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Negative reviews

Chuck of Glen Dale

Power blips approximately 1 time per week which I assume is due to switching the "Grid" or service to the Grid (perhaps the squirrel died or the wheel broke). This "blip" results in surges to my residence and all equipment and appliances. The service has been this way for well over 15 years and I have traveled around the world and have resided in various states both in and out of CONUS and must say that this is the worst service that I have ever had to pay for. I am confident that Fred Flinstone's service was more reliable. Suggest that greater focus on the customers and less on ROI and Bonuses would help resolve the issue. I know that there are previous complaints pertaining to these issues and at one time it was thought to be targeted for resolution, which seems to have been shelved.

Hunter of Church Hill

I am not making this up!!! I had two properties located next to each other both of which I received a bill for so I wrote one check with both acct #s in the memo as I have done for years. I sold the properties and received my final bill. Good riddance of AEP right!! Wrong. 2 weeks later I received a Mastercard gift card stating I had overpaid $6.42. Two weeks later I get a bill for $6.42 so I called them to pay with the gift card but they wanted to charge me $1.85 to take an electronic payment. I asked them to look up my accounts and they said I had overpaid 6.42 on my 712 address so I asked them to look up the bill at 712 1/2 and was told I was short 6.42. I am no rocket scientist but this proved to them I had paid my bill exactly to the penny! What a horrible company! I wish them nothing but the worst.

Jake of Pataskala

AEP Ohio - We switched banks from Chase to US Bank and in the midst of the chaos (we did our best to ensure that EVERY vendor--all 182 of them--had the new payment information, but) apparently you fell through the cracks. I apologize for the inconvenience. I know it's frustrating not to get the money you're owed. While upon paying my bill (3 days late), I discovered that I am banned from using ANY bank account for A YEAR!!! A YEAR!!! I also discovered that we cannot even use a debit card (real money) and would be forced to use A CREDIT CARD (debt and stupidity) to pay the bill. This is quite frankly unacceptable. It's a stupid policy. Whoever came up with this policy is a stupid person. If it was brought to the attention of your board and voted upon favorably, then your board is FULL of stupid people.

Matt of Tulsa

My power was disconnected because of a past due bill that was in someone else's name. I have called AEP multiple times and they just keep telling me that the other past due needs to be paid before my electric service will be turned on.

hillary r.

I tried to update my autopay bank information on their website after recently changing banks. Clicked "autopay monthly withdrawal" and "update bank information" from the menu and entered new bank routing number and account number. Later learned that AEP offers "two products" for auto pay--"automatic payment" and "direct payment," one is serviced by AEP and the other by a third party. Apparently, I had direct payment and there is another, less obvious place on the website to update bank information for that product. No message from them that I had updated information in the wrong place. When the monthly bill wouldn't process (since I had closed the old account), I called to pay the bill and update the information again. I was told that I am now ineligible for autopay for twelve months! (A "punishment" for a failed payment?!?) I was also told they are aware of the confusion of the options on the website and that they are trying to correct it, but they can't make any exception to their policy and I can't re-enroll for a year. It is mind boggling that a company can understand there is a problem with their website, but be unwilling to make any accommodation for a consumer who is simply trying to make sure her bills get paid on time---of course, this is the problem when a company has a MONOPOLY. If there was any other option for electric utilities in our service area, I would surely change companies.

After speaking to two representatives, a supervisor, and someone in the direct pay department, I finally asked, "If you have two products for autopay, can I enroll in the other one?" The man said, "yes, but I will have to mail you an application and it will take 4-6 weeks." When I asked why no one had mentioned this option to me, he said, "I was going to mention it at the end of our conversation..."?!?!?

If you have options in your service area, do yourself a favor and choose any company other than AEP!!

Candi C.

Not an honest or professional company. Received a bill for 3 times my normal bill so I called to find out why and they told me I used that much for that month, I had this matter investigated or whatever they would like to call it and then this company tells me my bill is so high because the meter reader had been reading my meter incorrectly. This is a shady bunch of money hungry greedy people. I will be switching to City of Columbus Electric Service, they have a better rating than AEP. Also their paperless billing is a joke it doesn't come monthly as it should so keep up with when your bill is due. My bill comes once every three months.

Dan W.

AEP "Topped" trees along my yard. Now the limbs are growing sideways onto my property causing damage and difficulty mowing. They say this is normal growth. Now I have to pay to have this cleared.

To add insult to injury, our power was off for a whole day recently and I had to throw about $200.00 worth of food away.

We have no choice of provider. We need a consumer advocate!

Positive reviews


Everything American Electric did was very well organized. Miriam was wonderful at keeping us informed about each step. Each person on the job was very professional, responsive, helpful and friendly. Great company!


Graduated with an engineering degree and retired (after 34 years) as engineering division head for the Navy (Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard). I had numerous internet quotes (16) from various local solar companies. I invited 6 to my home after I had done my own research on all the products and performed my own calculations to make a comparative analysis on the differing systems and products. The products I chose was based on my calculations and the company I chose was based on work quality. I did not go with the system/company with the cheapest price.