Andaman & Nicobar Island traveller reviews

Negative reviews

Kaushik Saharating

1. This place is primarily meant for relaxation. Thus, it is a PERFECT destination for honeymoon. Please do not get taken in by the 'package' tour sellers since it is not the kind of destination to cover in such a tour. They will sell anything as a package to make money.

2. 90% of the value of the tour in South Andaman lies in Havelock Island. It is paradise. Rest of it is waste of time and money. Not worth spending so much on airfare and expensive stay just to see some extremely poorly maintained ruins in Ross Island, a dirty strip of rocky beach head in North Island and such other things.

3. The Cellular Jail is maintained in good condition. However, its Light and Sound show is primitive, typical insipid sarkari stuff.

4. The government has to improve tourism infratructure in the islands. In its absence, bandits are looting in the name of tourism. A typical example is the scaled Mini-submarine in North Island. You will be poorer by a cool Rs. 6000 for a family of 4 for a dip lasting 20-25 minutes among what really are some underwater rocks and sand. I believe GOI is on the job. Especially, to develop North Andaman, which is a very good idea.

5. So what is good about it? As said, Havelock ... Spend at least 3-4 days there. Makruzz is good. The azure waters on a bright sunny day is heavenly. The general absence of crowds is relaxing. No pollution. No crime. Generally helpful people. No language problem. North Andaman is out of this world but, remote. Meant only for bravehearts.

by saibal sinha

As per itinerary, Prakash Rao of Andaman Traveler has not taken us to the Jolly Buoy, instead he has taken us to a beach and told us that it was Jolly Buoy. It is the most sad part of our journey and experience in Andaman & Nicobar Island. We have traveled so far, it is not possible for us to travel A&N repeatedly. Also the rooms of the lodge at Havlock were pathetic. We have paid lot of money and he has not given any receipt of the money he has taken from us. The persons in the A&N are corrupted and the behavior with the tourist were extremely ugly and they didn't treat the travelers as guest and they behaved with the guest so rudely that next time persons would not probably travel to A& N any more. Moreover I will appeal to the tourists not to go with Andaman Traveler in future.

Neutral reviews


Actual this is my first tourist place I went in india actual it is nice journey happened to me at first itslef but even at that the time I went there was army traning happened actual in distance of 50 m heli traning happened even panzeers and whole bunch of army people also training themslefs near the snake island actual the tour advisior said us about snake island there used to be 30 different snakes on that island but they all extinct and after that I went to another island I almost forgot the name some havok or something on that I went to scuba diving it is really awsome I went for 30 min dive I saw many different fishes and in andaman there is some restricted islands there which old tribal people live they wont allow people to stay at their places I almost shocked like still these people exists and at final there was caves to visit that caves you must wake up at morning 3 so you can reach there using boat and see inside actual there are lot more to discuss but its a review so my rating for this tourist place is 4.3/5


The best time to visit the Andamans is December to May; September to November can be rainy, but still pleasant. (Avoid June to August, which is monsoon season.) Foreigners must obtain a permit at the Port Blair airport and keep it with them.

There are daily flights on a variety of airlines from Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair. Round-trip fares are 11,500 to 23,000 rupees, or $235 to $470 at 49 rupees to the dollar.

A stay at Barefoot at Havelock ( starts at 4,500 rupees, double occupancy. There are cabins for two, above, and also more expensive villas that can house several people. Breakfast is included.

At Beach No. 3 Barefoot Scuba ( organizes scuba dives (two dives, plus lunch) for 4,000 rupees, and snorkeling trips to Elephant Beach for 1,200 rupees.

Rakesh Gandhi

Andaman n Nicobar is a group of about 572 islands and only about 28 islands are inhabitated. Tourists are allowed to visit only few islands of Andaman. Port Blair is its capital.

Every Indian should visit at least once in lifetime to Andaman. Most of population is from Bengal and Tamil and speak Hindi. Havlock beaches are treated most beautiful beaches in the world. Corbyn beach is nearest to Port Blair. Diffierent museums, old saw mill and celluer jail are main attractions.Mud valucono, Havlock beaches, Neil island for scuba diving n water sports and Ross island are famous to visit.

One can go to Andaman in whole of year but September to March is treated best period. In most of year temperature uses to move from 33 to 20 degree and hot days are followed by pleasant evenings. It is connected with by Air n sea only.

Both veg n non veg food is easily available. All type of accommodation is also available. Most of people has not visited main land (India) and little knowledge about country.

BSNL n Airtel provide communication services.


My trip to Andaman was planned long before I went there. Even after a lot of research what I discovered that you cannot predict andamans. You have to be well prepared for your trip but the weather conditions can always surprise you.

It's a beautiful place for nature and beach lovers. Clean town make you wonder about their dedication towards community.

For watersports, it's the best place though not having advanced facilities yet, but some less explored islands are wonders to watch especially Ross island and if going for scuba diving there are many islands but better do it on Neil island and early morning as the water is clear and neat.

Please don't forget baratang trip, it's a one day trip towards limestone caves, but the whole experience of reaching their by steamer than speed boat was amazing and in between if you are lucky you will explore rare tribals who are still raw and unmechanised.

Havelock island has radhanagar beach which is the most beautiful beach in Asia.

Extremely refreshing trip to Andaman s is a must in your bucket list.

Positive reviews


The Andaman & Nicobar are a group of picturesque Islands, big and small, inhabited and uninhabited, a total of 572 islands, islets and rocks lying in the South Eastern Part of the Bay of Bengal. They lie along an arc in long and narrow broken chain, approximately North-South over a distance nearly 800 kms. . It is logical to presume a former land connection form Cape Negris at South part of Burma to Achin Head (Cape Pedro) in Andalas (Sumatra). The flora and fauna of these islands, however, indicate that this land connection if it existed, should have been prior to the development of their present life form.


