Aloha bay reviews

Negative reviews

Fawn M.

I grew up in this area. This is an outdoor makeshift "hut" lavishly decorated from the dollar store built with 2x4's and plywood from Home Depot. It sits in a former old vacant dilapidated parking lot - which they have failed to pave I might add. It attracts more for those of the whiter shades - biker gangs and local trash.

Before I go on, I must qualify my next statements. I am of mixed race and rest assured I have friends and family of all races. Yet I KNOW when "my money is no good here." Matter of fact, I can say the food is no good here either. IMO this place is NOT African American friendly nor do I recommend anyone who respects how other racial groups are treated stop here either.

You with your black, brown, or tan skin do not bother and those who live in the predominantly black neighboring communities already know! That is I suppose unless you like feeling awkward and supremely out of place. This is mainly for you Yelpers just passing through.

In summation: Spend your money and time in a more worthy establishment - try Buffalo Wild Wings or one of the other good spots just down the road.

I'm sure this review will not be hidden but take heed of my warning - I told you so.

Ena S.

I really don't even wanna give a review I'd rather give it zero reviews due to the fact that they fired the best bar tenders for no reason - I will never come back - you should be ashamed of your self for doing this to people!!!!

Daniel Fox,1,,,

First Time here.

Service and attention, not so fond.

Nice people, if they give you the minute of time.

Atmosphere and Food was great.

Need to consider more people on a Friday night if those here can not handle it.

Definitely would have stayed longer and had more.

Roc william,1,,,

THIS IS THE OLD REVIEW,SEE NEW ONE BELOW. We go all the time and have a great time Food is good and bartenders are nice. We are also a ridding club and like to hang out with other bikers. There are also a lot of local people that all get along. Highly recommend.

NEW REVIEW.Since ownership changed, the food is ok but the wings are nasty. This used to be my favorite place to get wings. At first they gave bikers a hard time but must have realised that was a lot of their business. Wish old owners where back.

Neutral reviews


A nice place to stop on the way to the shore or for a little liquid refreshment on a hot day. Simple place. Beer in cans (they do now have some craft brews as well!)

Harriet C

This place had an airy, open feel to it. I had a positive experience here. 4 mixed drinks only came to $21 and they put whatever ingredients you asked for in there.

Positive reviews

Dya C.

GREAT BAR!! In the cut.. real chill type of bar...Definitely gives off the beach vibe from the moment you pull into the lot...I love how this place is dog friendly!

I don't know why there have been bad reviews of this place..I met the owner and he's truly a down to earth kind of guy! The vibe is great! Food is great! Atmosphere is amazing!

All I can say is go see for yourself how great this bar is!

Kathy McGuire

We had so much fun last night with our friends who had never been there. We had a few drinks at the bar with apps, then dinner at a table then more drinks by the fire pit. Food great, our bartender awesome. Clean friendly and I can walk home!!! Would like to see more than one type of chardonnay but it's all good. Not a deal breaker!!

Christi Ann Sauers

Love working here! Great regulars as well! Edwin is making this place amazing! Come and see the changes!

Maggie Nieves

Great place to go and have a few drinks, meet up with friends and even make new ones!!! Music good enough to get you up and dance! Will definitely come back and recommend 😊 see you there 😃


Great outdoor spot to grab some shade (sit near a fan), a few drinks and the best garlic clams in South Jersey. Crab balls homemade and yummy. You're just as likely to see Porches as Harleys in the parking lot of this unassuming place with a diverse crowd. Play corn hole or horseshoes on the adjacent lawn. Clean bathrooms. Great barmaids.

Diane M

This place is like a little Tiki Bar. Great food and appetizers. Nice relaxing atmosphere with great friendly service.

Alicia P.

Great prices on beer and food. My favorite bartender, Margaret, works here and it makes Aloha Bay even more wonderful. Perfect for a warm summer night with your friends.

Robert Osterbrink,1,,,

Great place to have a drink and enjoy the day. Food is outstanding and the pricing is fair. Solid staff!!! 5 stars!!