Audi A6 reviews

Negative reviews


I LOVED that car - until - we had the same problem as another reviewer. The engine blew with an unservicable part. Replaced the engine at some considerable cost, only to have the same thing happen 3 years later. We decided to cut our losses and not try for a third time - didn't feel that lucky. The NRMA guys who attended to my breakdown told me this was a common problem as did the tow truck guy. I couldn't believe it. Still can't. A beautiful car just abandoned because of one unservicable part. I would love to get another Audi but just couldn't. I also have a Merc 280SL and 300CE and even though they break down - they can be fixed


Got an A6 TDI 2.0 in 2014. Driven 35,000 KM on city roads only. Not buying this German engineering rubbish anymore.

The cars engine is wobbly as per Audi, the door locks need to be replaced due to a faulty auto lock system, has ignition troubles (how does that happen in a keyless entry push button car) and a few buttons on the car had to be fixed each year. After 4 years, the cost of servicing is 2 lacs each time, thats after spending 1 lac already earlier and going through a 4 years warranty, of which 2 years was any paid for as an additional 1 lac or so.

It is indeed comfortable and Audi is polite in general but now I wonder if I should have gone for the MERC, BMW or Jaguar besides even considering Volvo. I really don't expect this from supposedly a high engineering focused German made car. It actually makes me feel silly for not going for a Japanese or even a Korean car purely for the reliability.

Oh and the 5th tyre is not a regular pirelli one, just something to keep the car going for a few kms. Wow, to save 12,500 rs on a Tyre on a 45 lac car. So a puncture costs 13,000 or so.

For the features, I think now you can buy a 25-30 lac car for the same and perhaps quality and performance including a Superb (also by VW), Accord, Camry, Passat (VW), etc.

Bottomline is that each year something fails in the car and it's really not worth the hassle. It's a white elephant.

Neutral reviews


Interior space is greater than you'll find in the past A6. In addition, a stiffer bodyshell, extra sound deadening and a sharper driving experience mean the A6 is still a strong contender in the class. It's a flawless motorway companion, delivering a near-silent cruise, but on smaller roads it offers an agility that was missing from previous generations of A6 - and this allows it to compete more closely with the BMW 5 Series than ever.


Even with the boot filled to the brim, however, the Audi A6’s standard steel-spring suspension helps it iron out potholes impressively well. It’s even more comfortable at high speeds with the optional air suspension fitted, but this will set you back an extra £2,000 and doesn’t deal with low-speed potholes in town as well.

This optional Air suspension comes with settings for Comfort and Dynamic setups, but even in the sportiest settings, it doesn’t feel as agile as a BMW 5 Series. On a long motorway cruise, however, the Audi A6 comes into its own.

The 3.0-litre V6 diesel cars are very smooth, impressively quiet at speed and fairly cheap to run. There’s also a rapid 3.0-litre petrol V6 if you fancy something faster and there’ll soon be a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel. It’s pretty easy to drive, too – especially if you pay extra for the rear-wheel steering system that helps makes the big Audi A6 almost as manoeuvrable as a family hatchback at low speeds

Whichever engine you go for, you get a mild hybrid system as standard to help boost performance and reduce fuel consumption. Sadly, you’ll have to pay extra for some of Audi’s high-tech self-driving technology, including brake assist that’ll stop you from reversing into parked cars. Still, if you’re happy to spend a little extra cash, the A6 makes an excellent large saloon car – especially if you prioritise comfort and cruising ability over speed and sportiness.

Aaron Hussain

I'm pretty sure everyone knows it's not as sporty as the BMW 5 Series, but that's not necessarily why people buy cars like this. You should be reviewing it from a normal commuter's perspective in Berlin or some big city - then the A6 will possibly be the best in its class.


Pricing for the new 2019 Audi A6 starts at $59,895, a figure that includes a destination charge of $995. The better-equipped A6 Premium Plus model, fitted with Matrix Design LED headlights, starts at $63,995. Topping the range is the A6 Prestige, a model boasting high-def versions of the Matrix Design LED headlights and an MSRP of $68,095. Be warned: When this flagship A6 is locked or unlocked, the fast-moving front and rear light animations that happen automatically are bound to impress your neighbors. A 4-cylinder Audi A6 is in the works, but it’s unclear when that lower-priced model will arrive.


The A6 both impresses and disappoints depending on your point of view. If you are looking for a luxury barnstormer with precision handling, telepathic steering, and eye-catching looks, you'd best look elsewhere. If you prioritize ride comfort, easy-to-use infotainment, and excellent fuel economy, this is your ride. Speed freaks will have to wait for the S6 and (hopefully) RS6 to get their shot of Quattro adrenaline but for those who just want a quiet and comfortable commuter, the A6 will do just fine. I want to see if Audi can inject more passion into the S and RS versions of the car but for now, the A6 earns a score of Great Buy.