There is no graeter adventure than diving. Whether you are a novice, or whether you have been diving for so many years, there is always something new, fascinating or challenging about venturing into the underwater world. Your mind may be mesmerized by clouds of colourful fish, your curiosity raised by the mysterious remains of sunken ships or your creativity awakened by the art of underwater photography. Your diving interests may range from a casual pastime pursued on vacation, to a constant passion, or even a career. Diving offers something new for everyone.

Diving in Andamans is a unique lifetime experience. The coastal water surrounding theses islands is the abode of one of the richest coral reef ecosystem is the world. The specialty is that, here the coral reefs and underwater formations are undamaged by human activity. The best season for diving is from December to April.

Port Blair the Capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is connected with Chennai and Kolkata by air. Presently flights are operated by Indian Airlines, Jet Lite, King Fisher and King Fisher Red airlines. Indian Airlines, King Fisher Red and Kingfisher airlines are operating flights between Chennai and Port Blair on all 7 days of the week. For Kolkata-Port Blair –Kolkata sector Indian Airlines and Jetlite operates flights on all 7 days of the week. Jetlite operates flights between Delhi - Port Blair - Delhi via Kolkata on all 7 days of the week.


The great Andamans Coral reefs, were one of the biggest eye catchers. And also the wild forest , tribals and marine creatures attracted me the most. I recomend it for every one who want space to breath frech air and freedom to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands.



This is jennifer from chennai ,we went for a family trip to andaman and nicobar islands,.I'd like to share some great experience which i had with the city dearer to nature.It was too good to see the island covered by aqua blue beeches,one can enjoy well with cool atmosphere .We had the package of three days,where we went a island called havelock ,sorry i should say it as unknown heaven , Its the reasonable packages they provided us according to ones budget. We had very nice experience with them. Thanks for goandaman services ,who made us to have a wonderfull experience in andaman.


We landed at port blair only to keep our baggage at our hotel(Sinclairs) and get our jetty tix to have a flavor of snorkelling and so (in)famous glass boat rides (as you will not be able to see anything). But, sight was beautiful.

Reached North bay island..did some swimming and kept sm energy for next island-

Ross island which was half an hr by jetty. Devastated completely by Tsunami in 2004, Ross island only serves as a spot where you can see traces of British and Japanese.

Next was Viper island. which was quite dissapointing.

Cellular jail is a must visit with the light and sound show going back to the history of cruelity by Brits.

Aberdeen Bazar is the main market with nothing so special..not even the corals.

Next morning after seeing port blair-saw mill, naval museum, anthropological museum, went to catch havelock must be done in advance.

What a trip..4 and a half hrs as the jetty stopped at neil island as well.Reached Havelock at 4:30 pm to gorgeous place...

Went to our resort(Silversands) and chilled at its private beach(beach no.5) and thenwent to wild orchid for dinner and drinks..lovely atmosphere.

NExt day, we went scuba diving with LACA DIVE.

Came back and rented a bike and went around the place to see radhanagar beach and enjoyed the lovely ride. We met their pet Rajan(elephant) and went to their cafe mahua..

Came back to the Market and went back to hotel.

Next day, went to kala pathhar beach and back to port blair in the evening(2 and a half hr jetty).

New Delhi India

I visited here recently in novber month. It is a beautifull small island accessible through motor boats or jetty.

The best part of the island is that its well maintained and you can easily see a deer or peacock or a rabbit around you. They are freely spread out there.

One can easily explore the island in 5 to 6 hours.

You can also hire a vehicle which will take you to every sightseeing spots. But I would recoend you to walk and explore by your own as its not too big.

There are no hotels to stay there. You can find one or two restaurants there but they are expensive.


A must visit island when you visit andaman and nicobar. The island is beautifull in all aspects.

It has many beautifull beaches like radhanagar beach and kala pathar beach which are also a must visit when you are in havelock.

The best part is that there is no pollution, no crime.

Its a good place to travel with your partner. You can easily rent a scooty there and explore the island in two to three days.

There are many hotels there but they are pretty expensive so better fill yoyr pockets before goong there.

You can also experience scuba diving as there are many scuba diving centres there, minimal cost of scuba diving is around 3500 rs per person but its a must to try adventure sport.

Devdan Mukhopadhyay

I never thought I could do my long awaited trip to Andaman at such a minimal cost. At first, I didn’t believe the deal but I wanted to do it so badly that I end up talking to one of the representatives of Thrillophilia. And to my disbelief, after I came back I was so satisfied with my four-day Andaman sojourn that I am sending link to all my traveler friends. The light and sound show gave me goosebumps, what a nice concept to tell the history!

Rukhmani Gandhi

My honeymoon was a much needed break I was longing for since marriage and this seven-day long trip was very refreshing. My fatigue was gone after visiting the pristine and calm beaches of Havelock, Neil and Ross islands. If you haven’t been to Andaman and if you and your partner are sea lovers, head for this tour. The water is simply surreal and stunning. We even splurged extra on almost every water sports available. This couldn’t have been the same without the Thrillophilia and Rishabh. Thank you so much guys!

Sajan Bajaj

A place where you feel like coming to home and melt in existence. A place where adventure, relaxation, nature meets together to dive deep in thyself. A holistic blend of glamour of nature with modern science through scuba diving, sighting, cultural, heritage. Must visit for couples as well as singles to dive deep in each other for most romantic love scenes and feel thyself !!!