorly but it's actually pretty punchy and handles like a hot hatch.

This baby stands out wherever you go, it doesn't look like other Audis, packs some punch and handles pretty damn well. Good job Audi.

What I like




What I do not like

Doesn't feel premium


The Audi Q2 is a real joy to drive. The four-pot turbocharged 1.4-litre cylinder-on-demand engine puts out some low end punch, perfect for overtaking and city driving.

The compact crossover handles like a hot hatch too. Swerve it around corners and it feels composed and firmly planted. Needless to say, the compactness of the Q2 makes it easy to drive around SG and easy to park in tight spaces.

Another thing that I like, some may not, is the quirky/funky design of the Q2. It stands out from other cars in its segment and is quite refreshing to look at.

What I like

Handles like a hot hatch

Low end punch from the engine

Quirky design

What I do not like

Build quality doesn't match its price tag


The Audi ‘Q’ range is extensive to say the least, with the Q3, Q5 and Q7 all taking pride of place in the various sectors. But the Q2 announced that Audi were looking to completely dominate every element of the SUV and crossover market with their smallest offering yet. Coming with a customisable design, well-performing engines and an excellent finish, the Q2 has a lot going for it – even if many of its main rivals are markedly cheaper. As with many Audis, it drives well and can be a lot of fun, but be careful not to pick too many options as the prices can increase very sharply, very quickly.

Positive reviews


The Q2 makes Audi’s premium appeal accessible to a whole new range of SUV buyers and almost instantly guarantees success in the current market.

It isn’t as playful as a MINI, but many will prefer the Q2’s maturity; it’s still good to drive and certainly better resolved than the Mercedes GLA.

Didi Atthas

shit i like this car!

The Doctor

I drove the 1.4TFSI recently. What a cracker!!! They look great in the flesh. Less unnecessarily bulgy than they do in images. A little pricey but a hop skip and a jump over the CX-3/HR-V etc.

I'm keen to see what the increase in power does for the drive. i certainly didn't feel like the 1.4TFSI needed any more power for overtaking etc. Great car

Richard Causero

I've recently bought a Q2, the main reason was the 2 cylinder mode that saves a heap of fuel..getting over 800kms out of a 50 litre tank....down to around 5.8L per 100kms. There's enough get up and go...have left a few fancier cars behind on the mark. The sports mode really makes a difference. Ordered it specked up with Tech, Comfort and Style packages...makes it a unique Q2.


A vehicle that refuses to be defined and yet allows you to define every last detail. The interior of the Audi Q2 thrives on individual ideas. The optional equipment lines and packages offer numerous customisation possibilities. Choose from different materials and colours to make the interior profile even more exclusive. Or set the scene with the optional ambient lighting package, which gives the interior a whole new look at night. Because an independent character has many facets.


The Audi Q2 is offered with a variety of engine options globally. But in India, you may have the popular 2.0-litre TDI with the 148bhp setup with an optional Quattro all-wheel-drive. There is also a chance of the 1.6-litre four cylinder oil-burner making a debut in Audi cars in India. As for the petrol options, you may get the 1.4-litre TSI from the Jetta working under the Audi hood. All the engines will be mated to the seven-speed S-Tronic dual clutch gearbox.

The Audi Q2 targets the Mercedes GLA and the BMW X1 globally and in India, we will have it competing with the Mini Countryman as well as the Volvo V40 Cross Country. The Q2 will go on sale globally in November and will take at least one more year to hit the Indian shores.