In a segment dominated by the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Lexus ES, the Audi A6 — which currently sits about mid-pack amongst the 15 or so models competing — is more than a freshened (though still familiar and stylistically restrained) take on the upscale, European, mid-sized sport/family sedan. With heightened levels of comfort, smooth operation, safety and technology, the A6 is, relatively speaking, a superior ride for the pleasure-seekers among us.

Positive reviews

Richard Labeja

That's the catch with Audis. Beautiful interiors but their ride quality and driver enjoyment has always been lacking.


"The A6 is quiet, comfortable, spacious and an impressive luxury car all round, even if it isn’t quite as thrilling to drive as the class best."


After test driving all the cars in the same class, finally decided to buy A6. It is the only car with four-zone climate control.BMW and Jaguar can't even be compared to it. E class has equally good features but the A6 wins it overall.

Aravind Sivagnanam

A6 matrix has been with me for a year now I love how it drives and the engine pulls you and a lot more but mainly the air suspension which is very important for the bad roads in India I can escape a lot of bumps the finish of the car is nice and a lot more I just love it the design is unique and mainly the comfort is outstanding and mainly the service is cheap compared to other BMW or Benz.


It is the best car which I have ever used. I have also used Mercedes Benz A class but audi is the best.


The most amazing car I have ever seen. Best for those who want to buy a car . Excellent interior + excellent exterior look. Smart car , good mileage .Good for family, specially childrens , they will love the car. My own son loves this car . Excellent comfort, adjustable seats good air conditioner , faster cooling


This car is everything we thought it would be from the review and comparisons with other makes. The test drive was positive and we really liked the look and feel of the car. By coincidence we went in to the showroom and the car was on sale. The price was so good it was an easy choice to walk away knowing we would receive delivery in a few days. The dealer was extremely helpful as well. The car is great to drive, is really comfortable, roomy and performs well. The cruise control and lane keeping are great features. The only downside is leaving the car in public car parks.


I use it every day at work, including sending my children to school. I use it as a means of transportation for us to travel when my children are on vacation. It's very good and comfortable. Everyone in my family likes him very much.

Apart from normal maintenance, this car has not had any problems, which is the most deserving of my reassuring.

Especially for its appearance, I like it better.With sharp lines and a wide, aggressive stance, the A6 Sedan has an unmistakable presence. From the striking headlights to the iconic Singleframe grille, it combines elegance with sports styling. The extensive use of lightweight aluminium and high-strength, hot-shaped steels make for an extraordinarily lightweight body with extraordinary levels of strength, safety and rigidity.


This car with the revised engine output and steering dynamics is a driving pleasure. Turn the dual to sport mode and constantly spin those front tyres at every launch as the green light turns.

All the technology in the optioned packs is awesome. Adaptive Cruise control, SIM card GPS, SD Card entertainment and WiFi is a nice package, as is DVD player. The standard sound system is good enough. The text and email reading is a bit hit and miss when you are on the move as you don't need all the email signature and other garb read out. The "mouse pad" takes some getting used to for right handers scrawling addresses to search.

Only downside the drinks holder in centre console for the backseat is constantly kicked by the kids and always half hanging out, and needs constant re-insertion. I have assumed this will break at some stage.

Turn the dial to economy mode and the computer adjusts all driving dynamics for best fuel consumption. This adds lag at the lights, but not overly. The suspension softens in comfort mode and good for general use, with a refined take off.

The dash is first generation digital so a bit of a 60:40 split with analogue dials in the latter proportion.

Big tip don't try to use the vehicle to jump start another car, the battery in the boot of the vehicle may seem ideally suited for this, but call RACQ or whoever you use.

Overall awesome package. My bottom of the range 2L petrol kept speeding infringements to a minimum but had enough kick to overtake trucks in a few seconds. With the adaptive cruise control keeping your speed in check on highways. The lane departure is nice but a bit gimmicky as it sends you from one aperture of a curve to the other around well linemarked bends.

Best fuel economy I achieved was around 5.7L/100km this was with cruise control set to about 105km/hr on the Bruce Highway with a solid run (rare for the Bruce Highway).


Very happy with performance and economy of this A6. Audi have managed to give this latest model more power whilst improving the enonomy. I love the quattro 4 wheel drive system (have had them for last 20 years); makes the car sure footed and allows the available power to be delivered safely. Having always driven a manual, the s-tronic gear box took a few days to get used to but it is very smooth and relaxing. The three auto modes lend them well to the different sorts of driving I do. I spend most of the time in economy mode but with a nudge of the stick it switches to sport for a dynamic response. Lots of space for the familiy and all their stuff and very comfortable for me in the driving seat. Would recommend the A6 to anyone needing a comfortable larger car that handles well.